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Markets Perform Intra-Day Miracle — True Disaster Now Looms

This is what they wanted you to do, dive back into the pool thinking it was warm and pleasant. Then they will release the sharks onto you, as you cavort sipping on some pool water, enjoying yourself. I participated IN KIND, buying all I could — even going so far as to margin myself at 10% to buy MOAR.

I know it will backfire on me, but who cares?

A great man once said, “No balls, No babies.”

I closed down 300bps, 250bps OFF THE LOWS.


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The world stopped spinning today and shares of anything relating to solar or alt energy or EV is spiral down the drain and into the ocean to be eaten by sharks. The NASDAQ is swooning lower by 210 — but it was much worse earlier today. My Quant is off by 220bps now — well off the lows of -800bps achieved at 9:45am. It was heart-attack trading; but I could not help but to laugh at the losses.

I know it must bemuse you to understand the levels of fatality that I desire. Alas, markets are lower and I am losing 500bps in my trading. Ask me if I give a fuck.

I am still up more than 100% YTD and have 40% cash, eager to toss it right back into the fucking fires.

This could, as you know, be the end. This could be the beginning of the great unraveling. High rates and commodity prices might be codifying your demise. But I still don’t care. The kids are older now and my expenses are increasing with college — but I’ve made enough to ignore small vibrations and I know, if I might say so, I can turn on the printing presses anytime I want.

Today I am passively permitting my holdings to stagnate because I am betting on a late day rally. Should it fail, I suspect we trade lower in the AM.

But you never know. Do you?

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Just a few days ago ETH-heads were popping champagne corks into each other’s faces. Today they’re all crying in their showers, wondering when it all went wrong. The truth is, the magnificent decline of 30% in cryptos these past few days is more or less part and parcel of investing in an asset class that has gone ape-shit to the upside. The parabolic nature works both ways and I suspect it will not bounce back right away.

This is good news for people who missed out the first and second time and always wanted back in. The blockchain and cryptos aren’t going way, so view this misery as nothing more than a pause en route to greatness. There are few asset classes that I have complete and total conviction in — ETH is one of them. This dive lower, although disheartening, has done nothing to disturb me because my expectation is for substantially higher prices over the long term. The money I am investing into it is not needed by me and I am fixed on investing in ETH on a monthly basis.

This malovolent move lower is having a deleterious effect on stocks too, as risk on behavior morphs into fear. This does not feel like the end, sadly. I do believe we’ll be placing in a bottom soon, off and away again to Neverland cavorting with unicorns and gay giraffes.

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Stairs Up, Broken Cable’d Elevator Down

This is what happens to the bulls when they get that exuberance going. I was SMASHED TO PIECES in my crypto, long term, and Quant accounts today — amidst heavier than life selling. We had it coming and no one with an IQ higher than 50 is surprised by today’s pin action. I relish the dips in ETH and I relish the dips in everything I don’t own.

My trading was exemplary today, as I bobbed and weaved and turned out +170bps to the good. Naturally, and this goes without saying, my net worth DECREASED today since most of my assets traded lower. However, my trading account is attached to my cock and my cock grew 4 inches today and I will always err on the side of size in the matter of male instrumentation.

I do not offer you advice on this uncertain day, but happy tidings as I am in a most fortunate mood.

I will see you fuckers bright and early — 4am trading as usual.

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When Markets Get Shattered, The Fly Shines Best

When you were panhandling for supper as a boy outside your housing tenements, Le Fly was navigating markets — undergoing severe lessons of a most caustic nature. I still have the scars about my face and head — ancient wars fought by an idealist Fly. These days I am grizzled and accustomed to chicanery and I see it coming.

Alas, as the indices swoon and your SHITCOINS get babooned, I am +230bps — positioning keenly and also smartly in inflation plays. In other words, I’m an oil man again — always have been ever since birth — traversing the bitumen fields with my balls and my glove.

