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Back to Winning

Aside from [[CLNE]] and [[FMCN]] longs, “The Fly” is back to mid-season form, with his timely [[SKF]], [[SRS]], [[FXP]] and [[TCB]], [[LEH]], [[MI]], [[BBT]], [[CMA]] shorts.

Even though I was greatly tempted, via soft whispers in my head, to sell short more banks into the close, I resisted. I am sure the “government cheese makers” will have some more “newz” for the market, come Monday morning. So, I’ve decided to hold my fire for next week.

Just know, most of you longs are in grave danger. Chrysler is no longer offering leases, banks are demanding 30-35% down on a new home and 30 year mortgage rates are north of 6.7%.

Good luck on that 2nd half recovery, fuck-face.

Look you, I do not wish ill upon my fellow man. I just want to bank a little coin off his despair, while listening to gangster rap music.

In all earnest, I hope the economy can get back on track. I remember and miss the days when I’d push old men, who were shorts stocks, into and down empty elevator shafts. However, my “calculator brain” has forced me into having a most dire outlook for U.S. equities.

Naturally, this can change with new data, specifically the collapse of commodity prices and loosening of credit standards.

In closing, if you’re the patriotic type, kill the chicoms, via [[FXP]]. Hell, they’re your future enemies, with their fucked up toys and disgusting shrimp farms.

Top pick: short TCB

: Weekend viewing

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeWJZiJGc2s&eurl=http://market-ticker.denninger.net/ 450 300]

UPDATE II: Even better economic commentary.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLo8u21iif8&eurl=http://www.nahright.com/news/ 450 300]

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Good Sirs, Lend Me Your Shares

Here we go again. I can’t find stock to borrow. Either every asshole with a series 7 is short banks, or my clearing agent is being an ass.

With such a tight environment for shares, the potential for a massive short squeeze still exists. If you have zero skin in the bank short game, maybe it’s best if you wait for things to settle down. This weekend, I’m sure all of the donkey punchers, with asshats, will try their best to strike deals, in order to support the house of cards— best known as the U.S. banking system.

At the present, I am short [[TCB]], [[MI]], [[LEH]], [[HRB]] and [[BBT]].

Aside from that, I am not buying the bounce in crude stocks, yet. For the moment, I will keep my cash position intact, while diligently trying to borrow shares for some of my favourite [sic] stocks.

NOTE: CNBC is a homo-network.

NOTE II: I told you from day 1, the rise in natural gas was unnatural. It is a scam. There is more than enough natty to supply our dumbass houses, without even drilling for more. Natty should trade under $7, in a normal world.

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I Have No Idea

Following ‘good economic data,’ the market has no idea what it wants to do. On one hand, it wants to drive the shares of [[LEH]] and [[MI]] through the dirt. On the other, it just loves [[BCS]] and its euro-trash ways.

Personally, I am pleased to see [[IBKR]] eat pavement. Don’t ask me why. I just do.

As a result of cocaine abuse, the [[SKF]] is all over the road. As you know, I bought some in the $150’s, then I bought a lot more, sub $120. By no means will I sell it here. I may consider letting go of some in the $140’s.


[[CLNE]] is bouncing here. I love this name. It’s just one of those stocks that has the potential to double or triple. While the volatility is severe, I believe in the long term fundamentals and will hold this fucker, through thick or thin—or until I have a “big dicked” gain.

Oil sucks again. At the present, I own very little [[PCZ]]. Other than that, I like [[FTK]], but own zero.

Go figure.

[[MVIS]] is behaving rather nicely, following the announcement of a capital raise. I am long about 50,000 shares and intend on holding them through Christmas.

Finally, I do not trust this tape, either way. I will probably balance out my holdings a little more, then go throw rocks at people outside.

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Why This Market is Worse Than a Heroin Addicted Crackwhore

I’ll leave the diatribes to those of you who love to hate the Government in the comments section, or other third tier bloggers.

Gentleman and piss ants, I am here to bank coin. I do not care about main street or crooked politicians; because I have no control over them. The only thing I preside over are my actions and the influence I exert upon others, in my domain.

If I were to spend my time focusing on the miasmic world of Wall Street and Federal Reserve fuckery, I would be living in a housing tenement in Brooklyn.

