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Balance Is Everywhere

During these slow mid-week days there can be a tendency to become impatient.  At least, such is the case when I trade.  The Nasdaq is coming into balance and higher prices did not entice buyers into the market.  Instead, it was quiet at the highs, a mini failed auction, and then a late afternoon swoosh lower.

I bought some PCLN yolo earlier today, likely not purchasing enough time, however I did little else until just recently when I bought some FNMA.

Once the opening swing was determined and the initial balance expanded upon by bulls, I turned my attention to correcting body symmetry.  Did you know most injuries can be prevented by properly diagnosing and correcting muscular imbalances inside your core?  These are things I have to consider as I ripen yet continue to play spots.  I keep one eye on the market, but these slow summer days are perfect to nourish yourself with other activities you enjoy.

My book oscillated quite a bit today, and but overall remains constructive as we head into the tail end of the week.  My focus remains on proper management of longs and extreme selectivity on new risk.  That PCLN yolo was a bit edgy, and when it turned on me I took the slight hint to back away from the computer.

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