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Breezing into the Bell with Extreme Winship of Magnanimous Proportions

When I sold my OSTK this morning north of $77.50, some of you ball jugglers took exception to it. Now with the stock racing towards $70 with zeal, you now see that I have a time machine. My recent gains are innumerable and the hits keep coming; try to keep up.

Just today, I blew out of OSTK and XNET for profit, while barreling into several other small capped plays which will assuredly make me money tomorrow — at least that what I’m hoping will happen.

I’ve got numerous irons in the fire, such as LEDS, SHLD, RAS, and AMCN. Today was a dour day for the oils, which really raped some of my oil plays like FTK. But that’s all right. “The Fly” doesn’t get frazzled in the face of mounting dangers — he strides into it with his saber and cuts his enemies down like Swiss cheese on a hot grill.

KODK, LFIN, and GROW look damn tempting here; but I don’t own any because I’m trying not to get too vagrant. Should the market truly trade lower, I’ll have my hands full with these lunatic stocks. On the quant side, things are going swimmingly, up 5% for the year.

I hope the government shuts down and never opens again. Might as well toss that shit on the blockchain and call it a day. I suspect everything will eventually get barbed on the chain — defunct stores selling nothing but coins. Life as we know it will be greatly improved, once we’re all armed with crypto currencies to get rich off from.

Admittedly, today was a bit boring and I spent most of my day inside the Pelican room, in Exodus, shit talking with the fellas/ladies. Tomorrow will be a better, more eventful, day. In the meantime, I’ll be honing my skills in the SHITCOIN space, in order to make 10,000x my money.

FYI: We finally added CSV export functionality to Exodus.

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Shuffling the Deck a Little, Delving Deeper into Depravity

I sold XNET for a quick $1.20 profit from yesterday’s foray. Additionally, I sold CNIT too, small loss — not because I don’t like it anymore — but because I have enough Chinese bullshit and do not need one that isn’t moving in the right direction.

With the proceeds, I stepped into the worst department store in America — SHLD.

Defined stop at $3.50. Barring upheaval, I’m thinking this mother llama jimmy rigs higher on aggressive buying.

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Do Not Fret the Market Softness Lads, We Must Press Our Rights on the Battlefield

Markets are a little soft and I just finished drinking a nice tall glass of coconut cream. Also, I am trading a lot. Also, me trading a lot has made me much happier. Who would’ve thought?

There are all sorts of wild ideas out there to pursue. I am merely scratching the surface here with these crypto trades.

In other news, I am proud to announce iBankCoin has begun allocating a percentage of revenues in cryptos. Our first purchase was Ethereum. Personally, I am buying storage related coins, like STORJ, SC, and MAID.

Since we’re all flush with cash and the economy is grande, why the heck not?

It seems crude stocks are weak today and breadth is only 30%. This would be a good time for you to eat a sandwich. No sense getting yourselves perturbed over a little stock market repose. I haven’t slept in weeks. Well, I’ve slept, but not a proper continuous sleep. I don’t want to say I’ve been ‘too busy’ because only assholes talk like that. Let’s just say, I still have time to dalliance and saunter, eat good and drink well, but I’m also kind of obsessing over the cryptos now. I am obsessing not in the way that some of you might’ve done a few years ago, or maybe even more recently. I am just reading all of the white papers. All of them.

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Got Two More #Chain Plays

In addition to bagging 8 points in OSTK, I’ve got a runner in LEDS. Most in Exodus sold out — but I am holding for higher prices. With my proceeds, I bought two crypto proxies, both Chinese. Both of which come from resident trader, TGiR.


The CNET trade is fairly ordinary. Low float squeeze higher into momentum. Maybe I can snatch a quick 300%.

Over with PPDF, apparently, there is a press release in Chinese that alludes to blockchain activity. Did someone say The Chain?

Here is the article. Anyone who reads Chinese please tell me if this is BS or not.

With PPDF, the stock is extremely thin and there is smooth sailing up into the double digits should it get going here.

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Fly Sell: $OSTK

Bagged 8 points from yesterday’s purchase and now I’m fucking gone, zipping through outer space, dumping trash on people’s lawns.

New purchase pending.

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Morning Poppers (Crypto World Edition)

Throw out your notions about cryptos going to hell — for they are spinning higher this morning.

Bitcoin is north of $11,500, Ethereum north of $1,000 and Ripple is back to $1.50. My SHITCOINS are doing splendidly and I anticipate all of the crypto proxies to run higher today.

Early going, we’ve got news out of LITB — getting into the blockchain. Look for that stock to scream higher with vengeance.

Futures are, essential flat, and there is nervousness in the air regarding the closure of the government. But do we really give a shit? I mean, please.

