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Skating Rapidly Towards the Pagan Holidays

Greetings yet again. Markets are stable and I am of course making money in some pockets and areas of finance. There is a lot to consider, as we race quickly towards the Xmas tree that towers over thousands of dollars of gratuitous “presents”. Items granted to our loved ones because “it’s super cute” or “super awesome” and we really like to display our affection for one another via meaningless items purchased online via PayPal.

However, and in spite of all the contrary evidence, I am extremely bullish on mankind, even Bill Gates. It is my belief that people want and will do the right thing. And as a whole, society continues to evolve and progress towards a dignified standard of living for all. Perhaps if you only focused in on the inane or perused ANTIFA and MAGA rallies you might think otherwise. But deep down, in the real world, you know I am right. Heck in America the poorest amongst us are fat, lazy slobs, befitted with iPhones, parlays all day smoking pot paid for by government.

Bear in mind, all of this grandeur that you enjoy is only possible under a dollar supremacy. If, for whatever reason, the dollar lost its reserve status, we’d be in a much different position. The dollar is only reserve status due to our financial mite, backed by our space aged military. The second we lose that gusto, all falls. Until then, enjoy the trimmings of late stage crony-capitalism and quit trying to fight the momentum. We have a good thing going and I enjoy my life, albeit it’s a big moribund at the moment. Depression is of course a state of mind. If feeling glum, I strongly advise some exercise and several hobbies. Keep a schedule going and try to maintain a strong physique.

Into the final hour, we are bullish and we shall buy MOAR.

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Degeneracy Might Be Making a Strong Comeback

I know the indices show red, but my screens show lots of green, especially in the small capped space, especially in the Biden oriented beta-cuck windmill sectors. I took out two losses today for 6% and dove right back into the thick of things and declared myself “a man” with some high beta stocks — beta cucked that is. I will soon depart you to WALK THE FUCKING DOGS in the cruelty of the cold weather.

I am 35% cash and eager to find new ideas — but I will not, I shant participate in this oil driven tomfoolery. I would rather die 1,000 times in a burning car under water than lose another cent in a fucking Californian oil well.

Nevertheless, things more or less look ambient. My quant is up 94bps and I am feeling well rested, fed, and flexible.

More later.

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Chalk Up Another Winning Session for Le Fly

Listen to me. I am the best trader to have ever lived on this flattened planet. I walked into today with small gains, escaped the pangs of a sharp SPAC-COLLAPSE, only to fall into the red mid afternoon after an expedition back into the market. My losses moderated at around 3pm, and then I decided upon DRTT — took it at equal weight, 5% overall portfolio, and fucked it for exactly 3 mins for an 18% return.

On that trade, I boosted my gains and closed out the session +0.72%. The winning continues you fucking disgusting people. I am sure the lot of you lost 500bps, maybe even worse, with your indecorous holdings grotesquely overweighted, fat and slow.

Into the bell, 40% cash, 100% winning.

Good day.

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Markets Take Flight to Quality

We have a runaway NASDAQ, presently +180, yet all of the minions at Robinhood are having their dicks cut off for them. The reason for this is simple: men of stature and standing have allocated for the first of the month, in preparation of Xmas and have eschewed the vagrancy of penny stocks and other bubble names — particularly in the SPAC sector. The subsequent result is death for small fries and big dicked wins for those saddled with teracaps.

Tera cap breadth is 90%, up 1.5% for the session.

Penny stock breadth is 40%, down 0.25% for the session.

Bubble stocks are off by 2.5%, where FAANGT names are +2.9%.

You get the picture you fucking faggots?

I reallocated my quant today, added $10k to my long term portfolio, and also all but cleared out of my trading account — now 95% cash. I had sold FEAC, NBAC, HYRE, and BTBT this morning for gains of 10%, ranging to a loss of 13%. For the session, my trading is up 0.2%. Now that I’ve cleared my head and got the quant business out of the way, I will begin to fish again.

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Closed Out November In Extreme Style and Decadence

While some pretend to be any good at trading stocks, I actually do it in front of a captive audience. I closed out the month, draped in fire, recording my best returns since Spring — when I was barreling through the early COVID plays with +300% overnight gainers.

My trading account made a miraculous turn around the past week and change, from breakeven to +15.2% for November. My quantitive system returned a record high, using a new method, of +26.7%, and my new long term portfolio returned a genteel +13.2%.

I closed out the session 75% cash. Tomorrow I will re-shuffle the quant and add another $10 into the long term account, a monthly sojourn which will last for the next 36mos.


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Markets Pull In On This Last Day of Tremendously Big Dicked November; Bitcoin Hits New Record Highs

I bought 4 stocks, reducing my cash to 80%. Markets are nearly down 400, yet the Nasdaq is only down 33 — really nothing. Breadth is more or less poor — everything else is stable. Cryptos are surging again and I know it irritates “TRUE BITCOINFAGS” to see someone like me, a person who has always shit on the “TRUE MEANING” of Bitcoin for what I believe to be nothing more or less than an illicit trade vessel, make so much fucking money on this movement — you’re fucking eyes will bleed if you saw it.

