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Dreadful tape. I vacillated between gains and losses today and then made sure I’d make gains by slowwwwwwing down my beta — slashing the portfolio positions down to few and methodically trading for scalps. I ended up 65bps on a day that was designed to ruin traders.

Everything faded. Barely anything pinned to the highs. My Quant was +115bps, mainly due to strength in banks. There is a profound weakness that lingers in the stale air. The only reliable industries seem to be commodity related and banks. Tech, more or less, is dead.

I now begin my new trading session — heading in and out of shitcoins for fun and profit.


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A Whole Lot of Nothing

I’ve spun my wheels today, up barely 30bps for MAX effort. Meanwhile over in SHITCOIN Ville, I am up another thousand percent. Why bother with earnings calls and surprise dilutive offerings when you can envelope yourselves in MAXIMUM depravity, betwixt with people who know just as much about livestock than common stock.

I have traded BSV, LTC, ETC, BCH and ADA for 10-30% gains since yesterday, all the while I struggle to find a singular narrative in the market, other than Jim Biden spending $80b to bulk up the IRS in order to target small businesses.

I trade because I am good at it. On days I am poor at it, I am miserable — because I know I could’ve done better, sold this sooner, bought this later. Nothing will or can be perfect. But at least we can control the methods how we choose stocks and the risk we allocate.

Some easy to follow rules.

Position sizes no more than 5%, rare 10% on double downs.
Max risk downside of 10%
If day trading, constantly cull weak performers and replace them with one’s moving.

You will be able to use out tools at StockLabs for free soon, as we put on the finishing touches on BETA INVITES. If you have not signed up yet, do so now — you absolute fucked face.

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REMINDER: We Will Trade Great Again

Yesterday was a one off event that happens about 10 times per annum. I am accustomed to loss and the feeling of helplessness — subjugated by the markets and everything it does to anger me. Have faith in the fact that — we will trade great again, even when it appears we have nothing going on but the wind.

I am up 55bps today, and markets aren’t looking too hot. I have taken numerous positions and none have done well for me, more listless trading into the ALL IMPORTANT Elon Musk to host SNL event this Saturday. I have concluded, now that I have thought about it, the risk to my personal well being is the feeeeeeeling of anxiety. Ergo, and this goes without saying, maintaining a sense of equanimity is most important to me now, in addition to improving upon my tennis game. I have found pleasure in trading SHIT COINS, which are nothing more than pure Ponzi schemes, one dodo bird after the next racing for a cliff-side view. I have positioned smartly into ETC for the $100 roll and also ADA — because the shadows inside of my bathroom told me to go long. It really doesn’t matter what you buy — since all cryptos go higher, eventually.

Over in stock-land, oils and uranium are working well and I have a mind to believe we will bounce soon. It never feeeeels good during these squalls and I’d like to remind you that the market doesn’t give a shit about your financial needs or goals, so make sure you protect the money well enough to stay in the game.

I talk shit and come across as callous, but deep down — I really don’t give a fuck.

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Piece of Shit Trader

I knew my weakness was stupidity in the face of uncertainty. I knew that if the market fucked me at the open, which it did, and I continued to trade actively — I would go awry and exacerbate my losses. That’s exactly what I did today, doubling down into the hole on losing piece of shit runners, greedily and slovenly hoping for some seam to extricate myself from the amber of my own ineptitude.

I trade this and that, in and out actively seeking vengeance, and all of nothing. I shed over 400bps in both trading and YOLO. My quant lost less than 100bps — because market balanced and without my biased hand of moron.

After the bell, I sold a runner I had in MOSY for +14% and leave you in a state of shambles, 65% cash, betting for a bounce tomrorow.

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Obligated to Be Long by EOD

The Nasdaq is off by 350 and it’s a grim tale out there today, which is why I am obligated to be long into the chainsaw of this close. As the crypto world fastens itself for $1.00 DOGE because Elon Musk is scheduled to appear on SNL this weekend, stock holders continue to be beaten without mercy. My Bubble Index is down a staggering 5% and losses are being distributed liberally across all facets of the market, with exception to steel.

I’ve been trading throughout the day and got my losses down to 160bps, before another dive lower. I am right back to where I started the session, off by 240bps without any hope and chances of resolution. The fiction of always a bull market and BRRRRRR has quickly and fastidiously been subjugated by Jim Biden’s version of capitalism — meaning none at all. Brace yourselves for another 4 years of doom, as we cascade in and out of socialized segments of the economy — hampered by stagnation.

Nonetheless, we have ephemeral dreams of big time gains — spearheaded by momentary acts of brilliance. Ergo, it is out duty, or at least mines, to dive into the market into the close, even if it feeeeeeels really bad.

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I thought I was cool yesterday, placing trades in shit-stocks, making moves, being cool. Then today came about and my pre-market balances weren’t so hot. I felt like I should lighten up but opted to instead wait for more liquidity, the market open where the baboons come to play and eat and slip on bananas. It was in fact a dreadful error, as I cascaded lower and then fell again, collapsed by 280bps. Over at my YOLO account, one that I often brag about, I am shattered to pieces, off by 530bps. All of yesterday’s hard fought gains — POOF, magically missing from today’s balances.

