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Newt Gingrich on Democrat Russian Hacking Claim: ‘This is About as Stupid as Anything I’ve Seen the Left Try’

I’m not a particularly big fan of Newt, mainly due to his connections with CFR and neocon scum. However, on the teevee, he serves as a good source of entertainment when mocking and belittling the left — making them look like asinine children — pouting, kicking and screaming because their nuclear toys were taken away.

On top of criticizing the left for pushing their paradoxical Russian hacking of the election charge, Newt also lays waste to the main stream media, a particularly fun hobby of mine — suggesting that they’re so butthurt by the abject rejection of the American people — they’ve become wholly uninterested in covering real news and instead live in a garish world of fantasy, festooned with lies and deception.

‘The cannot come to grips with the reality that the American people are turning against them.’


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