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The Market Is Correcting Me So Hard

My swing portfolio wrapped up methodically giving back all second quarter profits today.  I don’t know how closely you follow along, watching Raul get crazy on the tape, but when I stand outside the fish bowl and see myself the sight is horrific.

Stupid greedy bastard little fish.

But I replay every trade I take.  I take notes, I brood.  I make plans to take over the world.

All this I say like some kind of awkward apology if you’ve hitchhiked onto any of the MANY losing trades I’ve taken recently.  I’ve been ADD trading, buying every tip, rip, and slip in the market.

No mas.

The overarching theme to my losers is bad entries.  High risk entries to be more precise.  It fucks with your confidence when it takes a 12 percent move to deem you “wrong”.  At least it messes with mine.  I compensate with smaller position sizes, but then I have 15 small positions clown raping me simultaneously and shit gets out of whack.  Pardon all my swearing, I’ve lost mucho dinero (no Robert).

It’s been one stop out after another, if you read me on the twitter network you’ve seen them peppered out over my timeline.  Brutal.

But now is not the time to sit in an inflatable pool of pity.  As a matter of fact, it’s never time for pity friend.  It’s time to pick yourself back up and be more powerful, more dangerous, MORE STUPENDOUS THEN EVER.

I started already by absolutely annihilating the liquidation break.  Red arrows are my short entries, blue my covers.  Look at this:


That’s the best god damned string of trades I’ve ever taken.  I should only trade during this madness because the rest of the time you’re cold sweating and grinding out 300 bucks. It’s disheartening to say the least.  To say the most it’s questioning every decision in your life that’s led you to trade futures.

The above string of trades is why I trade.  I crushed.  It felt amazing.  That’s my planned trade.  It cleared my mind, like making sweet love.  I made sweet love to the tape all over the place.   Anyhow…

If we’re entering range trading like I suggested last night, then we should be at or near the bracket lows.  Thus a mean revision should go down, taking us back into the 33 and 9 EMA.  That trade should earn some coin.  That’s why I bought ZION into the bell.  Banks make money with higher interest rates and ZION had some fantastic proprietary PPT stats going on.  So I took the trade.  Look at this entry, too.  It’s low risk, down to about 26.75 and relative strength to boot, not bad.

Tomorrow brings anything, being a quad witching and all, but we have the technology, the money can be rebuilt.

You would likely perfer the NSFW version of the following video, go find it:

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