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The US 10yr is near 4% again and this means, in case you were stupid, that CASH SORTING is back on the fucking table. The days for SCHW to be a viable entity are in fact numbered. Who wants to keep $250k in their checking when you can just plow it into treasury bills for more?

The overall consensus is the US economy is booming. US mortgage rates north of 7% only means the poor will have to rent, which helps those in the upper 3% stockpile more cash for future discretionary spending. Because so many Americans are homosexual and/or too smart to have more than 2 kids due to selfish desires to travel and see the world and generally think about themselves, the powers that be continue to bring in migrants to fill a much needed labor pool for blue collar jobs.

Americans want to go to college and build up $300,000 in debt to take a shot at success — aspirational thinkers with dreams of legacy on their minds. And then you wonder why Mexicans traverse the landscape and copulate at alarming rates — all the while you stuff your fat fucking faces on sushi in expensive eateries.

You lost America, as a whole, because capitalism demands bodies to fill factories. You cannot complain with 1 or 2 kids running around, when you should’ve had 10 like your ancestors.

Back to the market: I closed +5bps and traded well and finished leveraged and without hedges, very happy and very bullish on FLYING TAXIS and EV and solar and all of the faggot stuff that I’ll probably hate in the future. The fact that rates are jimmying higher to such a degree just means things are heating up again and it won’t be long until the Fed feels their fucking out of shaped faces pressed up against the hot griddle not knowing how to deal with the thunder of renewed inflation horrors.

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Do not Resist this Brave New World

Rainbow flags aside, we are once again at the precipice of something surreal happening in society: FLYING FUCKING TAXIS.

When Elon Musk came out with the EV concept — I recall with clarity how everyone said you could never replace the combustion engine. The same was said about autonomous vehicles. And now the same is being said about evTOL. As of now, there are only a few major players: JOBY, ACHR and LILM are at the top of my radar. But there are other ways to play it that is unclear now.

Geolocation mapping in the sky!

Presently I could only find $NN is a player in the space but I am sure plenty others will enter the fray. One thing is for certain in all of this: the major winner will be and continue to be UBER. They have the brand moat, the infrastructure in place, and ability to manage through ups and downs. If I had to guess at which $50b+ market cap company can become a $1 trillion name inside a decade, my guess would be UBER.

Like with my TSLA holdings, I will soon begin monthly purchases of UBER.

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France and its Former African Colonies is BULLISH for $BTC

The Africans on Twitter are very mad at me for calling them Africans in France and got me banned in France. The vast majority of the comments in support of the riots in France were joy and pleasure to see the country burn because France had colonized Africa for so long and apparently did a bad job at it. These people loved to see the country looted —- because France had committed sins in the past — but please do not call them Africans for they are very proud French citizens.

On a related topic, the Franc was used by 14 former colonies in Africa under what was called the CFA, even after the French moved to the euro. The way it worked was simple: France printed money for them in return these nations had to keep more than 50% of their reserves in France. The net result was LOWER inflation than other African nations. However, this austere forced policy prohibited these nations from investing for their future and also gave France the ability to devalue the currency at their will.

In recent years they switched over to what’s called ECOWAS and under this scheme African nations will not have to keep reserves inside France. Africa is a 10% export partner for France, so cultivating friendly ties with Africa is important, which is why they hate Russia’s guts for PMC Wagner helping to overthrow the French friendly govt in Mali.

My point: with 180m people now off the CFA and ability to spend money at will, I do believe inflation will once again rear its ugly face in these former French colonies. The answer is obvious: switch to the Bitcoin standard and avoid the hustle of central banks.

I started the day -120bps in the hole but traded myself back to just -36bps, with over 70% cash now waiting for a fat pitch.

