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Are you retarded? Dost thou have good concerns for boolish fervor? Are you, per chance, BOOOOOLISH on war or Biden or the FBI spying and infiltrating free speech — controlling people via lies and 100% manipulating the elections? Is that a good reason for the democrats to completely merge with the government in an effort to strip people of their rights?


America, as we know it, is over. If we are to rally under the auspices of liberty and justice again — it won’t be before a massive purge takes place via popular revolt.

How close are we to that?

I’d say extremely far, especially with half the country committed to sucking the cocks of the very gay FBI and CIA.

If you are thinking “oh, well, stocks always go up he he he”; you’re also an idiot and should acknowledge your own short comings and take some time out to gather your bearings.

The trend is lower.

The economics are poor.

The Fed hates you.

The stocks are still expensive.

We are just getting started.

We do not deserve to rally.

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New Weekly Quant Picks After 12pm

Good day

I sold the vast majority of my weekly holdings, selected by the Stocklabs quant, higher by more than 7% for the month. The biggest winner was, by far, GOTU — which made me nearly 90%. If I lived out ten thousand lifetimes, I would never have chosen to own GOTU, let alone hold it for a weeek, on my own.

I own just a SQQQ position, which was a hedge and now it’s a blatant disregard for the bulls tendencies to buy dips. I’ll probably close it out too shortly.

Bottom line: my market prowess is still very much intact. In fact, by forcing myself into an all long book via my quant, I am relived from having to pick stocks and instead keep focused on hedges and tactical trades. Hard to exactly say why, but I feeeeeeel much better trading this way.

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I want you all to shut up and stop talking about markets rallying. I do not want to hear it anymore and if anyone inside Stocklabs even utters the word “pivot” — I am going to fire you from the platform and then physically assault you, in Minecraft of course.

BEHOLD your market.

Discard your recency bias and have a look at the real trend of your beloved NASDAQ, an index teeming with homosexual technology companies — evil and malevolent left wing extremists whose design is to genocide those on the right. Whilst that sentence you just read might appear to be hyperbolic, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT.

The simple fact of the matter is, the country is Balkanized already, fractured from decades of corruption and evil. The markets are merely a reflection of all the nonsense coming to a head.

“But Fly, can we rally in 2023? What if Russia surrenders to Ukraine and Poland occupies Kaliningrad?”


DOWN WE GO in 2023. The sell off will be as violent as it is beautiful.

“But Fly, why do you want to bore witness to Pax Americana ending?”

Shut up.

There isn’t much else to discuss, aside from telling you once again that I am at record highs and that I deserve more money and that I am doing quite well because I am a very good person and that I prefer to trade in a down market because I like to see stocks going lower because I feeeeeeeel betrayed and that I no longer care to pretend even though it’s fun to pretend and that I hope to see a brighter future once all of the puppet masters have been publicly executed (in Minecraft).

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This is becoming redundant — but it’s necessary that I boast and brag like an 8th grade child in order to make myself feeeeel better about myself.

See, as a boy growing up in pre-gentrification Brooklyn, playing inside of the sewers — Young Fly didn’t have much and used to play with waterbugs to spend the day. Now as an adult, I hate watered bugs and find the urge to constantly tell people, strangers mostly, about my exploits to compensate for my dreary upbringing. The hope is, naturally, that I too will be a well respected man — walking about in suits and perhaps even ascots — commanding respect, even kneeling, as I sashay and cavort throughout the country club I now reside in.

I closed at another RECOURD HIGH not because of luck or due to some sort of fluke — but skill — because I am a licensed professional and BY LAW have the right to offer investment advice. That said, I do not offer investment advice; but instead, and merely, show off.


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It’s the worst Xmas since 2018 and before that 2002. We are, in fact, playing out a WORST CASE SCENARIO for markets and I think it’s 100% hilarious.

Naturally, I am immune to the pangs of disaster, even though I closed out my SQQQ hedge at the open. I have been fortunate to snag a Chinese Burrito runner in GOTU and it is now +84% in my purse. Presently, I am down 0.1%, eagerly waiting in the tall grass to make a move.

A little background on worst case scenarios and what they might portend for stocks in January.

Jan 2019 +9%
Jan 2003 +0.3%

In other words, at least based on the past, if we knife down into Xmas — we might bounce in December.

See, not all gloom and doom. Take the frown and turn it upside down. We might bounce in December!

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In a world of cataclysm and malevolence, Le Fly is a beacon of light in a brooding dark storm of fuckery. I’d be remiss if I did not boast about my market exploits. After all, if I didn’t — how else would you come to realize your skills are in fact INFERIOR to mine?