WTI is above $64 and cryptos are running. Get some proxies, a few shitcoins, and some crude and you’ll be ok.

Chipotle Mexican Grill target raised to $425 at Maxim Group — Potential winner from tax reform; See business investment, buyback opportunities
Netflix target raised to $255 from $235 at Morgan Stanley
Limelight Networks and Tencent Cloud to provide global content delivery
LightInTheBox Holding opens blockchain technology research lab
Morgan Stanley beats by $0.06, beats on revs
Sociedad Quimica y Minera upgraded to Buy from Hold at Deutsche Bank
Wal-Mart added to Conviction Buy List at Goldman
DPW Holdings more than doubles antminer S9 bitcoin miner installation rate

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Bought Some SHITCOINS Tonight

I’ve had some extreme success in equities and instead of taking the money and literally burning it to light my cigars, I tossed some into a Coinbase account and then into an exchange, in order to gain experience in trading SHITCOINS.

Bear in mind, I’ve chalked this money up to a loss and only invest it to gain experience. Also, after I’ve gained enough experience to possess a modicum of knowledge, I intend to direct some of iBC’s annual revenues into buying/selling SHITCOINS. Just know, for every dollar you spend at iBC, 10% of that will go towards my midnight degeneracy on some shady exchange, buying and selling SHITCOINS at a frantic pace.

My first order of business is to acquire storage/database coins. This is a real world solution that will upend an obnoxious industry. Whether the coins I am buying now are worth the digital code on the screen is another question. But I’ve wasted money on worse ideas. Here’s one way to view it: this can’t be worse than trading VIX ETFs, can it?


Quick question: Do any of you want me to start accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment for Exodus? I can do it and it’s not really a big deal. Let me know.

Back to trading with crazy people, stealing money in the night.

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Dan Nathan Tells Evercore’s Rich Ross to ‘Piss Off’ During Heated Debate Over Bitcoins

Evercore’s Rich Ross stepped onto the CNBC set this evening with venomous malice for the crypto currency world. He went over the charts and saw nothing worth liking, flippantly discarding the asset class as something beneath him and his institutional clients.

Watch Ross as he maligns the crypto currencies, calling the hands that own them less than weak — but in fact ‘baby hands’ of a 13 yr old befit with a credit card ready for action.

“Let’s not even compare this to stocks for a second. What bothers me, we’re staring at the greatest bull market in the last 20 years, where you can double your money in like the best industrial companies — like a Boeing, which is sort of pillaring here for no good reason, up over 200% over the past two years and we’re talking about this stuff here that’s lost over 50% of its value in a month.”

Enter Dan Nathan, the ever gracious host at Fast Money — taking exception to Ross’s glib commentary on crypto currencies, taking Ross to task for impugning the integrity of this asset class that has attracted all of the finest people.

I won’t even transcribe the damned exchange. Watch it for yourselves and prepare to cringe.

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Last Minute Gamble: $LEDS

I was taking a leak in one of my bathrooms, having a discreet conversation with my urinal shadow and he told me to buy LEDS. After cleaning up, I punched up the chart and really liked what I saw. Although I could buy the entire company myself, and still have some money left over for a nice dinner, I do believe this rocks straight to $5.

In the event it doesn’t, I will sell right away.

This is a fuck you money trade, unlike my OSTK trade — which is all but assured win.

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Yesterday stocks took a turn for the worse and I got antsy, hopped off the crypto bandwagon, and I even shorted semis. Today, upon seeing markets recover, I immediately closed out my semi short and added a few crypto proxies to my ledgers. I will have you know, “The Fly” now finds himself handsomely situated in a pastiche of well performing equities, all very honorable and distinguished. These last 5 weeks have been so good, I’ve all but stopped looking at Sharpe ratios and have regaled myself in perfidious degeneracy — all done with the proper decorum and zeal that a gentleman of my station is accustomed to.

It seems I am all but a one man band at iBC again, which is perfectly fine. I went into this foray into financial literacy by myself and intend to exit by myself. Over the years, I’ve tried numerous avenues with the site, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to trading and whatever the hell I’m doing on a regular basis.

I think Bitcoin bounces with vigor this evening, which will lend to some bullishness for crypto proxies. I am long OSTK and XNET for these purposes. I also own NXTDW, and have for some time now, but in a very small and insignificant manner.

Stocks are higher by nearly 300, Nasdaq 70. The govt will likely shut down soon, not because our politicians are assholes (which they are), but because we are running BUDGET DEFICITS. Blame politicians all you want for not striking deals. But the fact remains, if we weren’t running budget deficits, the President would not need last minute deals done to keep the government running. Blame the boomer generation, an absolute pox on this timeline, a tawdry band of perverts, drug addicts, and sexual harassers.

Everything I own is up, sans 1 or 2 names.

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