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Hard Core Rotation Believer Here

Greetings and salutations —

I was racked heavily with losses at the onset of trade thanks to a $BITX position gone awry, as the fever in cryptos abates. However, I am preserved like a jar of jelly in a pastiche of lower beta and oil fruits, down 40bps for the session. I’m also leveraged long completely, eagerly awaiting for the fires to burn in the oils.

Inside Stocklabs the data cannot be denied any longer, pertaining whether or not rotation is underway. We have 85% of drillers rated strongly, whilst only 18% of high beta stocks are favored by the algorithms.

The median tech score for highly rated Basic Material stocks is 3.8, whilst tech is 2.8. As such, I will continue t avoid high beta tech with the hopes that France will APE int Ukraine and get bogged the fuck in and out, causing Brent t GIGASPIKE to $125 and more. I do not have any control over global events; the least I can do is help profit from its demise.

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