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Project Veritas Promises to Release Damning Video on Monday, Implicating Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile


Trailblazing citizen journalist, James O’Keefe, is promising to release part 3 of his ‘rigging the election’ expose videos — where he rips off the veneer of the DNC to display a most hideous face of pure evil and imperial arrogance.

For those just tuning in — doubting there are elements within the DNC who actively rig elections, look no further than his first two videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Where is the FBI?

If you see the tweet above, you’ll notice James cryptically mentions a ‘dead man switch’ — which is nerd talk for ‘if you merc me, this shit is going out anyway, so don’t bother suiciding me, bro.’

Indeud. I wouldn’t worry about getting suicided of natural causes now, olde sport. I would, however, go under the radar and off the grid after the elections when the dust settles and the spotlight is off you.

Stay safe.

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Trump said he would block this deal because it’s anti-competitive. Moreover, he went after Amazon and their Washington Post connections.

“Deals like this destroy democracy”, said Trump as his magnificiently spoke to the people from Gettysburg, PA.


This might prove to be somewhat of a barometer, a betting pool of sorts, for the Presidential election. In other words, if Clinton gets elected, TWX shoots to $105-110. If Trump gets elected, TWX noses dives to $80.

Place your bets, fucked faces.

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CNN is Getting a New Boss: At&t Agrees to Acquire Time Warner for $85 Billion


It’s all monopoly money anyways. The evil folks over at T are set to consolidate another content provider — paving the way for pricing fuckery of a first magnitude.

At&t has agreed to acquire Time Warner for upwards of $80b, placing the share price at around $105-110. The stock (TWX) closed at $89 on Friday.

At&t intends to pay half-cash, half-debt, sort of like an Arnold Palmer drink for oligarchs. If you recall, they purchased Directv for $48b last year. Only inside Soviet controlled Russia or current day China should this deal get anti-trust approval. If there’s one thing our government has been efficient at doing, it is busting deals. However, since this involves the parent company of their agitprop organization, CNN, I seriously doubt they’ll even notice this monopoly forming.

Time Warner already has $23b in debt and At&t has $133b. This new deal will press the limits of their banking prowess — as they rush to raise another $40-45b in free money to acquire the cable giant.

NOTE: Should Trump get elected and this deal goes through, look for the new bosses to fire every single CNN anchor for failing to get their candidate elected. What’s the point of having government controlled media, if you can’t even get your guy/gal elected?

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Trump on Clinton Smears: ‘It’s Dirty Disgusting Stuff… We’re Gonna Drain the Swamp’


Trump on Hannity tonight responded to the litany of groping claims — dating back to the 19th century. Also, he discussed the Wikileaks revelations, regarding the Clinton campaign, her donations from muslim countries that treat women like spare tires in the back of a jeep, and how he intends to drain the swamp of the corrupt culture of establishment ghouls.

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Podesta Gets Taunted by Crowd During CNN Debate: ‘We’ve Got Your Emails, Podesta’


As per the Clinton talking points, John Podesta, the leaking sieve of the DNC, blamed the hacks on ‘Guccifer 2.0’ and the Russian government.

This guy is a fucking asshole.

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Biden Wishes He Could ‘Take Trump Behind the Gym’


More butt-hurt libtards, so greatly offended by the orange pussy grabbing clown — threatening physical retribution to a presidential candidate, while ignoring the monumental and generationally damaging revelations of DNC corruption and denigration of this bastardized version of democracy.

“The press always asks me, don’t I wish I were debating him? No, I wish we were in high school, and I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish,” Biden said at Wilkes University in P.A.

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Co-Founder of Silver Lake Partners, Glenn Hutchins, Conspired with Podesta to Ambush Trump on CNBC, Later Bashed Globalization in Separate Email


Glenn Hutchins, globalist whore, former economic advisor to Bill Clinton, member of the Council of Foreign relations, aside from co-founding the gigantic $26b private equity firm, Silver Lake Partners — is a plotting bitch and the Wikileaks emails have proved it.

First, he schemed with Podesta to ambush Trump in a CNBC forum about the economy

“I am going on CNBC between 8 and 9 AM on Monday morning and expect, among other topics, to be asked about HRC. My plan is to contrast the Rs whining after the CNBC debate with her masterful performance before the Benghazi panel and pose the question of who looks presidential,” Hutchins wrote to Tanden and Podesta. “As I prepare, any input from you two would be welcome.”

“I think you may get asked about the debate and Paris. I will send you ideas post debate,” Tanden said.

“Turns out now that Trump is calling in between 8 and 8:10. So I am going on at 7:45 in order to be in place for to call,” Hutchins replied. “I am trying to craft one question to ask him in case I get a chance. Any thoughts?”

