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ALERT: On October 26th from 12-1pm, Citizen Squared from Customer #SUCCESS will be doing a live Zoom call for those interested to learn about the Stocklabs platform. If interested, please email him at [email protected] and he’ll put you on the list.

I opened the session +140bps and then traded beautifully, very clean and smooth, to +350bps. I eschewed genteel trading in favor of chasing momentum. Because I left $600k in profits on the table by selling 30,000 PHUN in the after hours last night, I was convinced I could repeat the past and went on a sojourn to swashbuckle through the sewers of Wall Street, in search of conservative talk radio plays and all types of connections to Donald John Trump. The result was CATACLYSM, as the market grinded down — so did my gains.

I ended +122bps, almost where I started, all of that trading for nothing. It goes without saying, chasing momo can result in having your dicks cut off.

I closed the day with some oils, some tech, and some calls on BITO — looking for Bitcoin to eclipse $100k by Xmas. I expect BTC to pullback, so my position is small and will be bulked up later.

Lastly, I am 3x hedged in TZA — just in case fuckery happens on Monday. All in all, in spite of all of the grandeur and pomp, I was not happy about today and not happy with the result. Month to date, I am +5% and I will protect those gains with my life into the closing week ahead.

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The DWAC business got out of hand and caused a frantic buying spree into an array of RIGHT WING AM radio and marketing stocks — the likes I’ve never seen. Perhaps the market was bullish on the specter of RADIO RUDY! and BANNON TV. But what quickly was ebullition turned into flammable motor oil dripped down the faces of men of MAGA. The financier of DWAC announced they sold out of their position — the stock ran from $10 to $175 in two days, warrants from $1 to $70. All of this caused the market to heave over and give way.

Every single AM radio stock strewn and shredded. I gave back HALF my gains and hedged via TZA and UVXY as soon as I saw the rapists cavorting. Shortly after, Powell talked taper shit and I sold my UVXY and TZA into that — because the opposite.

I am nearly 80% cash now with small position and very little appetite to risk anymore. It was a nice run, but short lived, and now the market is completely broken — FESTOONED with Men of MAGA with motor oil dripping down their faces.

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An array of fuckery is taking place today. PHUN up over 1,100%. I will have you know, I sold 30,000 shares in the AH last night at $1.8. I left only $600k on the table. DWAC hit $155+ and the warrants higher by 550%. This has spread into other right wing plays like SALM +80%, CRTD +100%+, MDIA up sharply and etc.

I played TRKA this morning for a quick +25% — because anything remotely related to media or marketing is running hard. Is this normal? Laughable.

Can it last?

For a bit.

This is the obvious reaction to Trump’s media announcement and it has taken on meme like qualities. I am all but out of anything normal other than BABA and BABA calls and have a few meme related dice rolls on the books now. The general market looks boring to perhaps weak. I have been too distracted by these 500% winners, which many many FUCKERS inside Stocklabs have nailed.

Back to trading.

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Just when I thought it could not happen to me again — it happened. I got HOOKED after seeing Trump’s retarded SPAC sperg out +400%, based on some rift wing circle jerk party. I delved into TALK RADIO of all things, doubled sized positions in both MDIA and SALM — bogged out of both for malignant losses.

Then I dove into PHUN on newz these catamites were developing Trump’s app. As soon as I bought it, the stock galloped higher and I was feeling grande — like a crisp $100 bill. Then within seconds it faded. It faded with my finger on the sell button, lost forever. Bogged

I ended the session -3%+, not due to bad picks — because the balance of my positions did fine — but due to the fact that I am a gambling degenerate fucked for face. My weekly gains POOFED in one fell swoop. What more is there to say other than Fuck Trump and all of the media cucks that behind TRUTH MEDIA. For the last god damned time you have fucked me. ENOUGH!

Aside from that, markets look good. But I really can’t even begin to look at the market clearly, following such an immense sojourn into FUCKERY!

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We Have the Ultimate Meme Stock Now

I don’t know why I didn’t buy it when I saw the news. But Trump is coming public via a SPAC — launching a new media company that is bound to make Fox News look like leftist SJWs.

His deck.


This is all very reminiscent of the HBO show Years and Years — a great mini series but I do not recommend it for people who are prone to melancholy. Holy fuck.

Question now is: who will jump ship to Trump? Hannity, Tuckered Carlson? The list is practically endless — as Trump moves in financed into a field that is ripe for poaching.

