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Ignore This Run and Die

Today was the first 3 day winning streak for the S&P 500 since August. I am telling you now, The Turkey Gods are angered by some of you, not celebrating “The Big Feast.” They will, and I say this in the most insincere way possible, sneak into your house, while you’re asleep, and beat you to death with large turkey legs.

Ignore me at your own peril.

“The Fly” enjoyed one of those “can’t go wrong” type of days, with gains in FXP, UYM, C, BAC, TNA, GME, UNH, just to name a few.

As you know, I bought some M today and intend on selling it at much higher prices.

Look you, the retailers are so cheap, so coiled, with loads of moronic bears embedded in them. Any semblance of life in their Christmas sales, and they will fucking sky rocket to the Sun and back.

Nothing to see here fucker, just trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Sometime soon, it will make sense to hedge up and get all bearish and shit again—-but not yet, BAMBOO loving motherfuckers.

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Corny, but still a meaningful suggestion.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4iIn9FibVg 450 300]

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Clinging onto Theories of Turkey Rallies

It’s a stupid thing to do; but worth exploring, nonetheless.

Best case scenario:

The market books a 1-2% loss, setting up for a move up tomorrow. The important thing is for the damage to be limited and fenced off from the banks. In order for this rally to sustain, we need the banks to lead the way.

Naturally, what I am hoping for is sheer madness. I suppose I am just being a sentimental jelly sandwich eater.

At the moment, I am quite busy preparing for the big feast. Believe it or not, as blasphemous as it may seem, the stock market is not at the top of my list today. I made a few trades this morning, some good, others not so much. I’m just going to sit with what I have, at least for another day and see what sticks.

As an aside, not to get all commy on you fervent capitalist type, but, CEO compensations need to be met with the sharp blade of the guillotine. That’s just one man’s opinion.

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Playing with Fire

“The Fly” is all about pushing the envelope, playing with his chess pieces, amidst a wild inferno. Despite being in an overbought position, “Plutonium Petey” is issuing “death bags” to short sellers, in the giving spirit of Thanksgiving.

I got a lot of shit going up, like General Electric Company [[GE]] and Citigroup Inc. [[C]] . At this moment in time, the stars and planets are aligned to enrich “The Fly” with great wins, much to your chagrin. I know there are a lot of secret Fly haters out there. No need to fess up and come clean, I know who you are.

Shockingly enough, my largest positions are goose stepping higher, all the while the world is crumbling and getting sucked into a fucking vortex of nothingness.

Thinking ahead, I started nibbling at my [[FXP]] position, which I find myself 20 points in the hole. My plan is to buy it, whenever I get an itch, in order to bring my basis down to $70. Without a doubt, those Chinese clown rapers will be going lower in due time.

Also, I took another small bite at the idiots from [[M]] .

Some of these stocks need time to pan out. There is a definitive dark cloud of insolvency looming over many retail names. The theory, which makes sense, is the pending debilitating transformation from a credit to a cash society will indeed crush retailers like [[M]] and Sears Holdings Corporation [[SHLD]] , even Target Corporation [[TGT]] .

How many stores were opened based upon Joey Bag o’ Credit Cards?

Basically, I have no business buying retail, since they are in the ground zero of the credit contraction. However, I do so regardless of the broader macro picture. I am buying based upon the psychology of optimism.

Regardless of how old people get, they always long for “the old days.” Most people are sad saps for yesterday and will cling onto it until they are dead. My guess, investors will cling onto yesterday’s winners or bellwethers, until they are dead too. In the meantime, there is money to be had.

I like the breakouts in Google Inc. [[GOOG]] , Monsanto Company [[MON]] and BHP Billiton Limited (ADR) [[BHP]] today. For the most part, try to stick with large cap stocks and keep in mind we are walking on the edge of an egregious cliff, lined with pork fat. As much as I rejoice and shower myself with turkey gravy, this market can turn on a dime and punt my torso into the bleachers of Capital Loss Stadium, in 10 minutes flat.

Top picks: Citigroup Inc. [[C]] , Bank of America Corporation [[BAC]] , General Electric Company [[GE]]

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Come Get Your Thanksgiving Beat Down

Dow 30 components need to be bought, especially Citigroup Inc. [[C]] and General Electric Company [[GE]] . The market is in the process of taking the path of most pain. Unfortunately, for you turkey haters, that pain is to be distributed to short sellers, via much higher equity prices.

It truly is amazing; but then again, everything is.

