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Bull onward

Not much to discuss. I used up most my good thoughts already today via a conference call. But before the conference call I attended a group yoga class for the first time since like January and it was good to see all the good freaks still at it, contorting their beautiful bodies every which way in a path to a balanced mind.

The models remain bullish. Tech is strong, semiconductors are strong, the transportation index is lined up and building energy. Really the only people losing money and/or wasting their time in the financial markets are the davy day trade lemmings and the ferreting stock picking addicts. Us regular folks who buy the absolute best companies in the word and HOLD…are making a mint.

Futures trading is going okay. There were a couple big lay up trades last week. Here’s to seeing a few more set up in the weeks to come.

Jay Powell is scheduled to speak Thursday morning. Otherwise all the important earnings announcements are out of the way and we can just cruise into month-end on the wings of our benevolent tech leaders.

Really nice.

Apparently President Donald Trump is going to give some announcement about a COVID therapy at 6pm tonight. I can assure you I won’t be watching his announcement or the price of futures. There are enough regular trading hours for me to earn my nut. Life is to precious to spend summer Sundays in front of computer and teevee screens. And I have fountains to build.

Adios muchachos,

Raul Santos, Auguts 23rd 2020

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