Podesta suggested ambushing Trump with a question about minimum wage.

“Maybe given his wages are too high which he has walked back to only being about the minimum wage: ask him [s]ince so much low wage work is concentrated in the service sector from fast food workers to housekeepers, why would raising the minimum wage affect US competitiveness?” Podesta wrote.

“Neera: can someone please send me what Trump has said about the minimum wage?” Hutchins wrote back.

Hutchins later sent Tanden and Podesta his question: “You have said that raising the minimum wage would make America uncompetitive. But virtually all minimum wage jobs [see graphic below which I will send to CNBC in advance] are in services industries that don’t export like your hotels and resorts. How do you explain that?”

Podesta replied he liked it.

Indeed, Hutchins did ask his Clinton campaign-approved question on Monday, November 16, 2015 during a lengthy phone interview Trump conducted with CNBC.

“Hello, Donald, we’re going to be talking about the U.S. economy and economic policy later in the show today,” Hutchins began, reciting the question almost word-for-word. “You said that raising the minimum wage would make the U.S. uncompetitive. But almost all minimum wage jobs are in services industries that don’t export like your hotels and resorts. How do you explain that?”

Trump replied in part that U.S. wages were “uncompetitive,” adding that “we have to keep our wages down or I feel strongly we would be more and more non-competitive.”

source: Wikileaks

To make matters exponentially worse, this little shit had a candid discussion about the deleterious effects that globalism was inflicting on the U.S. economy. After describing his views on the economy, Podesta asked for him to dumb it down so his retard level IQ could understand. Glenn did exactly that.

you have (characteristically) gone right to the heart of the most difficult problem. In response to your specific question, over that last 15 years, the capacity of labor to demand a greater share of profits from productivity gains have been overwhelmed by several factors: 1) globalized wage competition as incomes have slowly equilibrated around the world, 2) the increasing portion of our economy that is generated by service work (as opposed to good production) that is less susceptible to productivity improvement, 3) the use of technology to generate productivity gains (so that the benefits accrue to capital rather than labor), 4) the overhang on the labor market and wages from discouraged workers who dropped out and the long-term unemployed, 5) the replacement of lost middle wage jobs with lower wage jobs, and 6) more recently, the change in the nature of work itself which is now more part-time, project (or “gig”) oriented and based on an independent contractor model.

>> >> All of this had led to both stagnant wages and rising income insecurity – both of which are far more relevant than income inequality. I think some smart candidate for public office is going to figure this out and start talking about the modern economy in a way that resonates with workers’ actual experience.

>> >> The public policy response can be a re-tooling of the policies that touch on work – unemployment insurance, OSHA, worker’s compensation, retirement savings etc – in a way that is relevant to the modern economy, refocusses the debate in an innovative way and proves that the candidate(s) understand the world in which the voters live.

> >> >> >> Glenn Hutchins

Neera Tanden from American Progress loved his analysis, explaining the mysterious and alarming drop in productivity.

This is phenomenal. I have seen the discussion of declining productivity — one question I have is why is it rational for workers to be more and more productive if they don’t see gains from productivity in their paychecks? From an economically rationalist perspective, stagnant wages should inexorably lead to declined productivity, no? Is there an alternative view of why there’s a decline in productivity? Our econ team said productivity increased 30% btwn 2000 and 2013, with no corresponding increase in wages. 30% for that time period is not great, but it’s also not an historic low.

>> > >> > Would love to understand why people would expect increasing productivity in the world we live in.

Bing-fucking-OH. These people get it in private. They know precisely what needs to be done and it all meshes very well with Trump’s policies. But they’re shills first, Americans second, so we get shafted.

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Pay to Play: Louis Susman Donates $50k to Obama and Then Becomes Ambassador to Great Britain


I’m sure it’s all a coincidence. One year after donating a cool $50k to Obama, Louis Susman was granted the highly prestigious ambassadorship to Great Britain.


A little background on Mr. Susman. He was the managing director and vice chairman of Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking — a company who benefitted greatly during the financial crisis with very rich and generous bailouts.

It’s also worth noting that another Citi executive played an integral part in forming Obama’s racist cabinet.

One must pay if they want to play.

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ATTENTION: “The Fly’s” FIST OF DEATH Will Be Unveiled Tomorrow


It has been a very busy week of revealing horribly bad and onerous news for the DNC. The site has been focused on a lot of news and politics lately, but hopefully we can get back to business after the elections.

Meanwhile, I’m ready to unveil 5 short sales, heading into Krampus season. These aren’t static thesis trades, but intended to be malleable and changeable if facts on the ground change.

There are five pillars that run the global economy. I intend to being all of them to their knees.

Picks will be released on Exodus tomorrow and then here on iBC next week.

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