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Investment Bankers are Top Tickers

Howard posted a nice blog about housing/China/solar. Go check it out (words famously communicated by Jack from ‘The Shining’).

I do not intend, nor care, to beat the bulls to death with a steal pipe (donned with a rubber grip). But, I will say, in all my years on Wall Street, I’ve learned to spot tops in sectors–like a space walking magician. As a matter of fact, somewhere buried within my old blog, I alluded to identifying tops in overheated sectors, which usually occurs after 7 weeks of rocketry.

Also, whatever the investment banking fuckers are peddling: beware. They always distribute the “hot” or “in” investment theme, at or damn close near the nuclear bombed out top. A bunch of homo-hammering top tickers they are.

So, now, we have a classic supply/demand situation, where the supply of bullshit Chinese stocks are outstripping the demand from retarded, soon to be broke, investors—all thanks to the “deal guys.”

During 2007, Wall Street set a record, booking 234 deals, raising more than 54 billion dollars. To put things in perspective, back in 2003, only 15 billion dollars was raised on 68 deals.

Back then, deal guys were living skinny. Now those coked out scum bags are fat slobs, shoveling Chinese shit in NYC.

My point: Wall Street is pushing China/Solar too hard. Eventually, stocks like [[JASO]], [[FSLR]], [[YGE]], [[AKNS]], [[CHL]], [[LFC]] and [[BIDU]] will get fucked up like a teenage dreamer, in a Freddy Kruger flic.

With my money, I’m betting on “the wheels of shit” to fall off the Chinese stock wagon, this year, via [[FXP]].

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Never Bet Against the Guy with the Time Machine

Much to his enemies chagrin, “The Fly” is back to making “severe coin,” this time as a bull killing machine.

It’s been documented here, “The Fly” is a “space alien magician,” who is able to make “unhuman-like” market calls—effectively making life entirely “unfun” for all other third tier bloggers.

While it’s true, I still own a truck full worth of [[RIMM]], [[AAPL]] and others, I still managed to close out the week +5%, thanks to my double inverse positions and heavy [[LEH]] short position.

Sometime soon, I expect the market will bounce, giving you retards who are still long a 3rd chance (“The Fly” gave you two chances to get out) to bail and get flat or short.

In case you are wondering, money managers need to raise cash, to the tune of 5-10%. Going into year end, most funds were fully invested.

As predicted, now, we are seeing the result of what happens when asset managers, who control trillions, decide to raise 5% cash, all at once.

Top pick: [[DUG]]

NOTE: Show some fucking respect.

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Late Day Thought

These retards (Brian Levitt, Oppenheimer & Doug Peta, Seligman) on CNBC, who still think the U.S. consumer is robust, are first class fucktards, of the asshat variety.

Keep in mind, they manage real money for real people.

And to think, “The Fly” was once employed by Seligman.

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Fly Buy: DUG

I bought 10,000 [[DUG]] @ $36.60.

Disclaimer: If you buy DUG because of this post, Cramer will grow his hair back, then steal your wife. And, you may lose money.

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Fly Buy: FXP

I bought 5,000 [[FXP]] @ $81.90.

Disclaimer: If you buy FXP because of this post, the next time you’re in Mexico, the policia will arrest you and hold you for ransom. And, you may lose money.

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The Next Shoe

Without a doubt, the ‘next shoe to drop’ is in retail. With unemployment rising, coupled with the ‘credit crunch,’ expect to see wholesale liquidations of some retailers.

If [[M]] is not careful, they could have a big crisis on their hands, like many others.

The companies with big overhead and inventories, like [[SHLD]], [[JCP]], [[KSS]], [[DDS]] and [[TGT]] will get devastated in a recession.

However, at the same time, incredible value will emerge, once the morons who run those companies stop wasting money, via buying back stock, and start closing unprofitable stores.

To me, despite what Cramer says, SHLD seems like the weakest of the pack.

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