My prognosis for the markets is mixed. I believe I shall persevere and do well, while at the same time I fear your time is up. The margin clerks are coming and will soon liquidate your bullshit brokerages, sending you back to work where you belong.

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This weekend I had an impromptu ETHEREUM $2k party over Fizzy-Whig cocked tails. I was rather enamored with myself for having the psychic abilities to foresee the rise in ETH. Why it was glorious and it was of course just getting started. To celebrate, I even bought some ETHEREUM CLASSIC, in spite of it being a regular 51% hacking victim and overall waste of space. I was elated and felt somewhat invincible.

Chatter at House Fly was grandiose, with all members of the family looking to get involved, wire funds into their SHITCOIN accounts in order to partake.

And then it all collapsed. Since I’ve been a beaten dog so many times in my investment career, I knew to let go of the classic nonsense, but I am still very much long ETH. As a point in fact, I am emboldened by it now. I’d like to see it CRASH 90% amidst fires and tumult, because I have cash and lots of it. I can fashion myself into your crypto wallets and STEAL your coins from you when you’re most desperate.

As for stocks, I’ve been trading since 4am man. I took gains bitches and now am up nearly 100bps for the day. I haven’t checked. What’s the markets doing now pal?

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This shit is going to eventually kill you and your families. The one thing you cannot stop is suicidal megalomaniacs who print and print and print. They are printing your own demise right now, satiated by higher prices and floating digitized measures of paper wealth. Your gains will all be for nothing, once a single tomato costs you $100 at the local bodega. Your neighbors will eat each other for sustenance and your investments will be worth quite a lot because your national currency will be debased to nothing.

BEHOLD a Carnivale of perfidy, the Great Big Titted Commodity Super-Cycle is upon you.

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Closing Out the Week a Loser

My MTD gains have been reduced to just +30%, following a week of tumult — which fleeced me for 325bps. I cannot say for sure what was the prime mover in my disconnection from the Matrix, but I will insist upon success next week and for the foreseeable future, in order to cleanse myself from this feeling of fail.

The spectacle of having to endure losses is something I am not accustomed to in recent days — but know full well the manifestations of momentum and when one loses his initiative in markets.

Intra day, I weighted into more traditional names focused on inflation and trade with China. I have numerous speculative positions on, one of which is a 15% weight. My intent is to be reckless because failure is often met with desperation. I know how this story ends, since I have played it out innumerable times. But in the midst of the heated moment, it always feeeeeeels different.

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No Crash, Just a Slump

I closed out my SQQQ position shortly after 4am. I’m experimenting with trading at that time. I view it mostly as an advantage to the plebs who have to wait until 8am. I was able to save money on that exit.

Markets are straight up this morning but I’m still managing to lose coin, off by 50bps. I’m mostly cash and the stuff I have simply isn’t working. I need new stuff, but really don’t feel like it. Maybe later.

I’m up 119% YTD and have traded like a lunatic for months, so maybe I’m a little mentally stupid now, sort of mean reverting back to pedestrian.

My quant and other accounts are sharply higher, all except my trading. I’ll get around to it later today. Perhaps after a pot of coffee I’ll feel enamored by it again.

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Small Caps were de-legged today, off by 3%. The world kept spinning and mega caps barely felt the difference between today and last week. All the while, the disruption in momo stocks has taken on a 3rd day. Some might argue that this time will be no different from before. I ended up down 200bps, in spite of having 50%+ cash the whole day. I made a quick sojourn into LGHL at a 15% weighing and came out +11%. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be down more than 3%.

Into the bell, I hedged via SQQQ, another 3 times the size position. I did this, not because I wanted to hedge, but because I want the market to crash.

Now my timing on inverse ETFs has been perfect as of late, perfectly dreadful. Each and every time I buy — market places the bears onto a skillet and SEERS them. To be honest, I expect nothing different this go around. Nonetheless, I remain steadfast in my ability and willingness to bet against this market every single chance given to me.

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