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Don’t be fooled. The bear isn’t over and this is not the rally off the lows you’ve been sucking dicks for.

The new Stocklabs quant was allocated at the lows, appreciating nearly 2% for the day. Last month’s quant was in place at the open and losses were endured, so I merely made 16bps net.

My trading was up 30bps and I have positioned for pain tomorrow.


If you’re happy about today and that type of action, wait until the losses accelerate and your faggot friends get TRAPPED in their positions because they’ve been programmed to buy all dips. This type of agony nears.

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I just landed in Boston and I haven’t eaten yet, but I’m not complaining because men don’t complain and I identify fully as a man.

It seems there are more sellers than buyers today and instead of painting you a wonderful picture of doom, I will refrain and remind you that even in the worst tapes — markets can rally.

I am 90% cash, 5% TZA, 5% BTU — up 35bps. My chief concern is rates spiking the way they are and I’m also hesitant about having too much exposure. On one hand, markets are nearly oversold. On the other, the market deserves to be 40% lower.

Decisions decisions.

Off to allocate to the quant for September.

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Stocklabs Quant Strategy Report for August

My trading was +3.5%, quant came in flat. Both way better than the indices. I’ll be posting the new portfolio in Stocklabs tomorrow from the airport, as I’m traveling.

C2 with the recap.

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The US 10yr leapt higher to 3.17%, new recent highs — in spire of WTI cracking lower. This is suggestive of both stagflation being present and/or oil being RIGGED lower by America SPR releases. Either way, we are in a bear market and the market closed at the lows — off by 280.

I managed my day in a most genteel manner, +53bps — finishing the session with a combination of long and shorts designed to stymie alpha. I will not be trading tomorrow and will close out today’s positions from the airport.

If I don’t blog tomorrow, I’ll be sure to catch you on Friday.

Remember, September looms large and everything will change then.

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Trading Small; My Month Has All But Concluded

I am mentally preparing for a large directional baboon move lower for September. My ideas are static on this matter and I doubt I’ll change my mind, unless of course the markets courrect me. Today’s action has a lot of nervous people nervous. Then again, these same folks dose themselves with acid on weekends and eat poisonous mushrooms during the work-week in between edible marijuana snacks.

“The Fly” doesn’t partake in any form of degeneracy and lives an austere life of reserve and toil. There is never a reason to laugh too much or enjoy in excess. Those things are gay, something I can assure you of I am not.

Into the final hours of trade, I will wind down operations for August and book the +3.5% gain and fly to Boston in a most conservative fashion tomorrow, 100% cash.

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Another Hard Fade

Permanent bools got lured back into the trap this morning. They even brought out the chardonnay and began to sip on it, saying shit like “OMG look at how grandeeeee this market is — I love it sooooo” until Mother Market descended upon them and punched the glass straight into their mustaches.

I have been nimble and now presently own TZA, GOOGL, BBWI, EOG and CLF. I am long BBWI due to heavy call volume spike for the session — using the new and in alpha Stocklabs option tools. I’m up 67bps and anxious to be done with the day, so that I can get on with my life and the fucking carpenter out of my house. We are building a library in the house and the shelves have taken forever to build. I do believe the ladder is being installed today and I should soon be done with this chapter in my life.

My sense, into the afternoon, is more of the same. No collapse or ramp — just more milquetaost setting us up for the big September splash.

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Only the gods know why the market is ripping higher. Unlike yesterday, this rally looks like it can stick. All of the leaders are up and oil is recovering. The 10yr is once again ticking up so we are okay with higher rates and higher stocks because who’s gonna stop us?

This is my last day for August since I depart for Boston tomorrow. I doubt I’ll trade from the plane and I doubt I should trade whilst on the move in Boston — but never say never.

I am only holding two stocks now: BTU at 5% and GOOGL at 10%, the rest cash. I’m up 62bps for the session and +3.5% for August.

Heading into September, my bias is for a collapse. Then again, when am I not looking for one? Nevertheless, I never let me feeeeeelings or thoughts get in the way of a trade, so I’ll position wherever the fuck the market demands.

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A Dignified Loss

I started off the day an absolute bozo — but with time and the market dropping — I sort of just blended into the background for an on par day off by 96bps. I had been down 200bps when all of you jerk offs were beating off to the gap up and that caused me to make 100 trades to get back 1% off the lows and now I am positioned with a blend of longs and shorts that should, more or less, produce little in the morning.

This is my stated goal — to lower the beta during periods of uncertainty whilst picking and choosing spots to get aggressive.

One fucked face might ask “Sir — why not just remain, inexorably, in cash?”

Because staying out of the market does nothing to help me feel the market and would disconnect me from the matrix. I need to be plugged in at all times and if I’m not — I’m not alive.

It was a bad day in the market – but the close was ok and not panicked. I do believe we follow through on the downside tomorrow, or at least I am hoping to preside over a market on flames and charred to its rotten bones.

NOTE: I rarely get what I want but instead I get the cards I am dealt and learn to like it.

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Here’s a nice headline to wet your appetite.


But don’t worry — we are NOT in recession, just like you’re not a man and you didn’t build that — someone else did. In an upside down world only the acrobats survive.

They bid up markets this morning, even rugged oil, only to collapse the fucking market in a most heinous fashion. I will tell you this and only because I’m thinking about it now — no matter how much money I make in the market — I can never get back what they stole from me and my children.

Having said that, this is life at the end of Pax Americana — degenerative and disgusting — crime infested hell hole — an amalgamation of decades of social planning and malovolent upheaval.

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This is not an issue of being Apple Jack’d but merely becoming a victim of a most egregious rug pull. We’ve seen this happen to the oils in June and today, out of nowhere, the entire energy complex has been upended as if we have perfected fusion technology and no longer need the stuff.

Crude is down nearly 4% and I had a fuckload of oils heading into today, alongside being short. This was a perfectly cogent trade and had worked, until it didn’t.

I immediately sold my oil exposure but kept the shorts — because fuck that. My losses are now about -1.85% and more or less fully depend on the market cracking lower now.

In other words, I got hooked on the idea that oil was going higher, natural gas too. Ridiculous that I could fall for such folly.

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