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We Sit and Wait for Our Rewards

We have like 6 or 7 good up stocks today: $AAPL $PLTR $ARM $FSLR $ILMN and maybe $RDDT. Coming off the sugar high of meme mania, which presides over a large cadre of tranny Reddit users getting zeroed the fuck out in the stock exchange, we have some apathy here. However bored you might be, bear in mind we are still in a bull tape and these dips, although annoying, are good.

As such, I am in a constant state of bullishness and would prefer for my rewards to be expedited so that I could do a real fuck you post, casting aside my enemies as if they were crumbs at the edge of a table.

SAAS stocks are up, which is the largest component of tech, so the rally to come is just a matter of waiting around and finally seeing it happen now.

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