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Godspeed to $GME Longs

This is the last notion of negativity coming out of me in regards to $GME. If you peered deep into my soul you’d find I want $GME to pop and all of you fucking morons make swaths of cold hard cash. I’d like to see you in stretched out limousines smoking cubans and telling people to ‘fuck off’ when approaching you for autographs. My apprehension about the stock has less to do about the stock itself but the stock operator and the ramifications of being early or wrong and how it might affect the poors.

It’s important to remind you of these things every so often, as your attention spans are weak, just like your stock picking prowess.

Early going we have strong pin action in $AAPL and we are seeing some action in meme stocks, notable $GME. But the overall tenor of the tape is down and we’re all just sitting around now waiting for the stock Gods to bestow its blessings unto us.


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