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Happy 4th of July — In Remembrance of Pax Americana

As members of this nation, on the 4th of July, I am sure you’re pretending all is well today. Why, you’ll have the grill going AT FULL HEAT, roasting up some hot dogs, burgers and if rich — perhaps some steaks. You’ll crack open some trashy Coors Lites and even light some fireworks when the sun sets, laughing stupidly and rejoicing in the regalia of the American flag. You might gaze into the stars and recall life as a young boy when schools didn’t teach you to change your genders and how you used to drink out of the hose when playing hide n seek.

Unfortunately, those days are over and the Bud Light corporation would like to remind you that America isn’t a serious nation anymore.

In other news, the good folks at BULLISH AND BEARISH COFFEE have produced a bean for yours truly, dubbed Pelican Room Money Mocha. One of our Stocklabs members is an investor in this company and since you all drink coffee anyways — I’d appreciate it if you showed him some support by purchasing some of this fine bean. I do not make any money from promoting it and simply do so out of the kindness of my black heart.

Use “FLY” coupon code for 10% off.

Everything around us is collapsing. The walls are closing in. There is no one coming to save you. Happy 4th of July!

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Listen to Me: Fat Pitch Ideas

You and I might have differences on who should live and who shouldn’t live. But at the end of the day — we’re all dust in the wind. So listen to me now and perhaps I can make you enough money to afford a respectable lifestyle.

Clearly we are in a risk on environ. This is my speciality. Today’s news out of TSLA/RIVN lit a fucking flame under the EV sector. More than that, the EVTOL sector is just starting to happen. These are the air taxis that are destined to fascinate people in the coming decades.

I have told you innumerable times to get long BTC, UBER, TSLA — and you should continue to buy those. You can, if feeling risky, take a gambit into LYFT, JOBY and some MARA for alpha. Consider the fact that MARA owns 12,500 BTC and are currently producing 1200 per month. Should BTC ramp to $66,666 — that fucking stock will assuredly be $100. The options are some of the most active in the entire market, all but guaranteeing a fucking gamma squeeze that will cut off the dicks of shorts.

My new fat pitch idea is HOOD. If you’re not familiar, HOOD offers 24 hr a day trading in a handful of stocks and the app is extremely user friendly and is the quintessential RISK ON play for the stock market. With the stock stuck in the $10s, as Wall Street ebbs into a full fledged cocaine snorting rally — there is appreciable upside in the shares.

All of this is predicated on the status quo and all things remaining as they are.

I gained 43bps today, closing at recourd highs of +45% YTD.

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Good morning retards

Both TSLA and RIVN posted better than expected monthly deliveries today. As a result, the entire space is on fucking fire.

My TSLA focus account is up 5.7% today and I made another purchase. I will continue to make TSLA purchases for the next 1.5 years. When I started this back in December, people derided me. Men named GREG said I was making a fool out of myself and that Elon Musk was a scam artist.

Who’s laughing now?

See pal, life is about taking calculated gambits. I come here every day and attempt to unload some knowledge upon you plebs; but most of you are far too stupid to accept it. You’re caught up in ego and the idea that your business success means you’re actually a smart person. This is not true.

Understand something, when you come to read this blog — you’re just like everyone else: a reader. You have two choices, whether to believe and trust me or not. You can base your trust on several factors, one of them is my track record whilst blogging here.

Am I going to be wrong some times?

Absolutely not.

I don’t play this game to be wrong, not even once.

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History is Written By the Victor and Why President Grant Was Scum

You hear the expression all the time “history is written by the victor” and sometimes take it for granted. I am nearly complete reading Chernow’s biography on U.S. Grant and went into the book a fan. I thought, wrongly, Grant was a gritty general who managed to beat the far superior Lee in the field and became President and lived happily ever after.

I couldn’t have been further from reality.

Let’s start with Grant at West Point:

Forced to resign his commission because he was an alcoholic. Penniless, he needed to borrow money to afford a train back home.

His parents and in laws thought he was a loser — because he was!

His wife owned 4 slaves, personally, and her father had many many more.

After getting booted from West Point, Grant could not find proper employment and was swindled several times.

