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Heavily Oiled Up

Almost with religious fervor, I leaned into the oil sector with both alacrity and possession — fixated on the idea of sharply higher crude prices in the not-so-distant future — amidst burned out French APVs and pickets.

With WTI in the mid $80s now and the world ebbing into an inextricable conflict with Russia — higher prices of crude is all but a foregone conclusion.

Meanwhile the fucking retard who resides inside the White House can barely walk up a flight of stairs has decided to run for a second term, all but assuring a national funeral and succession by the biggest fucking moron to ever step into the Oval Office. These people have depleted the strategic petro reserves in an effort to “hurt Putin” and now find themselves at decades low in oil reserves, whilst also trying to keep inflation down and “defeat Putin”, having to buy it all back.

Some might argue that ‘it’s over’ and we are all voyers in a long drawn out process of collapse. While the trends appear to be worsening and the country diving into shit-tier status — the initial steps of corrective measures are being made by isolating the problems, exposing them in an attempt to destroy them. This only can get fixed from the inside — good people elected into office with the support of institutions. You and your retarded friends at the rifle range aren’t going to overthrow the govt.

On the upbeat note, I finished the session down 37bps — but have strong hopes and dreams about making it all back tomorrow.

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