Look at it! YTD gains fast approach 60%

How does one replicate such extravagance? A great man once said — “fish less, eat more fish.” All members of Stocklabs get to enjoy my ultra LEFT WING and SHITLIB trading room, in addition to my ideas and picks — technical analysis on a level not seen since Livermore.

Plus, it’s the Xmas season and Mrs. Fly has already spent most of my money on the ingrates. When you join, it sends me money and I like money. In fact, I’d argue viscously that I deserve money, quite a lot of it. In fact, I’d argue that I don’t have enough — based upon what I deserve.

Markets are broken — but I am no longer concerned. It seems everything I do now works and I cannot lose money — even if I tried. Ergo, smooth sailing for House Fly from here until the end of year.

Great things are in store for “The Fly”, especially since I’m such a good person, nice even, and people like me.

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Good day lads.

It seems the FOMC has successfully defeated the inflation scare, mostly by making everyone poor. With higher rates and plunging assets, TRILLIONS of personal savings have been discarded or toss into the fires. In its place, from what I could possibly gather, are deflationary pressures that are PART AND PARCEL of any sharp economic decline, which we are most certainly in.

This will make the FOMCs balancing act of rates ALL THE MORE interesting, as I suspect they will be cutting much faster than anyone’s believes possible. For example, if we see another drop in CPI to a 2% annualized rate paired with a large market decline, I promise you this: rates will be cut.

So that’s that.

Now if this thesis is true, the oil trade will be the most dangerous for longs and the bond trade will be most advantageous. We might also see renewed interest in dividend paying stocks. In short, there aren’t many places to hide on a down 1,000 point day. I am +70bps, not due to luck but in fact skill — as I am 19 out of my last 22 in trades and my weekly quant is now choosing my longs. I have a full allocation to the long side, fortunate to have stocks like GOTU, and I have been supplementing the core with my trading prowess. And I must admit, this is the most comfortable I’ve been all year long, possible dating back to February.

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I think most Americans don’t pay attention to the incredibly vicious war in the Ukraine, which is reporting casualties on a rate not seen since world war 2. The Russians are now firing ICMBs from the 80s in order to waste or spend through Ukrainian missile defense and its gotten to a point that they are running out of ways to stop Russia’s $30,0000 drone strikes with $3m missiles.

Based upon the laws of Darwinism, it is impossible for Ukraine to ever beat Russia. At this point, Ukraine is a wholly owned subsidiary and vassal state of America. Without America, this conflict would’ve ended in the first month — not due to lack of resolve but due to lack of ammunition. The air defense issue is so bad in Ukraine, we are now sending Patriot missile batteries to help. The only problem with the patriot batteries, aside from it being a sub par and old system — it also takes 6 months of training to operate. We should assume NATO soldiers will be manning these too, as they have been manning the HIMARS. At some point, we will come to learn just how many NATO “mercenaries” have been killed over there and I suspect the numbers will be far greater than anyone expected.

On the issue of American defense.

The industrial capacity is far less than many of you think. We have a gigantic budget of $750b per annum for the military, but most of it is waste or benefits. We only spend $141b per annum on making weapons. For example, we only make 20-60 heavy tanks per yr, 48 HIMARS systems, and only 160 Patriot missiles.

We are in no way prepared for a war with Russia on an industrial scale like we are seeing in Ukraine. NATO has all but depleted its weapons stores in an attempt to defeat Russia and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be enough. As of now, Russia is teeming on the Belarusian border with anywhere from 80-200k men, hundreds of tanks, and their industrial production to replace them are running at a feverish pace.

We could see a situation over the next month where Russia cuts off Ukraine from Poland and sends in their reserves to overwhelm Ukrainian forces, at which point America will have to choose war or defeat. A defeat in Ukraine spells the effective end of Pax Americana — something the demon portal atop the White House would be very much against. Ergo, and this goes without saying, expect escalation.

As for markets: I am +30bps due to smart hedging and remain hedged because it’s over and I refuse to get wrapped up in the idea of Satan Claws and pivots and other retarded things that keep fooling people into believing all is well — because it’s not.

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In a world filled with mountebanks and hucksters bilking $100m off their followers, Le Fly leads from the front with sword in hand — now presiding on the high ground — tossing flaming balls of tar into enemy entrenchments.

I traded 14 times yesterday, booking 11 wins. Today, I traded 4 times for 4 wins, both long and short.

YTD, my gains stand at +57%. But more than that, and consider this to be a public service, my talents are unmatched.

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Hedges are back up after the Fed commented on their intent to stab markets in the stomach all through 2023. Their comments are not in line with recent data, pointing to a strong GDP.


Because of this disconnect, I opted to allocated 20% into SOXS — which is a trade and might be taken off. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that the Fed is now actively trying to kill you.

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