At the onset of the war, Grant could not find a commission, up until the north, in desperate need of officers, gave Grant a chance.

During the Civil War, Grant showed a keen awareness of the battlefield and this led to rapid promotion.

Once a General in the western front of the war, Grant employed “total war” tactics, the first northern general to conduct such warfare — leading to massive casualties on both sides.

Lincoln could not get the Army of the Potomac going — because Lee had DC in check and any attempts at moving into VA led to big losses of men and equipment.

Lincoln, another bastard, gravitated towards Grant’s style of warfare — because he got results. The amount of death was immaterial to Lincoln or Grant.

Once placed in charge of the Army of the Potomac, Grant’s chief of staff had to baby sit him — because he was a drunken fool.

Grant attempted to dislodge Lee from Virginia in the Battle of the Wilderness campaign and got his ass kicked so badly he was seen crying in camp — unsure what to do next. During the entire Civil War, Grant was unable to beat Lee in the field.

Thanks to a 2 to 1 population advantage and way more resources, Grant spent the lives of his men freely and would casually lose 10,000 in a single day on poorly thought out attacks, like at Cold Harbor.

Grant then unleashed Sherman to conduct TOTAL FUCKING WAR on the people of the south, not just the army. Sherman then burned down every city he occupied, raping and pillaging along the way.

In his infinite wisdom, Grant then deployed black men to the army to fight the south — due to personnel shortages and his intent to deprive the south of black manpower. This is a very important decision he made without discussing with Lincoln. What he did by using black troops was cause a permanent rift in the south between black and whites. It’s worth noting, Gen. Sherman did not use any black soldiers.

Grant then unleashed lunatic Gen. Sheridan to maraud the south — killing and maiming his way west and then south. Sheridan was very disappointed when Lee surrendered — because he said he wanted to kill the entire army of the south.

As President, Grant, still a boozehound fool, weaponized the black vote in the south to win Republican seats and his Presidency. At first, blacks were only permitted to vote in the south and 100% of them voted Republican.

Using bayonet rule, Grant and the GOP regularly used military forced to overturn elections — such as the Presidential election of Tilden v Hayes and in Grant’s case several S Carolina and Louisiana elections.

During his presidency, Grant imposed “reconstruction” rules on the south — which in many cases presided over rigged elections to vote blacks into office. Many of these men didn’t even know how to read. This rapid change in society, coupled with the 600,000 dead during the civil war, created such angst in the south that racist groups formed to lynch black people to prevent them from voting.

Eventually, the south imposed Jim Crow laws and segregated their society — all of this was born during the civil war era of a spiteful war and occupation campaign of the south. I do not offer pardon to the scum who killed innocent blacks — but it would be ridiculous to assume the south would accept former slaves one year to become rulers the next and this is exactly what the GOP did during the 1860s, 70s, and 80s.

Other things Grant presided over:

Extermination of native Americans. Many natives were in fact southern supporters and had black slaves. Since they were not citizens, Grant didn’t give a fuck about them.

Grant also tried to annex Dominican Republic — because his cronies bought up real estate and wanted to get rich after the US took it over. This was a major issue, one that failed. One of Grant’s schemes was to relocate freed blacks there. Congress told him to fuck off.

His administration was wholly corrupt. Grant regularly received homes and monetary gifts from robber barons.

Did I mention he was a bumbling fool of an alcoholic? The impression many were left with after meeting Grant was that he was an idiot.

Lastly, after his Presidency — Grant wanted to be a rich man. His cross-eyed wife wanted him to be President forever — because she loved socializing. He teamed up with a charismatic person called Ferdinand Ward and they formed a Wall Street investment firm called GRANT AND WARD. Ward used Grant’s name to raise money and for a while were the hottest firm on the street. The implication was, Ward used Grant to get sweetheart government deals that resulted in massive gains. People were making 10% per month and it wasn’t long before Grant was a rich man — walking about NYC with cigars — hanging out with the Vanderbilts. Well, it was the first major PONZI SCHEME and history now tells us Grant was an innocent in all this, in spite of his signature on all the docs.

