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Back when Mitt Romney tried up unseat Barack the Builder, we played coal companies and banked coin. Back in 2000, before the idiot Bush won, we played military stocks and won. This election cycle is easy to play: get long renewables, electric cars — more specifically solar and alt energy.

These stocks continue to rip higher on a daily basis, because Biden intends to spend money there.

In Stocklabs (sign up for coming beta trials) I have a custom index that points to all Biden plays. Composite gains are in the 100% range over 1 mo.

Will the pace quicken or slacken into the coming weeks? I suspect we are at or near the top end of the degenerate Bollinger band, so expect a sharp turn lower soon. If Trump gains in the polls, these stocks are going to be shot dead. I am talking about PLUG, RUN, JKS, and the gang. However, you can probably buy on dips into the eve of the election. After the election, stay away. Buy the rumor, sell the news. These stocks will be destroyed, amidst plumes of radioactive smoke, post election.

I closed out the day +540bps, about 55% cash — closed out 60 trades, mostly winners. I did miss a few gigantic runs, like IO — closed out for a +13.4% gain only to bear witness to it soar another 35% in the AHs. But that’s the market we have and nothing is like it.

If you want to learn to trade — you’ve come to the wrong fucking blog. But if you prefer to sit fat and sloppily in your chair whilst being fed copious servings of fresh fish directly out of Poseidon’s ass, come visit us in Exodus — the world’s greatest trading room and data platform for traders with big dicks.

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About noon today, October the 7th, 2020, I moved my trading account to 100% cash. My quant is still 100% long and pressing gains of 2.6% for the session. I conducted numerous trading operations today and closed out everything +400bps. I did so, not because I had to or even wanted to, but because I could.

See pal, there are two types of people out there: men who trade out of necessity and those who trade for the sport of the kill.

I have since replenished my body with ample sustenance and beverage, walked the FUCKING DOGS, and will now head out into the wilderness again to fish. I will fish with my harpoon and catch whales — eating them raw, fresh out from the sea with my bare teeth.

Other than that, life is unbelievable. The country is in hell and I am thriving like never before, as I should.

Markets are thru the roof, up 450 Dow points and Le Fly, as he’s popularly known in France, will now double his gains for the day.


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I stepped into today a supreme winner. As you read upon this blog entry, the 20,591st blog entry in the history of iBankCoin — let me remind you that I am, in fact, the most prolific finance blogger in America. In addition to that, I am, in fact, the only person in the world with a time machine — from which my trades are all derived — free from the deleterious scrutiny of the very evil SEC.

I was 80% cash at the open — but I had a massive runner in SPI — a 2x cock-sized position and I sold it for an 11% gain. Since then, seeing the markets run like freed slaves, I’ve been partaking in wanton acts of chicanery — trading this or that, gains here, gains there. Literally, nothing can stop me.

For the day, thus far, I am up an astounding 300bps.

How did I do it?

Time machine.

That’s all there is to it folks. Hop in the machine, travel to the future. Come back and trade.

Today’s day trades

PHUN +11.5%
GEVO +4.7%
UAMY +14%
GRWG +3.4%
VISL +6.2%

Presently, I have a few “irons in the fire” if I might be so bold. Life as I know it is grande, superfluous, and charmed.

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Hello bitch.

Where do we start?

Let’s start with the fact that I traded 61 times today. At the highs, I was up 275bps. Then I got cocky and began to trade sloppily, booking several consecutive losses — reducing gains to about 150bps. I then entered into a very hot stock — SUNW and booked a fast loss, only to see it spike immediately after I sold. That happened last week, same stock, just before my slump.

Then I progressed upon an even hotter stock, ELSE — picked up early by a member inside Exodus. I stepped in low $5s and saw it sink into the high 4s, down 15% from my basis. I was hungry and the stock was whip-sawing all around, so I sold it based upon my lack of desire to babysit it.

Naturally, the stock went on a banana run to $8.5 immediately after I sold it. I got back to the desk and felt like crying and also punching a hole thru the screen. Why does thou mock me, Mother Market — bitch-whore?

Then all of a sudden, Emperor Trump told Pelosi to fuck herself — declaring the stimulus DEAD.

Markets COLLAPSED -400 and my positions began to reel in earnest. I had been 60% cash, so exposure was low. My profits dissipated and losses quickly took on, sending me down 150bps. I then decided to Kamikazi a trade in OPTT — doubling down as the position nailed me to a cross -17%. Luckily, we got a bounce OFF THE LOWS and I was able to sell for a 1% gain. I then took two more trades — WWR for a fast 8% gain, inside 2mins, and I doubled down in SPI — which I still own now.

The net result, like a don, I ended up 50bps, peering down on quantitative accounts that got flummoxed today.

80% cash into tomorrow’s melee.

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Bond Yields Are Soaring Again — Should You Give a Shit?

In the short term, higher rates is inflationary and good for banks — which is why you’re seeing banks rally like tech stocks the past two days.

As crazy as this sounds, this is the final salvo to normalize things again. Rates will, at some point, rise to 1.00% on the 10yr, and as the economy improves — edge even higher. I suspect none of this will matter until we reach 1.1%. Then people will begin to worry about their dividend paying stocks and you might see people moving allocations back into bonds.

