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Tucker Carlson Takes on DNC Advisor Who Doesn’t Know How to Identify a Gender

So why does ‘the party of science’, the enlightened ones, the people with thousands of scientists from accredited colleges throughout the country who tell us about dangers of global warming, carbon emissions, and how many vegetables to eat on a daily basis — cling to the inane subject of ‘gender identity’? You’d think that these men of letters would eschew rudimentary ‘feelings’ and only accept the biology of one’s gender when determining which bathroom he/she could use. But this isn’t about science, in spite of what they tell you.

Thousands of years ago, when the Romans would conquer territories that were hostile, they’d enter villages and take the men as slaves and order the women to raise her children loyal to the Roman standard. To make an example, often times they’d kill one of her children, so she knew they meant business. After a generation of destroying families, these territories were docile and soft — loyal to the Roman power structure.

Today we have a corrupt establishment on its last legs, fighting desperately to keep its citizens in line. After decades of permitting drugs to ravage through minority communities, passing harsh drug laws designed to break up and destroy the black family structure, the nuclear black family is on its last legs. In 1965, just before the onset of the drug epidemic, 76.4% of black children were born into married households. Today, 77% of first black births are born into pre-marital households.

So what the fuck happened?

The men were carted off to jail, while the women were left tending to her children, as wards of the state.

Sound familiar?

Now the target is everyone else. While oxycontin and meth have done a number on white neighborhoods throughout the country, it wasn’t working fast enough to truly break the family structure — especially in well-heeled families.

Enter the gender identity crisis. What better way to disrupt the family structure and create a generation of mentally challenged morons than to have them question the very essence of life and purpose: identity and procreation? Schools are pushing this hard on children, creating safe zones and sexualizing institutions that were never designed to do that. In other words, the state is attempting to take control of your children’s’ minds by blurring the lines of gender, confusing them and galvanizing a generation of potential social justice warriors who will fight the good fight for ‘human rights’, aka become WARDS OF THE STATE.

Rant over.

Here is Tucker Carlson, proving, once and for all, the DNC is run by complete morons, unable to answer a simple question: what makes a person a man?

The correct answer should’ve been, ‘your balls.’

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Trump Wants America to be ‘Top of the Pack’ in Nukes; Exodus Suggests the Sector is Oversold

Many of you know my signature all for 2017 was $UEC, with a side order of $URG.

Since peaking about a week ago, the uranium sector has sold off — providing an entry points for late comers who didn’t believe the hype when I was buying it 60% lower.

Today, our beloved President reaffirmed his affinity for nukes, saying that we should dominate the industry of world ending weaponary — casting aside the borscht eaters in Moscow and the dog chop lovers in Beijing.

On Jupiter’s stone, Exodus is flagging the sector to be oversold, making it a great time to grab some gusto and dive into the radioactive clouds that both heat our homes and will lead to our total extermination.

Below is the proprietary market timing oscillator I developed for the nuclear sector. We are now at the bottom of the recent range, an indicator that we are oversold and should revert to the mean soon.

If the bedraggled nature of the unranium sector is keeping you at bay from taking out a second mortgage and betting it all, consider the only publicly traded ETF, URA, as a suitable, albeit less volatile, alternative.

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Something is Wrong with the Matrix: Bacon Prices Have Been Plunging

Maybe all of the hipster refugee lovers are doing away with pork, in solidarity with their new Muslim brothers and sisters? I hope they’re being good little hipsters and wearing their hijabs as they declare Trump a fascist.

Pork belly prices have been plunging, due to a god damned bubble in bacon that has been brewing for years. Ever notice the exorbitant price of a BLT sandwich (I love diners)?

Source: Bloomberg

Wholesale prices for pork bellies, the cut used for making bacon, plunged 14 percent on Wednesday, the biggest slump since August. The drop sent wholesale pork down the most in more than three years. Costs are tumbling as demand is easing for bacon after soaring this winter, a counter-seasonal move.

