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Don’t Tank

Leadership stocks are being sold, all day long. However, for the most part, they’re still green.

It’s ok if they trade down a bit, but not tank.

Should AAPL, RIMM, VMW, GOOG, BIDU start getting “machine gunned,” the whole warm and fuzzy good feeling of yesterday’s rally will be replaced with panic and complete asshattery.

In addition to the above concerns, “The Fly” is quite busy yelling at his monitor, due to precipitous declines in XFML and VMI.

In other “newz,” MCHX goes higher, everyday.

Who would have thought?

Finally, there is a lot of selling pressure in MVIS. Personally, I know a lot of people who are throwing in the towel, preferring to go long some of the beaten down leaders.

As you know, upon stock market recovery, the leaders go up first, then the 2nd tier names. Finally, the lower tier speculative stocks, like MVIS, go up last.

I’m not selling until CES.

NOTE: Old man Ducati just posted, in “The Peanut Gallery,” delusionally exclaiming: “US markets have been in a de facto bear market since the year 2000.”

Har. Har. Har.

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I Smell Blood

If the bearshitters are unable to mount a raid, with the next hour, they will be flattened out like a sheet of looseleaf paper.

Look around, the signs are everywhere.

Understand, the onus is on them. Yesterday, the bulls cocked back and punched them in the mouth–brass knuckles and all. If the sellers cannot make a statement today, via driving the DOW or Naz lower, you will see a furious short squeeze ensue.

I know these people (bearshitters). They are scared.

As the financials, oils and metals serve as strong underpinnings, it’s hard to imagine the bulls can lose, today. Aside from marginal weakness in retail, those old hatfuckers have nothing to hang their hats on.

Therefore, I believe it makes sense going long some high quality, discounted names, like RIMM, RS, VMI (again), LZ, VMW and LFT.

If I was forced, via shotgun, to choose one, I’d say: “go long LFT.”

Their quiet period is about to end. You know their lead underwriter, Goldman Sachs, will beat the jungle drums of initiation–first chance they can.

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Go Eat a Sandwich

Chill out, drink a few pints of disgusting beer, while throwing cracker jacks at CNBC.

After a 300 point up day, do not expect the market to do more than mark time.

The old momo plays are back in action, namely VMW, RIMM, AAPL, DECK, amongst others. However, looking at the DOW 30 and most heavily weighted nasdaq stocks, it looks like we may head lower.

Already, the sellers are abundant in ORCL, SYMC, EBAY, SHLD, DIS, MSFT and INTC.

Additionally, the “wheel barrow dollar” is taking another hit, while gold and oil spike.

Within prescious metals, NG, AUY and KGC look good.

Aside from the momo names, the financials are offering good leadership, with big dicked gains in TMA, ABK, C, LEH, ITG, MER, AMG, ACR, CCRT and ETFC.

CFC reversed and is now getting its ass tanned.

Basically, “The Fly” will walk around today, eating sandwiches, drinking Monster’s, while throwing large statues at his trader/servant.

I will probably sit on my hands and do nothing.


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Position Updates: XFML

The numbers were excellent. This stock is definitely over looked, when it comes to playing Chinese lotto.

I understand the management of XFML will be traveling to NYC for investor conferences.

Unlike MVIS, I expect getting the XFML story out will have a profound effect on the share price.

What’s sad about MVIS is that it has become the fat bitch at the end of the bar. It’s a joke.


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(Chinese) Lotto Time

As predicted, it looks like a “v-shaped recovery” leeches.

Also, I’ve noticed many of you cow fuckers have made several snark comments, such as “hey, dude, your website blows” or “ha, ha, ha, your stocks are down.”

Fuck you.

Don’t compare yourself with me. If I lost money on a trade or two, it was done on purpose, in order to make this shit a little harder for me.

In short, I’m “King Kong Master Trader,” while you’re just that stupid blonde bitch.

Don’t do it.

Finally, thanks to the wonderful communists from China, we have “lotto time,” again.

With stocks set to “de-ball” American bears today, I expect to see many lottery tickets purchased, effectively killing those who bought FXP (trojan horse).

Today’s predicted Chinese lotto winners are:


Thank you for playing.

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Mess With the Bull; You Get the Horns

This was good. “The Fly” was a very happy camper, despite never going camping, as all of his positions, with the exception of MVIS, shot the bears–then rolled on them.

I know the bears will try to make the “hedge funds will sell due to redemptions” argument, but it holds little water.

Days like today serve as lessons to never sell short, into extreme weakness.

It’s easy to make the bear argument, discount stocks for dead, and be a miserable fuck.

It’s hard to buy VMW down 11, knowing that shit will sprint higher, as soon as investors grab their marbles.

Barring “another big shoe to drop,” I think the bottom is in; feel free to get drunk and start buying stocks again.

Starting tomorrow, my buy list includes VMI, BWLD, CLX, CN, FMCN, VMW and CFC.

Yes, CFC.

In short, it’s good to see green again, much to the shorts chagrin.

NOTE: XFML‘s numbers look good, thus far.

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