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Imagine Not Learning Your Lesson By Now

NASDAQ jumped 202 after the FOMC did nothing but promised to cut rates in the future. I think it’s relevant to remind you stocks are at RECOURD HIGHS and they’re not correlating with your newsfeed, which speaks to a more blackened horizon and a Pax Americana denigrating before your eyes.

I also think it’s relevant to remind you to stay focused on what you’re seeing versus what you want to see. Deep down, we all want to see collapse, in order to feel alive and the period in which we’re alive to be notable and relevant. Those feelings that you have are wantonly narcissistic and have no business on a trading floor.

I finished the session at or near session highs:

Day trading +93bps
Quant +159bps
Strategic (long term) +203bps

My largest position is $BITX at 12% of holdings — based off the premise the Bitcoin is about to rig its way higher. After the close $MU is sharply higher, so we should expect new highs again at the opening of trade.

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