Normally, bacon demand heats up in summer, when Americans eat more BLT — bacon, lettuce and tomato — sandwiches. This year, consumers devoured the meat year-round as retailers pushed the product with deals and restaurants upped their use of rashers, adding it to everything from burgers to salads. At the same, McDonald’s Corp. made it a mainstay with its rollout of all-day breakfast. The increased demand more than doubled prices since August. It’s finally gotten so expensive that the high costs are stemming the tide of bacon indulgence, according to David Maloni, president at the American Restaurant Association.
“We’re in bust mode,” Maloni said by phone. “Anytime we get prices up at these levels, wholesale demand backs off, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.”

One under the radar pork play is $SEB. Look at the chart on this thing.

Ultimately, pork prices will trade to zero, as the Muslim hordes reproduce and convert all of Europe into the caliphate. This could be one of the best shorts of all time, a bet on the savage rising up and imposing his barbarous theocracy on the world, doing away with bacon — thereby saving the glorious pig from feverish consumption.

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Traders Hide Out in Defensive Stocks, as the Infrastructure Trade Gets Ravaged — and the Dot Com Era

Aluminum, steel and a sundry of construction names sold off with vigor this afternoon, after rumors spread by AP that Trump’s stimulus bill would be delayed until next year, in order to literally give democrats election wins this fall (anyone believe that yarn?). This is all part of the process of walking back a rally. Stocks never climb, uninterrupted. They’re instead stammered by periods of consolidation, swift pullbacks, and hair raising routs — before making it to their inevitable destination: higher.

Today’s collapse in $X, $CLF, $KALU and others is par for the course, an unfortunate tonic for an otherwise sick and twisted, even ribaldly hedonistic, spoiled rotten investor public.

On the upside were utilities and REITs, places of traditional safety and security.

When I first started the business in 1998, I was greeted with unending sell offs, panics, margin call liquidations, and utter misery, before getting to enjoy the grandeur of the dot com bubble. History doesn’t record the true nature of the dot com craze, a period in American history that will forever be remembered as the ‘Father of Stupidity’, bidding up worthless companies into the tens of billions. But there were disastrous collapses along the way. It wasn’t unusual to see your stock down 35% in a week, based off ‘profit taking’ or some fucked up rumor posted in the Yahoo message boards.

Getting off topic here for a second, one of the craziest trades we used to make was gaming CNBC Joe Kernan’s late afternoon internet stock segment, where he’d mention some dot com breaking out and why. For hours in advance of that teevee report, we’d be on the Bloomberg looking at the biggest winners for the day — buying up option contracts and taking heavily margined equity positions ahead of his report. I kid you not, after his report, the stocks mentioned would fucking explode to the upside, often doubling in a matter of minutes. Back then, merely changing your name from Fucktard Inc. to meant your stock price would scream higher — because you were entering the wondrous world of the internet.

In many ways, this market reminds me of then. For the past 3 years, I’ve disliked the market. It felt fake, rigged, and definitely unsafe. At least now, like Trump or not, we’re talking about growth and not transcribing the speeches of the Fed heads, hoping to find something remotely dovish to give purpose to our bullish ways.

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Yesterday Goldman predicted Trump would have to hold off on tax reform due to keeping busy trying to repeal Obamacare. That turned out to be fake news, as today Sec. Mnuchin said tax relief was coming by the August recess.

Now the ‘AP’ is reporting, via unnamed republican sources, that Trump’s magnum opus, the very reason why he was elected, to build the wall and upgrade American infrastructure, would be inexorably delayed until next year.

Source: Axios

The Capitol Hill calendar is way overstuffed — a Supreme Court nomination, plus Obamacare repeal legislation; tax reform; and budget, spending and debt-ceiling fights, including a possible showdown over a government shutdown.

So Republican sources tell us that a backup plan is emerging for one of Trump’s top priorities:

The plan: Push off until next year any consideration of the massive infrastructure plan Trump wants to push for roads, airports and other big projects, giving Republican lawmakers more breathing room amid a crowd of issues that’ll require massive effort, time and political capital.