Nevertheless, I remain a most humble blog-servant — providing the people of all colors entertainment whilst they produce gargantuan capital losses inside of their 4 fig Robinhood accounts.

Bitcoin at a new record high only solidifies the idea that this son of a bitch is fixing to go parabolic to the upside. I suppose once the Biden administration SEIZES POWER (!) and cuts the dick off the stock market — the true test for the crypto currency will be upon us. Until then, we have another month and change of pure revelry.

Might I add, we are now barreling towards a pandemic styled Xmas holiday season, whereby people will celebrate the holidays in style on ventilators. While some of you do not wear masks because out of fear Bill Gates will convert you into a transgender robot, I pleasantly ask you to shut the fuck up about it. Asians have been wearing masks since the 1500s and they’ve done just fine.

This whole COVID business truly sucks and you’re trying to figure out the “TRUE MEANING” of it all. But maybe, just maybe, it’s just what it is — a very bad strain of something like the flu that afflicts the weakest amongst us severely and when you couple that with our corporate styled healthcare system designed for maximum profit; well then, you have a situation that can quickly get out of hand and people cannot be treated for lack of space, so wear your fucking muzzle you disgusting reprobates.

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All Out, 100% Cash in Trading

It was touch and go with my trading a fortnight ago, but I closed out the month with dignity and honor. I just closed out all of my trading positions, after getting an enormous morning bump of +290bps, thanks to gains in GIK, SRAC, HCAC, TDAC amongst others.

Month to date, I am now up 14.2% in trading and nearly +30% in my quant.

More later.

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When in Doubt, Look for Guidance in the Money Launderers

Sotheby’s owns an art index, which compiles repeat sales data for over 60,000 works of art, which is used to track the overall performance of the art world. While most normal people cannot fathom the idea of buying some paint on canvas for $200m, it’s important to know there are troglodytes out there who need stores of value and vessels to launder their hard earned stolen cash.

Sotheby’s Mei Moses Index, fuckery largess

This brings me to my next suggestion. Keep buying BTC and ETH, do so every month, until BTC is $100,000 and ETH is $2,500. The world hasn’t ever had an illicit money laundering vessel like cryptos, ever. Forget about art and wine and real estate. Why, you can digitally move $100m today via a series of crypto currencies, move it across national borders, all undetected by god fearing authorities, who are busy perusing Twitter for people to track and target.

If you’re wondering why I am bullish on ETH, this is the main driver for me — illicit movement of value.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

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Tremendous gains, the biggest. On Wednesday I stepped in and bought APXT and NNDM, all of us in Exodus did, because Ragin Cajun said so. He’s been straight fire, so I entrusted him with a portion of my net worth.

The results?

Nothing less than staggering.

UP 36% in APXT
UP 18% in NNDM

And here are some other side dishes.

NOVA +6.5%
FUBO +4.4%
AMWL +4.4%
ASAN +4.5%

See pal, that’s who I am and you’re nothing. Good father? Fuck you go home and play with your kids.

I stand before you a victorious man again, up nearly 500bps for the session, straight up bowling on you ass-clowns.

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Get back to work now.

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Happy Thanksgiving — CHEERS

Good afternoon plebs.

The turkey is browning in the oven. My MASTER GRAVY is on the stove, powered by a turkey neck. The stuffing was completed last night and I will place the finishing touches on it today. Cooking is an avocation for me. I’ve dedicated countless hours learning how to cook properly and I can honestly say I am immensely thankful to the FUCKED FACES at YouTube for providing a venue for me to learn about the wonderful art of culinary mastery.

If there’s one thing that you should put into perspective, on this very unique 2020 COVID edition pandemic style Thanksgiving, is nuance. Sure, the faggots at Twitter are absolutely terrible people — but they’re also wonderful. Look at the platform they’ve maintained and cultivated, offering people a venue to discuss topics and to connect. There is nothing like it. Same goes for all of the tech tyrants — great and horrible — just like everyone else. The only difference between them and the average Joe showing his ass-crack to his neighbors is power. They have it and you don’t. Nevertheless, I am bullish that normalcy will eventually prevail. Most of the arguments people have these days is about politics. If you just removed that subject from your dialogue — well then — you might be arguing about who’s better — Mets or Yanks again.

Same goes for finance. Sure, we HATE the Fed and their malevolent ways — always printing money and doing stuff to make those damned stocks go up. But then we look at our monthly statements and then we buy ourselves NEW STUFF — because we love to consuuuuume. It delays the melancholy and we buy into the notion that that new iphone or that new jacket is going to make us feeeeeeel better and improve our lives.

Today is a not a day to celebrate the extinction of the natives on American soil, but to be thankful for what you have: health, wealth, and love. Two out of three will suffice. If you don’t have any of them yet, work towards them and stop being such a pussy.

As caretaker of this site for more than 13 years, I want to tell you all reading that I am grateful for the time you spend on my inane missives, putting up with my temper tantrums and hubris. Doing the site and trading with all of you has been an immense gift for me.

Cheers and don’t forget to consuuuume.

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