This is what I know:

Providing Ben and Hank are fresh out of tricks, this new leg down will be the killer. Last leg lower, ag, commodity and infrastructure stocks held firm. Furthermore, select blue chip tech/retail names, like [[AAPL]], [[RIMM]] and [[GME]] held their butter. Not this time.

One by one, the generals have been taken out and shot, including [[POT]], [[MOS]] and even [[X]].

As you know by now, this market has financially ruined people. I know many investors who had their life savings tied up in bank/broker dealer stocks, only to be washed away in one short year. Just like that.

How quaint.

Sure, the warnings were everywhere, except on CNBC. But I digress.

When the “homo hammer of certain death” falls again, it will be permanent. I do not know when it will occur; I only know it will. For all I know, the market can go on another terrific run to 12,000, prior to the ominous resurfacing of the dastardly “homo hammer.” I digress again.

So sorry.

Pension funds are being clown raped, if that makes any sense to you. I know people who manage these funds and they are stupid/hopeless.

Everyone is waiting for the bottom, all the while the Treasury and the Fed concoct new plans to reinflate the balance sheets of bullshit banks, via draining the life savings out of school teachers.

Everything about 21st century banking is 2nd rate, from bank tellers to bank whores (Dick Bove). As an investor and steward of assets under my management, I cannot find it in me to buy [[WM]], down at these levels, like some people I don’t know.

To sum up this rant of nothingness: before trying to catch the genesis of a new bull market, remember how stupid you were [when you tried it the last time] and find solace in knowing that you are not “The Fly” and do not have the luxury of hedonistic time travel. Instead, go eat a ham sandwich with mayo, watch the ballgame and guzzle down a few dozen bottles of beer, while Ben and Hank fumble around— selling your country to egregious clowns wearing florescent yellow jumpsuits.

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POOF: Your Bull is Gone

The brokers are really fucking the market here. Rumors of mass Exodus at [[MER]] are destroying their shares. I can tell you, when times are tough, brokers love to leave their employers, in exchange for a big fat signing bonus at another broker/dealer.

The incentives are huge, typically 100-200% of the reps trailing 12. So, a million dollar producer can leave MER for [[MS]] for a quick 1.5 mill. Hell, in this market, up front money is very enticing.

With my money, I shorted more [[LEH]] today, mainly because I can.

The general feel of today’s tape was extraordinarily bearish. It’s this sort of tape that reminds asshats, who suck the balls off of [[GE]], that we are in a bear market.

As for me, I kept most of my longs, with exception to [[FMCN]]. I sold out 3/4th’s of my FMCN position, mainly because it did not respond to BIDU‘s numbers.

I will be looking to buy a few energy names, over the next few sessions. Too many jerkoffs are short. I will take their money, then kick them into an active freeway of mud stomping bulls.

In closing, “The Fly” feels like a fucking douche for covering his bank shorts the other day. In order to make up for this “pussified behaviour [sic]. he intends to punish the shares of [[TCB]], [[MI]] and [[LEH]], while living lavishly off of gains in [[SKF]].

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Clear Out Fuckers; The Fly is Coming

I am having my revenge today.

Quickly, I identified my “wrongness” and sold out half of my [[FMCN]] position. Then, I took the liberty to place my balls on the banks dull blade, via shorting [[TCB]], [[MI]] and [[LEH]].

Then, I bought a plethora of [[SRS]], [[SKF]] and [[REW]].

Finally, I sat back and witnessed my brilliance, in real time, as [[CLNE]] went green and everything else red.

The steel stocks are being clown raped, with monster losses in [[MTL]], [[ATI]] and [[ZEUS]].

The stupid casino stocks are collapsing, with egregious losses in [[MGM]], [[LVS]] and [[WYNN]].

The good feelings of yesterday have magically morphed into desperation and melancholy. I do not need the luxury of a time machine to know Cramer is an asshat for suggesting [[GE]] is a buy, thanks to its financial exposure.

Listen up bucko: GE moves higher when the economy gets better. Plain and simple.

In closing, I want all of you to know, “The Fly” has reinstated the “Reverse Five Horsemen” of banking displeasure. [[FED]], [[FHN]], [[DSL]], [[PACW]] and [[CORS]] are all in the line of fire, yet again.

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Fly Sells: FMCN, TCB, MI

I sold 20,000 [[FMCN]] @ $26.75 and I sold short 10,000 [[TCB]] @ $12.45.

UPDATE: I sold short 10,000 [[MI]] @ $15.50

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