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We’ve been waiting for a comeuppance for some time now and have wistfully game theoried all possible outcomes and eventualities. At some point, the free ride will end and the sins will come due and prices will be paid. There is a very static compression amidst the status quo now, buoyed mostly by their arrogance and coddled lives.

I have taken it upon myself to almost always peer out into the future in search for societal collapse. I’ve been right in 0 out of my last 100 predictions but hope that this time will be different.

If you’re content with the way things are inside your cul de sac — exercise some third order thinking and game shop America in 2100, as your great grandchildren attempt to escape the cannibal hordes razing the American flatlands in search of meat.

At any rate, it’s not your job to do anything, nor mine. We are just voices in the wind, which can be picked up by or serve to inspire decision makers who can execute change. We are not war lords or members of a militia and do not have real power, other than what has been given to us by God. In this economic zone there is a bull market and that bull market continues unabated. To stop the GLOBOHOMO — you need a strategic loss of kinetic nature to occur, in order to truly expose how incompetent they are. Most people are happy with their 401ks and their gay lives and are entertained. Only hard times can solve the disease racking the country and in order to get there — no one will like it and everyone will pine for the days when our biggest problems were TRANNIES on beer cans and black women aspiring to become pilots. NEVERTHELESS, this crucible is all but a forgone conclusion and it’s going to happen, as sure as I am sitting here.

I shed 58bps for the session, closed the day leveraged long and bullish into tomorrow.

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