I could in fact step back into the market now with everything I have and revenge trade — which would likely result in my absolute destruction. See, if I head back into the tape early with designs on “getting it back” it won’t happen. The Gods have revealed such things to me over the years. The last thing I could ever do now is “get it all back” before lunch. The most likely scenario is one slip after the next until my neck crashes into a cinderblock and cracks in two. This is why I am 100% cash and sitting tight for now. I accept my boondoggle like a man, lose money like one too, and now behave like a coward, scared to jump in, almost scared to look at what might’ve been — because DOGECOIN encroaches on 60 cents and all of that RISK ON fever is bound to wheel me back into the tape, enveloping me in a greedy and thick fog that can only serve to hurt me.

More later.

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I was up 370bps in trading, 640bps in my YOLO overnight account. I wish I had words to comfort you, other than to suggest that you trading on your own when in fact someone like me is out there is on par to a child attempting to arm wrestle Hulk Hogan.

There was nothing redeeming about today’s market, other than the runner. So many runners. I am +100% in my ISNS trade, a stock I traded 3 times today in my regular account. The gains were plentiful and my energy level is still very high.

I suspect this cannot last and I am prepared to give some back tomorrow. But whatever does happen, know this: I have traded great before and I will always trade great again. This fact has gotten me through many squalls. If you have never traded great and older than 30, you will never trade great, so stop trying.


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More Risk Aversion

SAAS stocks have been hammered into dust, off by almost 3%. This is a massive area of tech, the best growth stocks in the game, getting absolutely poleaxed today, amidst calm normality in the general indices. We have seen this divergence the past two months — alt energy stocks smoked the fuck out whilst utilities move to annual highs.

We are offered glimmers of casting light betwixt shadows as dark and looming as those cast in the hellish days of 2014. If you bought any Archegos dips a month ago, you sit here today in the red.

I am up 370bps for the session, thanks to sublime trading and 80% cash. The only thing I like for now until tomorrow is miners. Everything else appears to be fleeting and subject to plunge. There are innumerable shippers on my screens today and I tried several for trades — but the momentum simply isn’t there.

Once again, the market is ransomed into buying RISK AVERSE stocks, peanut butter makers, due to the unwillingness or inability for this Jim Biden market to get started. I know we’ve made good money. But it wasn’t the markets doing, helping us along. The past two months have not been easy and there are many traders off by 50% since then, squirreling into idiotic theme stocks only to get uprooted and fished out into the sewers later on. I will tell you if you’d listen — but you wouldn’t understand.

For now, heed my advice and trade small and wait for things to tighten up.

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Always Fade the Open

I shot out from the box with a rocket attached to my back — roaring +270bps in my trading. I took the gains and went to cash, 100%. It wasn’t a hard decision, having already achieved a monthly return inside a single day. Most of my worst trading days of all time started off innocent with large morning pops, followed by harrowing reversals. I don’t mind having made poor decisions — but missed opportunities due to my feeeeeelings always haunt me. Ergo, I sell at the open.

Stocks are mixed, with strength found in most large cap names, weakness in small. The miners are the true standout, with silver +4.5%. I bought a silver miner here, just in case it gets ridiculous. Other than that, all cash.

Today is Quant reshuffling day for me. Last month the Quant did +3.5%. I am expecting more of the same for May. My trading, however, much moar. It spearheaded a gain of +9.4% in April, now +190% YTD.

We are finalizing some fixes for Stocklabs and should be able to begin inviting beta trials soon. We have not accepted new users in over a month now, an unfortunate side effect of migrating Exodus to SL.

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The most frequent opinion spouted out by loud mouths is “the market will collapse.” They rant and rave “this is unsustainable” because “history blah blah blah.” It’s all a cope for being a dope. In other words, people PRETEND and make believe the world will BEND to their caprices — because this gives them license to continue to make poor decisions. In other words, people who believe that something “has to happen” because MUH HISTORY are more or less living delusional lives — sad, fat, slow.

I cannot lie — I too have felt this way before and probably spouted my own bullshit on this blog over the years, as we encroach on 21,000 blogs at iBC. However, after turning 40 I made it a point to attempt to, at least in large part, destroy my ego.

What does that entail?

It mainly means stop believing in your own bullshit and truly view things objectively and more than anything else — have empathy, especially for things/people you do not understand.

How did this help me buy ETH with a cost basis of $240?

I had no fucking clue, at the time, but knew many fuckers out there loved cryptos and I knew with all of the money printing the perception of inflation would be real and having cryptos, the largest ones, seemed like a good bet. I did not have BIG BALLS, so I invested the same amount for every month and I continue to do this — because what the fuck do I know? I know my investment is +10x and I know that at any point over the past year had I injected my opinions into this investment — I would have sold.

The market is never going to COLLAPSE. There will be periods of dislocation and during your entire lifetime immense amounts of wealth will be produced thru investments. If you’re smart, you’ll stop listening to yourselves and give in to the trends — carefully curating and making sure you’re flexible enough to withstand the bumps along the road.

Reading all of that shit above is guaranteed to trigger some people to say dumb shit like “TOP” or “BOOKMARKED”. Go fuck yourselves. You’ll be waiting around for the CRASH while I am popping champagne corks into your face from my Destroyer — that I purchased from the bankrupt US Navy in about 10-20 years.

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