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Weekly Roundup

My time is limited, finest people of the interwebs, but I am happy to report on the successes of the week as well as the failures.  They started shaking my very long tree yesterday and “they” managed to rattle a few of my coconuts loose…I covered most of my TSLA long and reduced it back down to core size.  I could not stomach the massive size I had built in the name and the potential risk down to $130 without the trade even breaking.  Now that I am back to my core size, I could stomach such a move whilst being team Elon and talking smack on twitter.

I milked most of this huge move in YELP this week, bailing only yesterday when I got an itch to over manage my winners.  I could see YELP quickly squeezing into $100 roll regions given the strong weekly close, however onward and upward, there are more deals to be had.

Finally, I found a spot to sink my teeth into RVLT.  I cannot say I love the management team at RVLT, but I do love how they have positioned themselves in this space.  The chart has come into the old Raul honey hole, and I have made it a point to get large.  Very large, in fact it is my second largest position.  I consider this a victory that RVLT was unable to get moving before I could properly size into it.

I bought X yesterday, in the pits of despair.  I like the way it came off of support today and I want to see if it can build upon this strength into next week.

If you read me on the twitters, where I tend to be much more colorful, you would be hard up to find someone more clearly calling for strength into the bell.  You will always find the after the fact folks groaning about afternoon ramps, but none of them toss their proverbial unit on the table.  My robots liked the action, I liked the sentiment, and I made an educated guess with confidence.  This is how successful traders think.   This was my largest victory on the day.

To sum things up: this was a great week for Raul on the iBankCoin.  I really am just happy to be here banking coin with my people.

Top five holdings into the weekend:


May the market be blessed with a fresh batch of bearish bets to squeeze, be well.

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  1. wstn_saga

    Nice. I am 4 of 5 on that list. Congrats on the week and the nice call today.

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  2. Uncle Buccs

    Listened to the whole song… Have a good weekend, Raul.

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  3. TheHarper

    My CREE calls are of the sexy beast variety, +235%

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