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Not much else to say, other than I am the single best living stock trader in the world.

Today’s fish.

AMBO +32%
JMIA +17%
RIOT +14.1%
APT +8%
WKHS +7%
XNET +11.5%
CBAY +15.4%
PLUG +5.9%
COCP +7.1%

No idea where the top is and not trying to find it.

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Trading To Win or Trade to Live?

It’s an interesting debate, one I’ve fallen into many times on both sides of the aisle. We have STOCK SNOBS out there with a fixation on market cap and they tend to eschew anything determined to be “high risk” in favor of more traditional names. Once upon a time, during the HFT era of +40 DOW points per day, I laughed at day traders as ridiculous ass-clowns — for wasting time attempting to beat machines.

But now…I am the machine. With Exodus and soon to be StockLabs, my data is just as fast and timely as anyone else. As such, and thanks to the advent of ZERO COMMISSIONS, retail is back — meaning the average Joe is trading again and the high frequency retards at JP Morgan are missing out on all the fun.

Some people say Robinhood is to blame. I happen to love this market and cannot tell you how happy I am to see young people interested in stocks again.

I do not have prejudices when it comes to my stock selection. The only criteria I am strict on is volume — because when I don’t want to get trapped in a fucking roach motel stock if the price reverses on me. But this is the golden era of stock trading and if you’re ignoring XYZ because its market cap is $100m, you are leaving money on the table — plain and simple.

This is my first day back from vacation, full time trading, using my new volume surge tools in StockLabs (grab a beta seat) — and here were the results.

AMBO +32%
JMIA +17%
RIOT +14.1%
APT +8%
WKHS +7%
XNET +11.5%
CBAY +15.4%

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ETH is nearing $400 again. Natty is +11% and AAPL is trading like a small cap. These are the wondrous things I am welcomed back to in my first full trading day in a few weeks, post “vacation.”

So what is the first thing I did?

I sold AKER for a fucking 16% loss.

Mad at that, I took to the open seas in search of new fish. I found AMBO waddling around, so I power boosted it. It halted, caught fire, and then I sold it for a +32% win. It took all but 2 mins to execute the buy and sale.

Then I sold JMIA from last week for +17% and now hold mostly cash and a few new positions.

The world is my fucking oyster and I fuck it often.

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Well, Trump was going to ban Tik Tok, because of MUH security concerns — but now all of that gets shuffled to the side because of the very trustworthy Microsoft corporation. With this deal, TikTok can now tap into the rich universe of Microsoft LinkedInners and Xbox morons. Also, and this goes without saying, our precious data is indeliby SECURED from the evil pangs of the Chinese government.

Why just today, the Chinese arrested people and many of them went into jails.

Tik Tok really didn’t have a choice in the matter. It was either accept the Softy bid or be eliminated. Too bad for the Byte-tards who got fucked selling Vine to Twitter and then launched Byte. They suck once again.

Moving on, futures are flat. Gold is up. Cryptos are taking a breather. You need to REDUCE YOUR EXPECTATIONS with cryptos and simply look at them as a hedge against your dollars going into the shitter. It’s important for us to realize the world is barreling towards perdition and everything you hold sacred will soon be lost, amongst the rabble and broken rocks of 50 million unemployed Americans. The whirring speed of the economy collapse was so severe and so fast, markets went up. On a year to date basis, however, we’re still down 14% on all stocks and many economically sensitive industries are OFF by half.

By golly, should be crest again and spin out into fall, we can still bargain for a -30 to -50% cataclysmic decline.

TikTok was last valued at $50b. I’d be surprised if MSFT paid half that.

I have zero emotions on the matter. I feel absolutely nothing.

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Today’s Trade is Such a Let Down

I could’ve made believe I knew yesterday was Friday and that my blog from last night was a minor clerical error when I wrote “Tomorrow I return bright and early, ready to put money to work. I left Asheville 90% cash.” But that wouldn’t be nearly as funny as the truth, which is I had no fucking idea what day it was, the amount of money being withdrawn from my accounts, or anything else for that matter. I was on vacation with dogs, driving up mountains once graced by Elvis, and now I’m back home — in a place I just moved to last year, and I wanted to trade on Saturday.

To suggest I am burnt out is an understatement. But even while burnt the fuck out, I am still able to operate efficiently. That being said, perhaps I need to be burnt out in order to trade well? No way of knowing which way is which; but what I do know is ETH is above $360 now and I made my monthly purchase last night after midnight at $355.

