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Some clarity during rollforward week

“You shouldn’t give circumstances the power to rouse anger, for they don’t care at all.” – Marcus Aurelius

The Fly has been sharing an entertaining video that depicts a rigged market being manipulated by bad actors who are toying with a speculator:

Sadly, many of you actually BELIEVE that major markets,billions of dollars in daily liquidity, and tens of thousands of daily participants are, in fact, rigged.  If this is you, do yourself a favor and stop trading now.

You are going to lose all your money.

Listen, markets do not care how you are positioned.  They are a representation of the net interaction of everyone participating.  Do individual stocks with low liquidity present manipulation risk?  Yes.  Does the NASDAQ 100? No.

If you cannot surrender yourself to the fact that you are completely powerless in affecting the outcome of a liquid market, AND also accept that it is a fair auction that simply exists to facilitate transactions, you will be dealing with some serious mental headwinds while attempting an activity (trading) that requires clarity.

I have been a dick these last few weeks on Twitter.  If someone has a bias different than mine, I have been trying to get into their head and drive errors.  I am going to stop doing it.  Some people will always let their ego run wild.  I really shouldn’t get in the way of them making mistakes anyhow.

It’s the bad side of being hyper-competitive.  I want to destroy people when I need to be more compassionate.

Anyways, the upcoming week is shady.  The March futures contracts are still trading, which skews volume studies.  I will be trading the June contract starting Monday morning.  And my main guide for the upcoming week will be the PHLX semiconductor index.  Last week, in the Strategy Session, I highlighted how it could set up a bear trap. Well, it appears it has.  How we go forward from here will tell the story for the entire stock market:

Position accordingly.

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