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I had bought and sold KRTX for a quick loss yesterday. I had been up 13% before I acquiesced and threw in the towel. After the market closed, they, of course, announced a secondary. The stock got its head cracked in half this morning, down greater than $10 — before reversing course and absolutely rampaging higher.

I’ve seen these banana runs before. I was also long DRNA yesterday and held it — presently higher by more than 10%. There are a slew, mind you, of biotechs up double digits today. Here is one of my Exodus screens that isolates heavy volume movers in the space.

All that aside, and I might still trade it, I am raising cash. I sold most of my trading positions and have cash of ~65% now — still long some odds and ends — especially miners. But the gist of this move is to renew the trading account, for it got bogged down in too many stocks and too many of them were stale. I’m not running a best ideas portfolio, so if the stocks aren’t relevant today — they shouldn’t be in the account.

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Market Stalls on Weak Breadth; Turkey Day Fast Approaches

You simply cannot sell short stocks into Turkey Day. However, you can take a position in high yielding utilities, REITs, and gold in order to “just in case” your way towards victory.

Markets struggled all day. The highlight of my day was trading KRTX unsuccessfully. I had a 13% gain dissipate into a small loss. Stubbornly, I wanted the magical number $100 to be realized — and was quickly corrected when the stocks shrunk and the sellers came in with their orders. I rather enjoyed the excursion and would of course do it again. These runners are merely gambits that can swing either way. The key is to not let them turn into investments. Look at that NXTC — ran good and hard and now is half the value. Some of the runners can sustain; it’s all based upon the news item that is pushing it higher in the first place.

Mixed bag for me — especially with my Quant shedding 50bps. I look forward to more fun times tomorrow.

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What to Expect from Exodus 2.0

I’m getting a lot of emails from prospective clients in regards to Exodus 2.0 aka Stocklabs.

The pressing question that most people ask is “will it make me a better trader?” The answer to that question is of course NO — you will not all of a sudden become this grandiloquent trader, magnanimous man about town, moneyed man of property. If you grew up Polish, you will still be Polish after 2.0. Sorry, but there is nothing I can do about that. But what I can promise you is a carnivale styled environs with lots of clowns honking horns and men with funny noses places gambit trades in search of fortune. What I can also promise is greatness on a scale never seen before. Naturally this might chagrin my partner to great lengths who is stationed with developing the platform; but I do not care.

From what I’ve gathered and seen, the platform will perhaps “increase the sizes of your cocks”. That’s right. Also, “it can cure baldness” and possibly turn that “flaccid sausage into a rock solid destroyer of clams”.

None of the above indecorous description were my words, but instead the words of my young German partner, Tr3way, who views Stocklabs as a modern day cure all, for all things.

We should see to a launch soon. If you want to test it our and see if it can cure your impotence, go to StockLabs.io and enter your email.

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The Chinese Are Getting Addicted to The Bean

When people approach me and ask “Sir Fly, how might my family and I make a little bit of money in the stock exchange?”, I usually hit them with my cane and holler at them for disturbing my peace. But every so often, I am comforted by chirping birds or perhaps a sunset and such disposition permits me to offer them a bit of kindness. When it comes to the continent of Asia, an indecorous and ancient land filled with throat cutters and street masturbators, I offer only one piece of sage advice.

“Invest in whatever will cause addiction in that savage land”, and then I hit them with my cane.

In this case, I must reiterate my interest in LK, Luckin’ Coffee, due to the speed in which the shares are rising now. I’ve talked about this before and I will talk about it again. They’re #2 in all of China in pouring the black down into the throats of the Chinese citizenry. Up until recently, when western garbage culture infected theirs like a malignant tumor, they persisted off green tea and worked hard in the rice paddies, providing a large country with enough food to last thru winter. Now since all of the farmers moved into the “big city” and become billionaires, those morons don’t have enough food and have subsequently resorted to eating plastic rice and/or feral animals. These new city slickers are all trading stocks, wearing shiny suits, and driving fast cars. Gone are the days of the bicycle with the basket filled with soy in the front. The modern Chinese wants luxury items and, believe it or not, emulate the degenerate American — courtesy of Hollywood and their propaganda.

To this end, the green tea sojourns and rituals have all but ended and replacing it is The Black. Chinese people have taken to the bean with rapid qualities and this addiction has permitted Starbucks to spread their brand of disgusting coffee with cancerous characteristics. But thanks to the trade war and anti-American fervor throughout the streets of Beijing, the Chinese city slicker is opting for the domestic brand these days — Luckin’ Coffee.

How this coffee war ends is anyone’s guess. The people at Starbucks are devilish and can trick anyone into giving them money in exchange for their sub-par bean. However, if you’re looking to invest in an underdog with patriotic qualities surrounding the brand via ‘DEATH TO AMERICA AND THEIR FUCKING TRADE WAR STIGMA’, LK is the stock for you.

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Exodus 2.0 Beta Trial Sign Ups Are Here — A New Era of Winship is Upon You

We’ve been rewriting Exodus for the past 7 months and have some work left to do. However, part of getting it right for all of you out there is hearing what you like and dislike about the new platform.

It will be called StockLabs. The web domain will be Stocklabs.io

Go to that page and enter your email address in order to get an invite to the beta trial. Also, follow us on Twitter for exclusive updates.

Your expectations should be very high, and you should know that I’ve poured my heart and soul into this thing. All of the things you loved about Exodus will be there and much more. Data will be real time and dynamic. Our predictive algorithms have been upgraded and enhanced, also in real time. We’ll be introducing new intra-day day trading algos too, and so much more.