There are many things that are temporary interests to me — books, people, certain stocks — but Ethereum is one of those longer term, END OF DAYS, plays. I consider it a hedge against my income or cash. The purpose of my investment is to store value. If it stayed flat, I’d consider it a win. The fact that it has more than doubled in recent months is pure gravy.

I do not consider myself to be an expert in cryptos — but I know enough to understand this isn’t going away and the price of ETH is likely to ramp up in the coming weeks, months, and years — as America COLLAPSES under its own drunken depravity.

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100 gimlets later, I am back at home from “vacation” where I spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to please others — only to upset myself and provide myself with more work and toil. Remind me to never go on vacation again.

I see futures are higher and Microsoft might buy Tik Tok, which is predatory as fuck — now that Trump is considering banning the entire fucking app from existence. You either sell or you get eliminated. Any questions?

I am very pleased to see ETH nearing $350. At Midnight a new month is upon us and that means I buy more ETH. I will not permit my ZEAL for the price movement season my buying power. I am fixed on the same amount each and every month, without deviation. This is the only way to keep myself honest.

A few things of note:

Gold is at new record highs and yields are at record lows. The shitty dollar play has been and always will be FOREIGN stocks, currencies, alternative currencies like gold and cryptos and even stocks and commodities. Bear in mind, a weak dollar is BULLISH for stocks. All of this money printing is not bearish for stocks, but bullish.

Tomorrow I return bright and early, ready to put money to work. I left Asheville 90% cash.

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I am the fuck out of here, 3 hr sojourn back into civilized NC. My stay was fine, drank a few gimlets by the fucking fire. Visited a few places, but was distracted by the fucking dogs and haven’t been trading well. I did have that 55% MNOV trade and I just nailed a +20% MARK day trade, but I’ve been distracted. I like to believe had it not been for this vacation, I would’ve rode KODK all the way up.

In short, I don’t have enough information to provide you with market insight now. However, I am very bearish on the dollar and bullish on Ethereum.

I have just two positions, now 90% cash destined for food and then home.

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America is Finished: Q2 GDP PLUNGES 32%

US jobless claims came in hot at 1.4m and GDP was -32%, and we’re just getting started. My kids aren’t going to school this year, instead they’re doing virtual school, which means my daughter will graduate HS from our living room. Almost every country in the world has recovered from COVID-19 but ours. Due to the riots and the non stop protests of outrage for the crimes committed 200 years ago, this country will continue to endure diabolical COVID-19 breakouts, with thousands needlessly perishing.

Others might tell you the infection is spreading because rural retards aren’t wearing mask at their local Cracker Barrel. But that’s a lie. Millions protest injustice and swarm together like locusts and then go home to kiss grandma and then people wonder when it’s going to end.

The Dow is off by 500 and this is my last night on vacation, then it’s back on the road with the fucking dogs and cracked windshield.

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Back in the Room With the Fucking Dogs

Vacationing with dogs and kids is not vacationing. It’s just more stress, and it costs more. The neighbor next door was heated because my little annoying fucker of a dog barked when we left for 20mins straight. The next time it happens, according to the rules at the fucking Omni Grove Park Inn, I have to pay for his room.

I day traded in and out of BLNK today for +11%, after selling out of everything. I closed the day very light at 75% cash, because I’m here with the dogs and the expenses wasting time.

There comes a point in a man’s life when he realizes all of his mistakes. I would say I’ve gone thru this journey, intensely, the past five years. I am now dealing with those ramifications best I can.

I have two more nights here and then back home, where I can dedicate myself to trading and building Stocklabs again. This is positively the last time I go anywhere with the fucking dogs. This is non negotiable, Mrs Fly. Either me or the mutts.

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Markets Rise Again; Fly Pisses in the Wind

Even my vacations are taxing. The sleep is miserable and the food is overpriced. My windshield is SHATTERED and the food is ok. The problem I have is knowing when it relax. I cannot just take a week off and try to enjoy my time here. Instead, I trade with low information — because MUH infallible, and I blog all day long — because MUH my opinions.

While I’m sure some of you actually give a shit, I’m mostly stroking my own ego here, especially on vacation.

Stocks are moving higher again and I’m here alone outside blogging from my iPhone, looking at some bullshit mountains with edgelord spa music reverberating in the background from the hotel lobby.

After I blog this nonsense, I will then go to see if my family has awaken from their slumber, to which I will then transform from all important market sage to driver, butler, and financier for the privileged.

I think my picks from yesterday might work out, or not. Since I’m not exactly plugged into the vibes of the market, I am more or less pissing in the wind now.

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