Ride the wave of optimism, via getting long retailers. I forgot to mention another retail position of mine: GameStop Corp. [[GME]] . That fucker is so coiled back, it’s sickening. I actually want to vomit because of it.

Dice rolls include, but not limited to: Alcoa Inc. [[AA]] , The Mosaic Company [[MOS]] , United States Steel Corporation [[X]] , UnitedHealth Group Inc. [[UNH]] and The Blackstone Group L.P. [[BX]] .

UPDATE: I bought 10,000 [[M]] @ $6.95. And, I bought 3,000 [[FXP]] @ $61.25.

UPDATE II: I sold 3,000 [[UYM]] @ $12.50

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Top 5 Reasons to Be Long

1. Turkey
2. Cranberries
3. Stuffing
4. Corn
5. Pumpkin Pie

You fuckers need to quit eating out of death bags. The trend is up; catastrophe has been delayed. Into the rip, go ahead, get long some retailers, in a very, very non-homo sort of way.

On my sheets, I am long [[M]] and The TJX Companies, Inc. [[TJX]] .

On my watch list:

Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation [[RL]] , [[WACLY]] and The Timberland Company [[TBL]] .

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Bears: Chew on That!

The Turkey Gods have spoken and they are throwing, mind you, large quantities of stuffing, with pinenuts, at those who sell equities short

Lesson #1: Never fuck with The Turkey Gods, on turkey week.

Lesson #2: “The Fly” wins all the time, even when he appears to be losing badly.

Look you, quit questioning the merits of the rally and how Citigroup Inc. [[C]] is “soooo over priced.”

Are you fucking kidding me? Asshole, did it ever occur to you that stocks did not deserve to be down at last weeks levels? Just because the market rallied 1,000 points in two days does not mean it is expensive.

As a point in fact, the market is still cheap and is likely to go higher.

I spent the duration of my afternoon just roaming around my office, elated over my big wins in Citigroup Inc. [[C]] , Bank of America Corporation [[BAC]] , [[TNA]] , [[UYM]] , amongst others. Moreover, I spent the duration of my afternoon making sure my investors thank the heavens for ever meeting me.

You fuckers have no idea how lucky you are to have me spew shit in your general direction. Without a doubt, I guarantee there is not a better trader, in the world, than Senor Tropicana.

Scientifically, it is an impossibility.

In closing, take notice of my wins and the manner in which I conduct myself, on ibankCoin. All of you other bloggers are simply not-good-enough; so quit posting on your bullshit blogs and begin making a meager existence in The Peanut Gallery instead, if you know what I mean.

Okay, I must go. “The Fly” has many things to do, such as devouring a 2 1/2 inch rib eye, while guzzling down a fine Bordeaux.

Top pick: Citigroup Inc. [[C]]

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Drink it Up

The harsh reality is: Goldman Ball Sachs lowered their EPS estimates for the S&P 500 to $55. That means, at current levels, we are trading 15x 2009 numbers. Going back to past recessions, the market got down as low as 8x and, usually, touched down on 10X.

If we trade down to 10x numbers, that means we’re going to 550 on the 500, which is pretty fucking hilarious, if you ask me.

But, in reality, people are just going to toss 2009 numbers to the wayside and try to crunch 2010. Sharp declines in GDP are always met with sharp increases. Therefore, taking into consideration the amount of worldwide central bank stimulus, one can make a strong argument that 2010 will represent a turning point for the economy.

Unfortunately, this little rally, that we are bathing in, will be short lived. The markets will suck goat nads for the next 6 months, until we can get some clarity on 2010.

Howsoever, bear market rallies are the best. They are sharp, insane and quite delicious. If played correctly, one could make a small fortune buying into bear market rallies.

As you know, “The Fly” intends to make large fortunes playing them. I will reserve the smaller ones for you.

So, with regards to the rally: it is not over. My guess, we run strong until Friday. It’s Thanksgiving, for Pete’s sake. People love getting long into the fucking feast. With my money, I will hold my bank longs, Citigroup Inc. [[C]] , Bank of America Corporation [[BAC]] , and play the 3x maniac etf’s, [[TNA]] and [[BGU]] , for some upside fun.

Also, at these levels, I like General Electric Company [[GE]] , [[TBT]] , NetGear, Inc. [[NTGR]] , Perini Corporation [[PCR]] and Knight Capital Group Inc. [[NITE]] .

Bottom line: I am keeping my [[FXP]] position, which is small, mainly because I am stubborn. This is NOT a market to short. You need to mud stomp the bears here, until their noses fall off.

Trade accordingly.

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