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Being that I’ve been quarantined since 2005, I never saw a discernible change in my quality of life after COVID struck down on the world, until now.

I sit here in front of you a disheveled man. I am typing away on my favorite Apple laptop, listening to the music posted below, and the battery is ruined, or perhaps it’s the fan. No one really knows. It’s all very sad, because now I cannot blog away of surf the net for an extended period of time without being tethered to a charging cord. As of right now, my cord is all the way downstairs and my battery is fast approaching the point where it simply turns off. Sometimes if turns off at 28%, other times 47%. No one really knows and it’s dreadfully startling when it happens, almost like a jump scare.

Under normal conditions, I’d simply make an appointment at the mall and bring it in — see the clerk and he’d tell me “you have to pay me $250 to fix this” and then I’d say “isn’t covered under my protection plan?” and he’d then say “no that expired, so now you have to pay me.” I’d pretend to hate the computer, calling it a “piece of junk”, but I’d ultimately acquiesce and hand in my computer and say “when can you have it ready — I really need this thing for work?” He’d then say “I don’t know — we will text you.” And then I’d leave feeling somewhat ripped off; but then I’d drink a latte and forget all about it.

But now, thanks to COVID-19, all of the Apple stores are closed and I am now forced to endure the pangs of a rapidly depleting battery. Life isn’t the same without a good functioning computer and only now do I realize that COVID-19 sucks.

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Rough Week for Tech Lovers — More Pain Ahead

A multitude of tech stocks got ransacked this week. As a matter of fact, the past two weeks has marked a BEAR MARKET for many high growth plays. While swashbuckling in the market today, I noticed two trends.

Market is pricing in a Biden win.
Market is pricing in more social distancing.

Earlier in the week COVID-19 stocks stormed ahead. I got long as soon as they took off and profited. Now with the COVID-19 data in Europe getting dicey AF again, you should expect MOAR lockdowns. As a result, expect stocks that benefit from an extended lockdown to continue. Without giving you my picks for free (sign up for Exodus you cheap bastard), I can tell you ZM and OSTK are two of the stocks I bought.

See pal, life is a game of fucking. You’re either doing the fucking or getting fucked.

Today’s trade. This is hard for you to extract value if you do not understand the context, so I will tell you.

(MYO -3.2%)
(GMBL -4.7%)
BE +9.5% (Biden Play)
WPRT +9.3% (Biden Play)
SOL +4.1% (Biden Play)
DKNG +3.3%
FCEL +3.2% (Biden Play)
AQST +3.2%
GOCO +2.8%
FLUX +12% (Biden Play)
BLNK +7.9% (Biden Play)
(AMTX -4.3%)
SQQQ +2.13%

After I took profits on those, I bought SQQQ and saw markets sink. I was up 4.5% at the market lows — but then the market began to streak, so I closed it out because it’s better to make 2.1% than book a loss. I then bore witness to the social distancing stocks take off. I track them via a basket, so I bought a fistful of them and took my gains from 1.2% to 2% for the session.

Heading into next week, there is a distinct risk of market dislocation. I am not naive to the fact that ZM and OSTK could get lit the fuck up. However, I am comfortable enough to give it a shot. If you’re not willing to risk a little, you’re not willing to win.

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I haven’t looked at charts in over a month, since I’ve been using the Alpha version of Stocklabs. What this amounts to is me running very high speed volume and momentum screens, permitting me to gain access to information before you. By the time you know it, I am already in. I quite literally own a printing press and feel bad about releasing it, in a way, for reasons of selfish absurdity.

This morning I turned on my computer and fired up the monitors and bore witness to a 0.4% deficit. I quickly remedied that by remembering what JOE FUCKING BIDEN said last night about federal money going towards EV charging stations. I had already been long BLNK, so I ran with that theme. I set up screens to show me anything Alternative Energy, Solar, Electric Cars, which are all in Exodus now, and ran some momentum screens based on volume and % near intra day session highs. I quickly bought a handful of stocks and my losses immediately reversed and I was up 1.4% for the day.

Markets then CRATERED and my gains HALVED, which is of course inevitable, so I sold most of the stocks I had bought and added an SQQQ hedge against my current 25% equity exposure.

The results for today.

(RKDA -9.8%)
(MYO -3.2%)
(GMBL -4.7%)
BE +9.5%
WPRT +9.3%
SOL +4.1%
DKNG +3.3%
FCEL +3.2%
AQST +3.2%
GOCO +2.8%

The first three losses were carry overs from yesterday. I took them out fast, because I have no interest in holding turn arounds. I am only interested in what is working now. If I bet on it and it doesn’t move, I am out.