Best case scenario, we get this launched by year end. However, a lot of that depends on the beta trials and stress testing the servers, so do me a favor and get in here and request the trial.

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This is How You Build a Nice Bull Market

I’m not a doom and gloomer. Quite the opposite really. I’m like the morning sun — an afternoon cup of tea — the benign Capstone atop of your pyramid, gleefully looking over you and wishing you well. Now if I didn’t show you these things, well then, that would be unkind. You should know what you’re involved in before hand; this way, when the mood differs and the numbers crunch, there can be zero claims of ignorance.

Courtesy of ZH.

World wide debt is now $255t.

Debt change from 1999 to present.

Since Lehman, government debt has increased by $30t. How much GDP do you believe that represented? Moreover, how much of earnings is predicated upon the assemblage of said liabilities?

Emerging market debt is now $71t, up from $66t last year.

Here’s how the overall debt breaks down.

  • Household debt: $47.9 trillion
  • Non-financial corporate: $75.7 trillion
  • Government: $70 trillion
  • Financial corporate: $61.7 trillion

It’s important to note, we have a great economy, the best really. Lots of wonderful companies producing great things, lots of growth. Perhaps the best economy ever.

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I’ve been trading like a craven lunatic the past few days, Ty Cobbing in this motherfucker — trying to upgrade my win rate. The net results have been fun, but also stupid — with a series of piker wins — the brand of trading I used to mock in the pre-ZERO commission rate days.

CRWD +2.2%
DDOG +1.83%
KSS +2.11%
OKTA +3%
(AUY -7.1%)
KL +2.5%
NVCR +1.23%
EVBG +1.57%
CRSP +2.8%
EW +2.55%
CNMD +1%
BBBY +1.9%
(AYX -1.1%)
(BILI -1.1%)
GWRE +0.84%
(TMF -3.95%)
NGG +0.76%
KOD +4.6%

That’s 15 for my last 18 trades in the past two days. Why? Because I fucking felt like it. I talk shit and carry a small stick.

Today alone I bought 10 stocks, sold one for a 4.5% intra day spree, holding the rest over the weekend like a crackhead gambler. Why the fuck not? Trading is cheap, it’s free. I can do whatever the fuck I want. Besides, who’s gonna stop me?

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I Only Want Recourd Highs; Exodus 2 Beta Trial Sign Ups Coming Soon

With markets careening towards the sun, I only want stocks at or near record highs. Anything less than that is revolting and makes me sick. The very thought of having to own a stock not at its recourd high is something I’d much rather not have to do.

This morning, I booked two more profits.

CRSP +2.8%
EW +2.55%

These are small, infant, gains — but I have a job to do — spitting out winners on a daily basis. All of you out there have the luxury of never having to impress anyone but your ugly wives. See me, I have to impress the world. “The Fly” is a household name in 46 countries. People pick up their morning newspapers and ask each other “did you see what The Fly did yesterday?” Dinner tables across France are plagued by Fly talk, everyone wondering how I did during the trading day. The pressure is too much for anyone to bear, but except for me — of course.

That being said — the good folks at iBankCoin, in conjunction with our new tech partner, TR3WAY our of Germany, will be launching access to beta trials for Exodus 2.0 this weekend. Understand something, we’ve been toiling away for 7 months building this thing. I have FUCKERS inside Exodus now believing I am lying — pretending to build something for the sake of just saying it. Let me be the first to tell you, upon the launch of this glorious piece of financial software, I will cut all of their dicks off.

Stay tuned for me.

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Markets Rise on Pending Trade War Victory

I should just pre-make these blogs in my blogging factory. I could have headlines made up and ready to go with the content predictably crafted.

Here are some headlines to try out.







I can literally write these all day, because trade wars are fun and easy to win.

Markets can fuck off now. I don’t have any interest in it until noon.

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More Nothing; Friday Beckons

Today we had news of more China trade snags and stocks initially dropped, but then they recovered, naturally. I’ve been taking a lot of pissant wins for a specific reason and I hope to play my next hand with Space Alien Magician (SAM) precision.

One loss out of my last 8 isn’t too bad, but the gains are mostly stupid and rounding errors. Nevertheless, I’ve always found taking profits to be much better than losses and I feel all of those stocks will soon sink lower.

CRWD +2.2%
DDOG +1.83%
KSS +2.11%
OKTA +3%
(AUY -7.1%)
KL +2.5%
NVCR +1.23%
EVBG +1.57%

There are exceptions. I’m wondering about gold here — due to Friday and also rates. There could be a nice bounce in gold coming — or not. Bottom line, risk is certainly on and VIX is certainly low. One could argue there is an overabundance of hubris in this tape and that a comeuppance is long overdue.

Punishment is in order — one could only hope for it. Long ago, when markets were free from the yoke of the bankers, men and women, mostly men, traded with honor and dignity. Prices fluctuated and corrections were absorbed. It was part of the economic cycle — booms and busts. But now we have only boom and because there aren’t any busts — Gen Xers like myself look toward this market will cynical intentions. Naturally if you’re under 40 and fall into the millennial demographic, you are just a stupid cow of a person — beholden to the tits of the central banks — glad for it. Happy to be a cuck.

God willing, in our lifetime, we will extricate ourselves from the malevolent forces of the Fed and break free from this odious bull market and collapse it — crush all of the citizenry, eat the rich, and kill the poor.


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