Investors lost $16m and it crashed markets in 1884. Grant and his sons lost in excess of $500k in the collapse — but only Ward went to jail.

Grant also shit-talked President Garfield daily in the papers, because he refused to appoint the people he wanted in his administration. Shortly after a lunatic shot and killed Garfield — perhaps inspired by Grant’s animosity.

The evils of this person are never-ending, such as attempting a third term only to be defeated by Garfield at the convention who, as you know, was soon later SHOT AND KILLED.

sorry to bore you — needed to get it off my chest.

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Oh you think you’re gonna make it back selling short in July? Think again, bitch.

Seasonal returns for July via Stocklabs

That shit just doesn’t happen. The summer is gonna be hot as fuck — and the Africans are gonna light some Roman candles into your fucking face. Speaking of which, my coverage of the FRENCH RIOTS OF 2023 have gotten me a ban in France for my Twitter account. I am almost certain those fuckers would arrest me in France if I happened to be there now.

This was fun.

What next? Oh, I made almost 8% for June in pretty easy trading. I have an account that allocates to Tesla only and that was up 19% with only half of the account invested. And the Quant was up more than 6.9%. It had been placed in a lot of low beta names for June — but that will change for July — as the quant now ranks high growth stocks with more exuberance.

I have been fascinated by the Flying Taxi gambits — stocks like JOBY ACHR and of course UBER.

Over the weekend, I fully expect to see riots in France subside, as cooler minds prevail. The good citizens of France will come to realize that receiving GIBS from local stores isn’t worth the price paid with their souls and that fomenting violence isn’t necessarily a proper and civil way to conduct oneself and if matters need to be redressed — the court of law is always open to hear complaints.

OR, the submentals from Africa will rampage throughout the countryside, cannibalizing the whites of property and dignity — because IQ is a determinate factor in propensity to commit wanton acts of violence. The riots will only subside when the French police come out in force and begin shooting people in the face (non lethal of course and in Minecraft) for upsetting the nature of western society — which was founded on commerce powered by innovation and the strength of its people to protect its sovereignty.

But you know what will happen.

The only nation in Europe permitted to express a desire for sovereignty is Ukraine — and thank the heavens the Russians are helping liquidate all of the Nazis who’ve been meddling throughout the country — unchecked for decades.

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Markets Soar on Better Than Expected Inflation Data

I’m so glib at this point. It has been 15 fucking years since 2008, the year when it was all supposed to be destroyed. Here we are, doing the same shit — me blogging like a jackass fool and you reading.

Of course the data came in better than expected. Naturally the market is up 220 NASDAQ. It does not surprise me to see the CAC +1.3%, in spite of the fact that the entire country is being looted and burned by Africans.

Understand something on this final day of pride, this is all part and parcel of a brave new world you are living in. You want freedom and the right to do and say what you like? Then move to the jungles of Africa.

My MTD performance on this final day of June.

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Raw Concept: Flying Taxis

I never liked the Jetsons cartoon as a boy. I didn’t like the space aged shit and it never appealed to me. I was more of a Tom and Jerry kid — Transformers — rooting for Soundwave to win. Nevertheless, I do recall seeing the show and the flying taxis, moving sidewalks, robots etc. We seem to be living in an era where all of that is coming to fruition.

Yesterday the FAA approved air taxis for JOBY. The way it will work, initially, is $107 from your home to airport — in a controlled rout to minimize explosions and death. In the future, automated flying taxis will be common place.

I do not have numbers or a firm grasp on this nascent industry yet — but I am very bullish on UBER — and feel it is a 10x from here. But along the path, there will be speculation — bidding up names like JOBY, ACHR, EVEX — maybe even LILM. All have exposure to this space.

Food for thought.

I closed +62bps, hedged with SOXS at 15% for an overnighter.


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