The point is, it’s not even fair anymore.

Do not expect markets to tank too much, but do expect the rotation to continue. We are earnestly approaching elections and Joe Biden plays will continue to gain power, the closer we get to November.

Month to date, I am +10.5%.

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Growth Stocks Continue to Slip Into Bear Market Territory

Do not look now, but innumerable names are fucked heavily inside of a bear market. The proverbial ‘fag box‘ if I might so bold. And I am the absolute BIGGEST advocate for gay rights, so don’t step to me with homophobia rants. and ravings. Dare I say, Le Fly is the very beacon of prosperity and human rights in the world today.

Moving on, I churned myself into a 0.7% gain today, which is fine by me. I had a grande time doing it and even my FUCKING QUANT recovered some, closing down just 1%.

Here were my trades. I ended the session with 60% cash.

(RRGB -3.7%) x2
ALT +4.6%
DUST +4.1%
(SWCH -4.22%)
(TRIP -3.2%)
SQQQ +8.5% x3
TNXP +7.4%
IBIO +4.5%
BLNK +3.7%
CLVS +5%
FMCI +2.2%
(KODK -2.7%)
(BNTX -3.4%)

Yes, I managed to lose money in KODK. Sometimes you win, other times you get KODACKED. I am using the tools inside STOCKLABS exclusively now and I cannot stress to you enough how amazing it is. I know, I will make money off future subscriptions and everyone thinks their shit is the best. But this truly is, because I took my time, now 1.5yrs in, and we tailor made it to fit the demands of actual traders, not larping faggots who pretend to be good. I am good, God damn it, and there’s not a single one of you out there who can trade better than me!

Back to the matter of BEAR MARKETS and such. We are talking about SAAS stocks, LULU, VRM, COUP, CHWY, DOCU and all of ‘the best’ stocks in the market taking a breather. Perhaps this is good, as it lets steam out and reduces the excess. But it is something you need to pay attention to — because I am telling you now there is a whole cadre of fucked for brains out there averaging down with a fever for the past two weeks and those cocksucking motherfuckers are about to get margin called the hell out from the market.

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The Rally Has Dissipated, But There is Still Hope

The Nascrack is down 200, but market breadth holds firm at a solid 50%. The likelihood of a COLLAPSE is limited to the moronic FAANNGT trade. I will have you know, I’ve been spinning like a top — trading the volatility. I am +0.45%, thanks to a pastiche of comfy trades — all done from the lower level of House Fly — the deepest and most cavernous part of the house.

While I listen to Beethoven Sym #5 and reflect upon my privilege, I am often reminded by myself that I simply do not care. While social matters are important to some, I have never felt the need to care in the least. This, as you know, makes me a miserable man — sort of like Scrooge doling out just 1 piece of coal to his terrible employee, who always wanted to go home and eat turkey while doing nothing about his poor son’s maladies.

I have trades on the front burner, burning bright and hot now — so I will cut this short. Find the will to fight on thru these trying times and always remember that Le Fly once swam inside the sewers of Brooklyn — tossing explosives inside manholes to play “step on the waterbug” game as a small boy.

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Encouraging Signs for a Market Rally Today

Nasdaq futures had been down 300. There was panic in the air. All of the TikTok investors are leveraged out via unlimited buying power hacks on Robinhood and all seemed rather glum. And then the market opened up like a can of peas — breadth at 28%. I watched it closely and it kept ticking higher. I stepped into today, like a man, 3x long SQQQ, DUST and some longs. I immediately sold the weak stocks on the initial bump. I then perused the market for movers and identified they were found in the COVID-19 drug space — because we’re all gonna die from this thing.

I bought and sold the following stocks inside of 30 mins for profit.

ALT +4.6%
IBIO +4.5%
TNXP +7.4%

And I am still long one of the others.

Seeing breath climb to 45% and the market refusing to go lower, and WTI +1.3%, I closed out my SQQQ position for an 8.5% gain, which was 15% of my holdings or 3x normal. I also closed out DUST for 4% and paired everything down to the bones where I am now — 80% cash.

I do intend to redeploy cash back into stocks and I only did all of this to prevent losses. After all of this effort, all of this maneuvering, I find myself +0.15%. I suppose it’s better than -1.7%, which is what my fucking Quant is doing now. I imagine a great many of you with long term accounts are off by 1.5% today.

See pal, there are two types of people in this world: those up 0.15% and down 1.7%. I happen to be both of those persons.

