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Good Sirs —

The market is, in fact, consolidating recent gain, en route to its next destination. That move might be lower or it can be higher. During periods of indecision, it’s best to remain vigilant and small, taking profits along the way.

Traders are inexorably trapped in the ‘FagBox’

Your ideas and your dreams fall to pieces with the harder reality of the market. Whilst it’s true, more often than not stocks will mindlessly trade up and if you’re a clever man bereft of greed, you’ll get rich investing during your lifetime. HOWEVER, many of you bastards are greasy little greedy son of a bitches and want all of the money now — leading to eventual blow ups in the options, futures or margin trading accounts. This malady of yours cannot be cured and there is nothing you can do to fix yourselves, other than restricting yourselves from accessing these drugs.

I’m +43bps, with just two positions on the books now, one of which is SHORT THE FUCKING SEMICONDUCTORS via $SOXS.

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