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Out of sync // headed to Vermont

About two or three weeks back I started feeling off, cognitively. I have been out of position since, mentally. I haven’t had a good sit in a while, and to be frank I’ve been working too hardt.

That is why in an hour I am scheduled to have my nose hole probed and mucus submitted for COVID-19 testing. Packing up my shit and heading to Vermont after that. To chase the fall colors. The hunt for red October, if you will.

I haven’t escaped the fish tank since February and I feel sick in the brain.

Physically I have the vegetarian strength of 10 flesh eaters. Every morning a wake up with a cock as hard as angle iron that serves as an alarm clock around 5:45am. I fast until about 10am then take coffee like I take women; hot, Black and strong. My sinuses are so clear, my sense of smell so acute I can tell which neighbor is doing laundry by the stench of their exhaust. I can smell a cigarette smoker five cars ahead. My hair and beard are long and my skin is olive. My poops cut off so cleanly I needn’t wipe. My urine is clear and the whites of my eyeballs are hauntingly bright. My muscles are all shiny and curvy and nestled in the perfect amount of body hair.

But my mind is off.

Therefore I need to head into the woods and sit and listen to the way the wind bends the trees. Maybe eat some mushrooms and share a table with the pagan gods. LEGALIZED IT.

No trading until then. Also no Sunday Exodus Strategy Session because I will not be back from the woods until mid-week.

Until then, I remain long my fastidiously groomed selection of true corporate leadership: TSLA, TWTR, SQ, GOOGL, AMZN, MSFT, BYND and so on.

Also I have a giant anchor holding said fastidious portfolio in place (or worse) via SQQQ. I may cut the rope on that one from the road. You’ll have to follow me on Noble Jack’s Twitter for that update (@indexmodel).

Until we correspond again, I remain.


Raul Santos, September 30th, 2020


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    I like my coffee like that, too

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