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When is the Best Time to Buy Stocks?

In Stocklabs, we have various tools to ensure that I have an edge over the lot of you plebeian class of investor, those scrounging around in search of good fortune. As many of you know, I make my own good fortune and have entrusted computers to assist along the way.

The question of “when should I buy?” is always tossed onto my lap like a live hand grenade. I have zero upside in answering it so I regularly tell people to “fuck off and hire an investment advisor” when they posit it at my person. However, the real answer is dependent on many things. If you’re looking to buy $NVDA for its AI exposure I’d tell you to dollar cost average once per qt for the next year, opting to not place earmarked dollars into it all at once now. Similarly, if you asked me “when is a good time to own $HOOD?” I’d tell you right now.

But there is data to review that can increase our chances at winning. For example, statistically the best time to own the $QQQ is October.

The best day of the week to be long stocks is Monday.

And the best time of day to buy them is 2pm. ┬áIf you’re highly autistic, this might appeal to your habitual ways.

I prefer to look at mean reversion vs momentum trading. Once upon a time I really liked mean reversion and made a living analyzing and acting upon it. These days I prefer buying into strength. The data suggests I am correct, surveying the overbought signals inside Stocklabs. Had you only bought the $QQQ when SL flagged OB over the past year, your win rate would be 90%, 9 out of 10 winning trades.

There are many ways to win and I am always trying to find new methods to improve my trading. I suppose the true lesson in all of this jibber-jabbering is if you’re not dedicating like I am in trying to trade better — how the fuck do you expect to ever be better than me? You can take that as a direct attack or if you prefer metaphorical. Take it however you like it. But you’ll never be great at anything without putting in the work. I almost feel like punching myself in the face for writing a Gary V line — but the point remains that many of you are lazy and try to take short cuts and blow the fuck up and out of the market. Compound your returns you stupid son of a bitches and be happy — God damn it.

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