Markets have sold off viscously from the highs, and I have drawn down from the highs — forced to take some losses. This is part of the game. I am now sitting on intra day gains of 170bps, 75% cash.

One thing of note: WTI is +3.2% again today, further cementing the idea that markets are pricing in normalcy. If I was a betting man, I suspect we’ll see consumer facing brands do well in the coming days.

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Markets Edge Higher; Le Fly Fucking Destroys the Tape Again

Good morning plebs. I woke up to a sundry of delicacies and have been eating them ever since. Pardon me as I take a moment to boast over wins.

SONO -5.7%

SWN +5.8%
CLB +5.1%
PE +4.3%
PEIX +5%
CODX +3.9%
SFIX +4%
MOMO +3.1%
SABR +2.44%
AG +1.7%
SPOT +1.6%

Those were my overnight hold. I then took to the tape, like a man with steely courage, and observed a foray of LITHIUM based stocks ripping. This whole recent move has been about ALT ENERGY, due to Biden up in the polls — believe them or not. I also bore witness to some action in the COVID-19 space, so I acted.

My closed day trades.

INO +5.8%
POLA +7.7%
OPTT +8.3%

I have several more simmering on the front burner, all in all +200BPS for the day.

I know what you’re thinking and it’s degenerate.

“If you have all those winners — why are you only +2%?”

Because life isn’t always this good. Just last week I couldn’t find a winner to save my life. Each position is a 5% weighting, which means I aim to make money based off my talent to find a lot of winners and not luck with one or two or three really big winners. Some of you might think this is too conservative, but I love trading too much to ever put myself in a position to get wiped the fuck out. Position sizing is the single most important thing, after limiting losses to max 10%.

Back to trading.

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Listen to me.

Last week I posted I was 100% long into the weekend, lamenting a week of loss. Guess what? I made all of that shit up and almost twice that. I roared 400BPS today — all verified — presently live in front of the Pelicans. I only say that because there is a small minority of you out there who actually think I make this shit up. Fuck your face.

This much I do know — I ended up the week 100% long, fully positioned for an extreme lashing about the face next week.

See pal, this is what happens when Le Fly enters into a trading slump — he punches right the fuck out of it. I executed 34 trades today, many intra-day, like a 9% ripper in CBAT — all designed to BOOST my fucking gains. In comparison, my static quant portfolio only gained 1.7%. It’s fair to say, had I not traded, my gains would be similar. But that’s not the type of person I am, and you know that. I ride fast and without seat belts. If I crash into a wall, I will be consumed by a ball of fire — reduced into dust.

Prospects into tomorrow look great, 90% long — foot firmly stomped down — trading with the avarice of a much younger man.

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Booked Some Gains, Now Just Lying Around Waiting for Something to Happen

I took about a dozen profitable trades off the table today, with LTHM and BEEM being both double digit winners. I have since redeployed and have about 30% cash, eagerly awaiting for something to happen.

Perhaps the President will do a drive by again, waving to his friends outside of Walter Reed hospital?

Or, maybe Joe Biden and his communist friends will SOAR in the CNBC polls yet again, providing both comfort and safety for the investment community?

One thing is for certain, something always happens.

I am up 220bps for the day, finally breaking a string of losing streaks that made me so depressed, I grew a beard. I know, growing a beard is degenerate as fuck — makes a man look like a feral animal who enjoys spending time in the woods. I will have you know, Le Fly doesn’t give a shit about the woods and rather ENJOYED the west coast fires. I am not a pyromaniac, per se, but I do enjoy a good fire.

CNBC is more than usually insufferable. I’d like to light them ablaze too.

Voting is here and we’re all enjoying this election season, even more than usual. I have no doubt the best man will win and also the voting will be clean, honorable, and without fraud.

Also, I love all of my readers.

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Back in the Saddle, Winning Again

I stand before you a victorious man. There are those amongst you who relished my downfall, even rooted for it. I am sorry to report this morning, EXTREME winship. Markets have exploded based upon President Trump’s victory over COVID and now I am just coasting throughout the cellar (aka home office) observing my victories.

I booked two gains so far, +15% in LTHM, +8% in TRGP — the rest of my money is fully invested, since I have already replaced those stocks with new ideas.

Here is the bottom line:

WTI +5%, Natty +8% — Down and Nasdaq ripping.

Breadth is strong and nothing can stop us today. Chase alpha.

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Everyone Has COVID-19 Now

It’s the perfect assassination weapon. Sneak in a fucking super spreader with a viscous strain of COVID and decapitate the whole govt. If I were a schizo, I’d believe it. But as it stands now, it appears the DC folks around Trump fell into the trap of CORONAHOAX that so many on the right seem to believe in.

I don’t fucking get it.

So now the President has it, 3 WH reporters, Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager and now Chris Christie, a man who has trouble breathing while sitting down.

What to make of all this?

Grim times are ahead if any of these high profile people succumb to COVID. While I’m not paranoid to get sick, I always wear my mask when outside around people (shopping, gym) and would prefer to look stupid than get sick and pass that onto my family. In an era where up is down and rioting is peaceful, it’s easy to believe or not believe in anything.

Take it from Le Fly, he is a Dr after all, wear your fucking muzzles and wash your god damned hands frequently and quit being so skeptical of everything.

However, I’m still not taking that fucking vaccine.

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