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The Official 2011 Review of Select Blogs from Around the Web-o-Sphere

Whatever was left in the comments section last night, I reviewed. All emails or tweets were fucking ignored.

Loveknots4baby.com: Sorry, but this is some chick-shit that garners zero interest from me. The web design is decent and the quality looks okay, but still “chick-shit.” Grade C

Fortune Formula: This is actually a decent blog. However, it gets tossed into a flaming barrel of garbage because it’s never updated. Seriously, why bother blogging if you are not going to commit? The author has good command over the English language, seems intelligent and somewhat focused. However, by looking at the cookie cutter site design and lack of editing of his blog roll, I know for a fact that he doesn’t really give a shit and will not be blogging this time next year. Grade C+

Economic Disconnect: Okay, the site design here is atrocious and the author is clearly just blogging for fun. Sifting through the articles, I’m guessing he is young and somewhat interesting. He is definitely too much all over the road. If he wants to take his little bloggy to the next level, he will need to focus on a theme and run hard with it. Otherwise, it will end up in the circular file. Grade B-

Stop Having a Boring Life: I love this blog and read it often. The author is literally insane and has left the civilized world for cashew trees in West Africa or fucked up hostels in seedy Eastern European towns. Through his travels, he has received a healthy dose of malaria and devoured the heart of a King Cobra. What’s not to like? Grade A+

Parabolic Market: This is a new blog and I am not sure if the author will keep it going for much longer. My hunch tells me he is simply moonlighting with this shit out of boredom. The author is iBC’s Gappingandyapping and his topic is internet/hardware/software security. Basically, if you are a nerd and love to learn about the importance of security, this shit is for you. I know my IT guy worships this guy, since he is a true Jedi-Master in all things to do with servers. As a matter of fact, he has helped iBC on numerous occasions, after Vincenzo dropped vats of olive oil all over iBC’s low grade server rack. Nevertheless, I’m deducting credits because I hate the design and LOATHE the tiny fonts. It’s almost unreadable.  Grade B+

Rick Js Handicapping Picks: The site was a little slow to load. Get your server game up. Wow, this site is fucking retarded. I don’t even know what the author is talking about. Fuck this shit. Grade F

Trader Digs: I kind of like this guy, even though he says like 3 things every 2 months. He is not committed to the blog game and therefore is tossed into the flaming barrel of garbage. Grade D

AskChrisTrades: Upon hitting this site, my anti-virus alerted me to some seedy shit. Clean out the page. There is nothing worse than presenting yourself as some sort of fucked up cookie globlin, infecting the computers of those who visit you. This guy is committed to making vids and seems to have his shit together. If it was me, I’d lose the “donate” button. It makes you look small. Actually, I’d redesign the whole site, since I hate black as a background. I’d certainly remove any reference that asks people to click on ads too. Let me tell you something, blogging is entirely fruitless, unless you have a business model, something that is scalable. This guy needs to clean up the site and focus more on traffic, less on making small change on ads. Grade B-

StockRake: This guy could have a popular blog if he fucking updated it. I like his direct style and organization. I hate the lack of commitment and design. Grade B-

Smart Money Tracker: This is an elite blog. A lot of people tell me about it; but I never seem to find time to visit it. The author is a true boss man and deserves a fucking web design upgrade. Plus, why is he on blogger? Would he like to move over to iBC? Just asking. Grade A+

Trading Nymph: Obsessive-compulsive comes to mind. The author talks to herself, as evidenced by hundreds of unanswered comments in her blogs. STOP DOING THAT. People might find out that you are crazy. She is definitely committed. However, she lacks the proper syntax and paragraph structure to keep me interested.  Grade C

DigiCha: Super smart guy, focusing on Chinese stocks listed in America. Actually, I believe he is an American living in China, eating it all up. Aside from Chinese listed stocks, the author is a reservoir of news and information regarding China. If you are interested in knowing what those red fuckers are up to, this is a must read. Grade A

Actionable Finance: I see where he is trying to go with this site. But the idea is not unique and he definitely needs some better IT support. Grade C

Pharma Pricing: I  can tell the author is very intelligent and probably good at his profession. However, his blog is not updated enough to qualify for the hallowed halls of iBC consideration. Therefore, I declare it to be an ABOMINATION. Grade D+

Jim Rogers Blog: What sort of fucked up blog name is that? That’s like me starting a site called “JIM CRAMERS ALERTS.” Oops, nevermind.  This guy is OBSESSED with the bow tie man. If you like Jim Rogers, you will like this blog. Grade B+

Dough.pro Again, my anti-virus alert popped up when I reached this site. Clean it up. Beautiful web design. However, it’s basically a premium service where people “buy an idea” for like $5. Totally absurd and will never work. Grade D+

What Would Tyler Durden Do: I suppose this is Zerohedge’s gay twin brother’s gossip site? Well executed. Great design. But it’s a fucking gossip site. Grade B-

RipeTrade: I am sure Woodshedder would love this site. It’s a solid offering. However, once again, the author doesn’t update it regularly. Plus, it’s on a fucking blogger page and the web design is psychopathic. To the trash bin it goes. Grade D+

Wealth Intact: Decent offering. However, HE DOESN’T FUCKING UPDATE THE BLOG. Are you people kidding me? Bring your A game or go home crying. Grade D-

The USED Project: Are you kidding me? Grade F-

Squidoo: This is like some retarded study blog, where the author gratuitously talks about Canada, as if that shit was special. Grade F

Scootwan: Some bullshit fitness blog that is NEVER updated. Marc David kicks your ass. Grade F-

Stock Trading Investments: I like where this is going. It’s sort of a Huffington Post for finance, with a twist. Now make it interesting and you have a blog. Work in progress. Grade B

Dave-Lucas: ABOMINATION. Virus Alert, psychopath blog. Grade F

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