The politics: Republican strategists say that Democrats, who’ll be reluctant to give Trump a win, will be in a jam as midterm elections close in: They’ll be under huge pressure to support big projects that’ll bring money and improvements to their districts. And blue-collar unions, including construction and building trades, can be expected to favor of the package, driving a wedge into the Democratic base.

What this shows: Trump officials, who originally wanted to flood the Capitol zone with their massive asks, are learning the rhythms of Washington — playing what White House counselor Kellyanne Conway last night called on Fox News “long ball, long haul.”

So let’s follow the logic here, shall we? Unnamed sources who spoke to the AP, an organization known to be very anti Trump, is telling us Trump will delay his big infrastructure bill because it’ll make democrats look bad, giving him ‘a win’, ahead of the mid-term elections? What in the actual fuck?

Does that sound like something Trump might do, sacrifice his economic stimulus plan so that the democrats could win some elections in the Fall?

Or, here’s another theory.

Both Trump and Sec. Mnuchin are on record praising the stock market’s rally, using it as proof that Wall Street likes the direction of the administration’s policies. Leftards view this rally, or anything remotely supportive of Trump, to be hateful. They’ve even formed organizations to protest any item that is produced by anyone supportive of the President.

Here was Sec. Mnuchin today, in a CNBC interview — praising the market rally.

“There’s a lot of confidence in the Trump administration and in the desire to invest in the U.S.,” he told CNBC in an exclusive interview Thursday. “This is a very competitive place to do business. We’ve got great companies, and you see that reflected in the markets.”

The net result is an absolute rout in Trump infrastructure stocks, like $X, $CLF, $SLCA, $KALU, $USCR, $CMC, $AA and $CAT — just to name a few.

Even if the infrastructure bill was delayed to 2020, people should know the price of copper and steel isn’t born in America, but in China.

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If the Winklevoss Twins Win, $GBTC Shareholders Will Lose

Let’s be clear. No one wants the Winklevoss twins to win. Those pedantic row boating Facebook lottery winning shits don’t deserve to keep winning like this. I don’t know how they keep getting away with it. Hopefully, the SEC will finally put an end to the ‘twin madness’ by declining their bitcoin ETF proposal, ticker COIN.

It’s widely believed, at least from gambling degenerates, the first ever pure bitcoin trust will be declined by the C students at the SEC.

As of Tuesday morning, the prediction contract’s pricing implied a 36.37 percent chance that the proposal, which has been tweaked about a dozen times over a registration battle that’s stretched over three years, will be successful.

Yeah, whatever, good.

Presently, there is a bullshit derivative based bitcoin ETF, dubbed $GBTC. Management fees are of the ripoff varietal at 2%. And, it’s trading at a significant premium to its reported NAV — due to scarcity of bitcoin product for normies.

Via Exodus.

In spite of the fact that bitcoin has been on a gorilla run for bananas since the new year, shares of GBTC have been bludegeoned to death, because (you guessed it), the fucking Winklevoss twins.

Look, you retards shouldn’t be long an ETF that is trading at a big premium to NAV anyway. If the Winklevoss twins win and this thing hits the shitter, you have only yourselves to blame.

Alternatively, I’d like to see the whole bitcoin game end already, finally laying to rest the idea that some computer generated pyramid scheme, which would’ve been highly praised by men like WEBSTER EDGERLY and his lunatic ilk, is an acceptable form of currency during the Renaissance era of fiat — where money is cheap and the central banks very loose.

The SEC will make their determination by March 11th, 2017.

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Let’s keep this simple.

Bull market: check

Crude trending up: check

Favorable seasonality for crude: check

$CLR up on revenue miss bullish: check

EXODUS wins again: indeud

The whole commodity space is a buy. One of my favorites is CLR. Chart analysis below.

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DEBT FOR LIFE: U.S. Treasury Exploring 100 Year Bonds

Treasury Sec Mnuchin said the he’s reviewing the specter of issuing 50 and 100 year duration bonds, joining the likes of the fucking leaves in Canada, the drunkards in Ireland and the illegals in Mexico.

