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Summer is finally here, sweet summer hallelujah, models are bullish again

That Bunker Buster signal on 06/02 was really something, wasn’t it?  Paired with an Exodus Hybrid Oversold that fired that Friday before the weekend, and we had double the reason to wake up Monday morning, huevos swinging low as we came to market and bought equities.

That bearish signal last Sunday was not the same.  It was like, “Really IndexModel?  Your robot brain thinks it’s a good idea to short here, just a few bull thrusts away from all-time highs, in the wake of a Bunker Buster no less?”  I began shorting /nq_f late Monday and actually saw some traction.  I positioned into SQQQ.  It was maybe looking like an okay move, given the mid-week Federal Reserve wild card.

There was a clear third reaction up to the Fed actions and it was then that I abandoned my short selling campaign, leaving only SQQQ to ride because that is how I trade IndexModel.  It is a five day commitment.  I only tweet when neccecary and third reaction almost always earns a tweet:

But given the CONTEXT, you know, summer time, third reaction up, bunker buster a few weeks ago, hovering near record highs, I didn’t waste my time in front of the computer, shorting the nq_f.

Context was a missing link to my success as a trader for a long time.  All the mentors I found and paid good money to for help could not properly use their words to describe what context was.  They kept it down in their gut or something I don’t know.

Anyways I did my best to quantify context and every.single.day. I do my best to use my words, here in the sacred halls of iBankCoin and on Twitter to call out context.

That’s all I have to say about that.  Models are back to bullish and there is an island in Detroit calling my name.  Enjoy the first day of summer fam, for tomorrow we go back to pulling fiat out of the financial system.

Raul Santos, June 23rd, 2019

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