Does the stock continue higher?

Hard to buy after such a big run up. Nonetheless, I’ve seen dumber moves in stocks based off nothing. At a minimum, there is something here. Granted, an eventual bankruptcy is a foregone conclusion — but we are in pre-revenue stages so it’s all concept and dreams now.

NOTE: Right wing media plays SALM, MDIA are also soaring.

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Waiting For a Pullback?

This is how you get hooked. You’re expecting a pullback because nothing goes straight up. You might get a small one soon but then you’ll think there’s more to it and next thing you know — you’re short into Thanksgiving, 100% fucked.

Listen to me now: the coast is clear from now thru Thanksgiving. Invest at your leisure, but avoid overweight small caps.

On the energy and crypto side: too much too fast. I’d wait for WTI to go green before buying into oils today. If you’re longer term, oils work. As for cryptos, still long ETH and I’ve been buying Solana (SOL).

The market is safu.

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They said it could not be done. They said Bitcoin was going to zero and that only NFTs were worth investing in, pictures of retarded monkies and greasily rising floors. Lo and behold, we are all ETHEREUM MILLIONAIRES AGAIN.

I took the day off from blogging because I didn’t feel like working. A man in my position, an early investor in ETH, does not need to work. He works at his leisure and cavorts as he likes, when he likes, because his life is charmed and nothing can interrupt his equanimity.

Aside from ETH, I am long SOL and some LTC — a little of this and a little of that. I pick up small $5k positions based on hunches and sell them after doubling. This is rookie stuff.

In my equity account, chalk up another W, 60bps to the good, now +202% YTD, up 12 days in a row — all thanks and praise to the Stocklabs data platform for providing me with the toolz to get me back on track.

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If You Bet Against Stocklabs — Your Wives and Children Just Left You

Look at me.

There are some guilty parties out there who bore witness to the Stocklabs oversold signals of the past fortnight and said “PAH — it’s different this time. I’m gonna mortgage the house and short the cooking’ market.”

Well lad, I have news for you. Your house is to be foreclosed on and your wife and kids are going to leave you, all because you lost the family fortune betting against the guy in the time machine.

That was our RAREST most cherished oversold signal — the 12 month OS on both the entire market and the QQQs flashing right in front of your fucking faces, begging for you to partake.

Well did you?

We’ve been gallivanting throughout the market with these mean reversion signals since 2008, with very little in the way of drawdowns. You’d be wise to never bet against The House of Fly again.

Good night.

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Long China; Short America

One cannot count out America yet, since the global brain drain is still very much intact — whereby America receives the brightest from around the world in exchange for their offsprings and production. This has been the eugenic aimed goals of the United Steaks since the 1800s, greatly diluted however by the Immigration Act of 1965. Nevertheless, I think if you’d glance at American achievements in comparison to Euro-retards you’d find us to be far superior.

At some point along this trajectory, America will have absorbed so many idiots into its tits, the country will collapse. But we are hundreds of years from that and it should comfort you to know China is still, more or less, a gravely incompetent country.

Nevertheless, as it pertains to now, China is cheap and America is expensive. I closed the session +81bps with a double sized position hedge against the Nasdaq. My longs are concentrated in larger capped names with an emphasis on China. I am not long oils or crypto miners due to the extended nature of those runs.

I bet on sure things, old sport. Fuck off.

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China is Cheapest Dice Roll

Nothing is cheaper than BABA, if we are to believe the numbers they post. Trading at under 4x sales, BABA is 40% below its 3yr PS average. Taking into account their growth rate, the stock is a double from here — providing the Chinese government doesn’t execute Jack Ma.

Aside from BABA, there is a sundry of discounted names of substance, such as FUTU, BEKE, JD, VIPS, TME, BIDU, BILI and NTES. There are more and I’m sure the smaller ones will offer greater potential returns. However, and this should be clear to you now, I only bet on sure things.

I have BABA June 22 calls on both 175 and 185 strike. I rarely play options, perhaps once per two years due to an acute options gambling affliction, but I made an exception with this one particular stocks due to extreme conviction and my unbridled greed and avarice for money.

The other positions I own are in fact transitory, temporary phenomenons that appear like apparitions in my account and get ZAPPED out when they satiate my short term demands.

+90bps with 40% cash and two hours left to trade.

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