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The Snows Have Melted — Downhill From Here

Pro-tip for you stay at home traders: markets usually top out following large IPOs. It happened after FB, SNAP, and it just happened now with SNOW. It was the largest IPO on record and now it’s all fucked. The supply/demand ratio gets diluted, plebs dive in head first into the concrete, and next thing you know we’re swimming in blood.

I took liberties to TRIPLE my SQQQ position and I hold it as a hedge against my longs. I closed the session +2.8%, the highs of the day and I can honestly say without reservations — I am the very best trader you’ll ever come across your entire lives.

As a matter of fact, you could live 10 lifetimes and practice really hard how to trade and you’ll never come as close to perfection as me.

YTD gains off the charts. You won’t even believe me — steadily driving a fucking Subaru like a miser — living the life of a hermit inside of a lower level office — dimly lit and in complete solitude.

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Come Have a Look at My Winship

When I managed money I built large positions. They’d take months to accumulate, mostly rooted in fundamentals. I’d swing trade my own account — because that’s all I had time for. However, in recent years, I’ve taken up a new gambit — day trading — and have become EXCEEDINGLY good at it. The advantage to day trading is of course the limitation of risk. I rarely hold positions longer than a week and I frequently sell intra-day. There are rules, however. I initiate position sizes at 5% — because I endeavor to bank on the quantity of my wins and not the magnitude of them. This fits my trading style — because I have a very high win rate.

Stops are max -10% downside, more frequently cut loose at -4%. I review all positions constantly and if they lose luster or initiative, I liquidate.

These are my trades for today, +2.4% so far and +8.4% for the month.

KC +6.8%
ZG +7.4%
LVGO +1.6%
FVAC +4.2%
IRBT +3.2%
VKTX +1.2%
NK +6.7%
VXRT +4.3%
CODX +4.5%
ALT +9.2%
(BIGC -4.8%)
(BILI -2.2%)
TLRY +3.3%
WKHS +3.5%
(SQ -2.65%)
LPRO +2.75%
HTBX +5.5%
SRNE +5%

That’s 15 for my last 18. I am very streaky and that’s why I am confident trading thru slumps. Truth is, I wish I could help you trade better — but I can’t. I am far too busy doing things men of high stature and standing undertake. These trades you see above are 100% posted in real time inside Exodus — all to the benefit of my very large and loyal gathering. If you joined Exodus, I find it very hard to believe you’d ever lose money. The only people who lose money are the one’s with ego who weave off the reservation into the amber of their own stupidity.

I am a fucking money making machine and nothing will ever stop me — not even death.

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Massive Opportunity Ahead for COVID-19 Plays

One thing you can count on is people getting sick. Now with a laboratory born virus on the loose, heading into colder climes again, with the backdrop of CORONAHOAXERS busting loose without their masks, this winter could very well be a disastrous one for healthcare, worldwide.

Getting ahead of that trade, I think it’s entirely possible all current vaccines be delayed and alternative drug companies get some play here. I have a long list of COVID-19 plays and have made sure to update it as news hit the tape. I find it imperative to my trading to have lists. These lists can and will be used over and over to find ideas that are moving in a specific theme.

Bottom line: By Xmas, there will be a frenzy for these names again. We will all trade them and make 100% gains inside hours. I am warming up to the idea of holding some for longer periods — but I like trading too much and will likely run thru the revolving doors instead.

Thus far, breadth is strong and we’re all waiting for SNOW to start trading. On a related note, be careful about topping formations into big IPOs. Over time, you will notice several large trading tops occurred immediately after Wall Street vomited shares on the plebs.

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Markets Hangs Onto Gains — Could Have Been Better, Could Have Been MOaR

I squandered my gains via idiotic over-trading. Sometimes you are the goat, other times you’re just a goat. ‘Tis is the harmony of life — here one minute, gone the next. The very essence of my mania is what has kept me GREEN this entire month, up nearly 6% in a month marked by faggot and catamites.

The Nasdaq closed up 133, Dow +2 — mixed bag in commodities. I like gold SHORT here and I am long with 85% of my account — with of course another 50% of my overall account into a monthly managed Quant account — which is DOWN 10% for the month. That is, more or less, the best stocks in the market. Compared it against my self directed account of +6%, you can see why I say all the time “The Fly wins all the time, even when he appears to be losing badly.”

Enough about myself and my narcissist rants of nonsense. Let’s hope for more happenings tomorrow and remember to stop consuming like brainless fucking retards and saving your money. Nothing worse than a man without money. If you are without money, it’s because you’ve mismanaged. Realign your interests to conform with profitability.

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