Most people that I know are sanguin on national debt. They view it as something that never has to be paid off, especially since the largest holder of US debt is our own Federal Reserve. Isn’t that wonderful? The Fed creates magic money and buys government debt with it, drawing an interest rate from the people — based off what again? The minutia of the Fed’s gambits sometimes escapes me.

“I think it’s something we should seriously look at. I’ve already begun to talk to the staff about looking at that. We’ll reach out to the market, investors, different people, but I think it’s something that is a very serious issue of whether we should explore whether we can raise 50- or 100-year money at a very slight premium. That’s something that makes sense for Treasury to look at,” said Mnuchin.

“We’re not ready to make any formal announcement on whether we’re going to have a 50-year or 100-year,” said Mnuchin.

I can see it now. Trump will issue $1t in 100yr bonds, yielding 3.5% to fund his infrastructure projects and people will sop up that juicy high yielding debt for the trust funds of their children, providing them with a steady flow of income for life.

How generous of the treasury. Can’t wait.

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$TGB, $NAK Break Out Off Earnings and a Letter to the EPA

Don’t ask me why I have 20% of my portfolio in $TGB, but I do. There’s something wrong with me and my penchant for taking outsized risk. Apparently, that risk will pay off in spades today after a huge earnings win was reported last night. TGB is a very overlooked and undervalued copper play.

Shares are jumping in the pre-market.

Reports Q4 (Dec) earnings of CC$0.07 per share, CC$0.07 better than the Capital IQ Consensus of (CC$0.00); revenues rose 54.1% year/year to CC$94.6 mln vs the CC$91.92 mln two analyst estimate.

Site operating cost per ton milled was $9.13, a fifth consecutive quarter below the $10 internal benchmark cost due to a continued focus on spending and operational efficiencies.
Copper production at Gibraltar was 40.7 million pounds (100% basis), an increase of 23% over the same period 2015. The Gibraltar molybdenum facility, which was restarted in September, produced 800 thousand pounds of molybdenum.

Total sales for the quarter were 40.4 million pounds of copper and 800,000 pounds of molybdenum.

Gibraltar Outlook: Average head grade is expected to be approximately 0.30% in 2017. Overall, Gibraltar has achieved a stable level of operations consistent with the updated reserve model published in 2015 and the company continues to focus on further improvements to operating practices to reduce unit costs. During September 2016, the molybdenum circuit at Gibraltar was successfully restarted, and will continue to contribute by-product credits in future periods.

$NAK is soaring this morning because of a letter sent to the EPA by House Comittee Chair for Science, Space and Technology, Lamar Smith, requesting that the EPA grant NAK a permit to mine in their Pebble Mine property in Bristol Bay, Alaska. This had been barred under Obama’s EPA due to the clean air act and many have played NAK as a proxy for Trump’s victory — believing his version of the EPA would be more lenient on these issues.

The stock is absolutely soaring this morning on this news.

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EXODUS SPECIAL: $CLR is Oversold; Will the Gods Abide?

One of my portfolio holdings, a big stupid oil company that ran into the 2016 oil rout with zero fucking hedges — driving their god damned oil rigs into a fiery blaze stocked with (err) barrels of oil, flagged oversold today in Exodus. That company is none other than $CLR, the denizen of Harold ‘motherfucking’ Hamm — giver of half to his freshly divorced wife.

The Exodus stats have been nothing short of stellar.

Here is a visual of the price action during the recent spate of oversold signals. Notice how they win all the time? Yeah, that’s because I developed the algorithm.

CLR reported after the bell today and missed on revenues. But it doesn’t matter. The Gods, both old and the new, shall grant Le Fly a reprieve some any pullback and boomerang it towards the sun. I’m anticipating a sharp move to the upside in crude, in the immediate term, as the House of Saud prepares the world for the biggest IPO ever released to the public, Aramco.

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