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Nature is playing a flexible defense

The physical body of homo sapiens has disgusted me for a long time. It’s the smell. Humans smell. They’re always shedding skin and hair. Spittle flies out of their mouths and noses when they undulate their throats and tongues to make cackling sounds they call talking. Many of them indiscriminately pollute nature with their litter and noise. All around, humans are nasty and I’ve avoided them for years. It is nice to see everyone else realize these facts now that nature has cast a viral pall over society. Mother nature is fighting back against the pestilent human population here on earth and I am here to root for her.

Nature has the heat on high and humans are growing weak and tired. It is so heckin’ hot out right now I could fry an egg on the mailbox. This type of heat does wonders for reducing the vigor of man. It is also idea conditions for the flesh eating, disease spreading cyclorrhapha. Last week they arrived en masse. These flies do not discriminate based on socioeconomic position or race. They will cause pestilence for all human creed.

Nature sent subtle warnings to those who listen. First came the black bloom, dramatic flowering of the hollyhocks. These blooms have preceded stock market weakness and other trouble two years in a row. They were the signal to go short the market and batten the hatches.

Then of course we have the novel corona virus. COVID-19. Much more efficient than sapiens. Lingering. Waiting for the ideal environment to spread like a wild fire.

Earthquakes. Little ones for now.

Locusts. A swarm of locusts overtook the town of Gurgaon. These types of massive attacks only happen every seventeen years or so.

All these natural facts, along with the less mystical, more cold and dead and objective statistics being generated by IndexModel have me feeling all sorts of bearish heading into “Independence Day”. We live in a real sick society. There are fringe groups of people who would just as quickly stone us into the ground as they would guzzel a bucket of soda pop and smash a flesh burger while driving a gigantic picked up truck.

My job is to stay cool and calm and healthy, then extract as many fiat american dollars as possible from the global financial complex. Said dollars will be converted into real assets as far north, and at as high an altitude as my constitution allows. Real assets like a seed bank, off-the-grid food storage, wells that can be hand pumped or powered by electric. Healthy soil development for growing enough food to survive without depending on the rickety supply chains. Solar panels and electric powered tools/machines that store the energy.

Models are signalling bunker buster into the holiday shortened week. This signal calls for an uptick in volatility, often featuring an acceleration of price to the downside.

Back to work.

Raul Santos, June 28th 2020

Exodus members, I laid out all the facts without all the doomsday guff in this week’s Strategy Session, the 292nd edition. Be sure to know where to find confirmation of the downside, and the key economic events to watch for a turning point.

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  1. William

    My grandfather felt the same way. Installed a hand pump well in the basement, built on a lake in northern wis. Stored massive amounts of charcoal in bins behind garage. Told me many times about fiat currency in the living room, and on the dock while fishing. The year was 1999. I’ll never forget it, as I was just entering my career path and was very opinionated, yet naive. Little did he realize, the innovation over the next 20 years would soften the blow of these negatives, and absorb the negative impacts of monetary policies with demand for products that didn’t exist yet, or were in their infancy(AMZN, etc.). Although, it did give me the mindset to take advantage of market cycles, and pull my head from the sand where most Americans reside. I’m very happy to see the youth in our Nation get involved in the stock market, but fear they are being lazy while listening to DDTG etc. and gambling, instead of educating themselves on how earnings represent the real value when the chips land. Seems to me, the chips are falling. They will land, and real price discovery will be found soon, but will these gamblers have anything left? The question is, when the chips land, and the big money leaves treasuries for corporate bonds and equities, based on real future outlooks… Will our Federal Reserve unwind their positions during the small window allowing them to? If not, we are in real trouble as Americans will shoulder the burden of debt, reducing productivity while chasing the same slice of bread.

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