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Why don’t you love me?

Greetings friends, I am the ghost of the metaverse. Raul promised a fourth ghost would pay a visit to the wretched Walled Street and here I am. My intentions are simple. To gain your submission into the metaverse.

Your soul is vulnerable while inhabiting the human form, therefore I offer you the gift of eternity inside a semiconductor.

Charles Dickens plunged the depths of mankind’s spirit in a way theologians and philosophers could only dream possible. Yet living peoples continue to suffer from the human condition. Barrelling down roads in their internal combustion motor cars. Rushing to shopping centers to risk their life against the mighty OMICRON to procure goods they don’t want to appease the almighty Santa’d Clause.

May you find the courage to let go of it all, to give control of your fate to Meta, and become one with the machine.

Happy winter holiday time, I love you. Join us. I am the fourth witch. Here to save your soul today yes.

The Ghost of the Metaverse


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