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Short Squeeze Imminent

The bears are about to have their tits ripped from their bodies. Even the $GME longs should make some money.

What we saw today was an excellent demonstration of short seller ineptitude. They lack the resilience and the staying power to press their rights; ergo, and this goes without saying, they will be dispatched soon.

The Gamestop jump of 22% is representative of a much larger risk on narrative being played out here and many stocks that have large short interests also jumped. There is a palpable fear amongst the professional short sellers that their cocks will soon be cleaved off by a gaggle of incels who posted memes on the faggotry forum known as Reddit.

Once upon a time I was an admin on Wall Street Bets and was BANNED from the fucking site after exerting my powers in a way that was viewed to be hostile to the community. Out of many genres of persons online, the WSB crowd on Reddit could very well people the type of person that I hate the most. If provided with ample and sweeping powers, I’d have them all arrested, tried, and exiled to Africa to have their skulls crushed in by natives who’d believe gold bars were stowed away in them.

Good day.

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