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Get Short, See Where it Gets You

Tonight, “The Fly” will begin blacklisting certain people who comment on this “high-end site.” This isn’t yahoo message boards, where assholes reside and discuss nazism and the importance of the “New World Order.”

I’ll have you know, this is NOT a democracy. This site is to be ruled with an iron fist, where only Fly’s ideas are relevant, while Woodshedder’s are just the ramblings of a sour southerner—still mad at being on the short end of the “Civil War stick.”

Today was a perfect consolidation day. Aside from select financials, like ETFC, FMD, COF and DSL, the market was orderly.

The UAPH buyout caused a buying frenzy in other agriculture related plays, like  LNN, MOS, VMI, MON, POT, CNH and BG.

Being long the ag space is for everyone. It’s for the inflation hawks, who believe we are in the midst of a multi-year commodity bull market. And, it’s for the global growth guys, who feel “ag is the way to go,” since China and India are “growing so fast.”

In short, if “The Fly” can teach you anything, it is to pay attention to what is working in bad markets.

God willing, “The Fly” will put together a short list of “shotgun to the head” ag picks—in order to help “simple internet folk” make enough money to pay their grocery bills.

Ironic irony.

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Thanksgiving, part II

Following a sharp move higher, it’s important to consolidate gains—in order to lure more bearshitters out of their depression camps— into short positions.

For now, I want to make sure Santa Claus is interested in killing bears. Hence, I will wait to put cash to work.

Some stocks, like DE, MOS and SIGM, just don’t give a fuck—making new highs no matter what.

In short, the best advice I can give you now is to go eat a turkey sandwich— with stuffing and cranberry sauce. In other words, Thanksgiving on a bun.

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Don’t Do That

Look you, I don’t listen to “internet people” suggestions or opinions. Most of you are retarded in the first place, with your 3rd grade writing skills. Don’t come here with recommendations. I will kill all of your goldfish and have your kitchen cabinets removed, mainly for revenge.

Whatever you have going for you, with regards to bullshit brokerage accounts, connections on Wall Street or new rims on your car, it’s meaningless and less than Fly.

Aside from that, RIMM is almost a buy. Like I said on Friday, wait for that fucker to settle in under $105, prior to taking a gambling position.

However, it’s worth noting, I have no sense of urgency to add more RIMM, considering my low basis.

LNN is on fucking fire; VMI is next. I’d bet my eyes on it, if I didn’t lose them in the last bet.

Chinese related stocks are getting kicked in the noodles. With my money, I prefer shorting China here, via FXP, than going long.

Credit related names are taking a breather. My fledging ACF position is weak and asshattish. I will give it two more days, then BAM, off with its head.

Finally, there are fucking ground rules here, assholes. The number one rule here is NEVER to fuck with my large positions. Talking shit about MVIS is equal to wearing a blue sweater in an all blood neighborhood. Whatever you think you know, reserve it for people who value low-IQ/scatter brained drivel.

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Too Busy for You

As you know, “The Fly” needs to address many important matters, such as 28 inch rims, bling for Christmas and my comedic home plumbing experience, amongst others.

However, due to my busy schedule, I am unable to type words on the computer, at least not too many words.


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Bear Trapped

I bet you (bearshitters) thought the DOW was going to tank, didn’t you?

Much to your chagrin, the market finished up more than 60 points, closing out the week in big dicked fashion.

Check this out:

We’re going higher bitches, despite what Carter Worth and other asshats say.

With my money, I’m buying bullshit garbage stocks, trying to help cause a domino short squeeze effect.

Basically, “The Fly’s” time machine is operational again, with wins in his shorts (TIF, DCR inverse) and bigger wins in his longs (JCG, FTK, VMW, LFT, etc).

As you know, VMI grates my soul, unable to bust loose. Patiently, I will keep buying the stock, until I get my way.

Finally, do not misconstrue my over-hyper bullishness for recklessness. Again, my portfolio’s are conservatively diversified amongst the 10 principal sectors in the S & P 500. And, no position of mine constitutes more than 7% of my holdings.

Never bet the house, just the car, wardrobe and watch.

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Fly Buy: TIF

I covered my TIF short, buying 5,000 @ $46.80.

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Buying Garbage

Right here, I’m taking profits on high quality names, like VMW, BBY, JCG, FTK, and “plowing money” into low-end garbage stocks.

Odd, no?

Just know, my rational is weak. I’m betting on a fucking short squeeze, thanks in large part to the sweaty palms of the shorts.

Currently, I’m aggressively buying ACF.

In addition, I might buy more CFC, SPF.

Finally, if properly inebriated, I might buy RDN, WM, SOV and maybe even CORS.

NOTE: My time frame is less than 1 week.

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