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Net buyer this week

No trading report for Monday. NASDAQ futures are moving incredibly fast, up over 300 handles in the last ten minutes or so, then off that high by 100 handles.

I made my plan Sunday and last week and it is simple—add to my MSFT and GOOGL positions and whenever PTR reports (it’s hard to pin down these Chinese ADRs) add to PTR.

If the futures settle down a bit, I may reengage.

Expecting 7490 on the June NASDAQ to be an upside ceiling early in the week. If not, that opens the door for a run up to 8000.


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  1. boyaj

    Raul, I enjoy your views on long term holds. In light of your previous posts about focusing on long term positions, are there any companies you have your eyes on? A couple I’m looking at are Roku and Square. More confident in Roku, because while I think SQ is an innovative company lead by a visionary, it seems to me it’s essentially a play on small businesses. Interested to hear your thoughts. Feel free to discuss in Exodus.

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    • Raul3

      I should be looking at square. I love me some @Jack.

      I like MSFT and GOOGL and will give a serious look at SQ.

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