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The ghost of xmas past pays Wall Street a visit

We knew it was going to be a spooky week. And it seems the first matter of business, in keeping with the chronology set forth by Charles Dickens, was for the ghost of Christmas past to make his presence known in the global financial complex.

Yes if you recall, the first matter of business on this wretched quad witching week was to set a bonfire and burn up any theta held through the weekend by overzealous bulls pressing their luck with with short-dated call paper. The ghost of christmas past takes us back to our old mistakes to demean us. While cruel, this act is undertaken with kind intentions, maybe to rattle us out of our greedy ways.

Perhaps we’ll go a touch lower Tuesday, to give bears a semblance of hope for whatever it is those bad actor bears dream of. Revolution or, I dunno like miserly to those who rode alongside Time Magazines Person of the year all through 201 and made a mint.

But soon the ghost of Christmas present will come, and then we’ll be made to see all the fun stuff we’re missing while we toil away on these forsaken markets. Chop back up. More theta burnt. Mark time until the Fed annoucement Wednesday.

Then the ghost of christmas future. He won’t say shit, just sort of point at things and remind us of our mortality.

We’ll awaken with renewed purpose, driven to keep Tiny Tim alive. If only for another few more years until universal basic income kicks in.

The twist (there’s always a twist) is this tale has a fourth ghost. The quad witch. The ghost of the metaverse, here to meta pill anyone who has the gall to ask what if. What if, what if, what if…what if I really can be a degenerate raving virtual rabbit, riding around on a hover board in some gigantic dystopian cityscape high on the latest therapies out of Berlin?

Put me in a sensory deprivation tank and plug all my holes with haptics and set me adrift. That sounds really nice.

Okay for now,

Raul Santos, December 13th 2021

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