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I am putting cash to work, which is burning a hole in my hand.

I bought the following:

VCLK, sub $7.10

ITW, sub $36.25

PFE, sub $18.05

C, sub $7

NOTE: This allocation is very small, less than 5% of assets. I will not rush into any trades, long or short.

NOTE II: My premise for buying VCLK is for personal reasons. Recently, iBankcoin started utilizing their services and I am impressed.

UPDATE: I allocated another 5% of my cash into the following:

BAC, sub $14.10

C, sub $7.05

, sub $26.5

Also, to fully hedge my FAZ position, I bought FAS.

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Hello 2009

I bought a little VCLK this morning, which is essentially besides the main point. We are in the midst of a most dishonorable commodity rally.

See, here on iBankcoin, “The Fly” conducts himself in a certain ordained manner. He is a man of ethics and principal, unlike most bloggers. The very notion of investing, without conviction, is rather unsettling to me.

Take XOM for example: I am short from $82, yet find no concrete reason to cover my shorts. That’s conviction dear friends/enemies. Regrettably, being short RIG does not offer “The Fly” the same comforts, which in turn has forced me to cover my shorts in that particular name.

At the moment, I find it odd that the market is rallying, without the luxury and support of bank/commerical real estate stocks driving the limousine. What oil stocks are doing now is rather astounding, essentially pricing in $70 crude.

What’s important to me is the activity in t-bills. My position in TBT is finally starting to gain some traction. Amazingly enough, the telegraphed trade of shorting t-bills/long equities is ham and egging it, to use a rather loose term, all the way to the local bank teller.

With my vast sums of liquidity, I have placed minor bets in a variety of names, none of which should be of any importance to the likes of you. For you, I have purchased a small quantity of VCLK, at an undisclosed price, at an undisclosed time.

The first trading day of 2009 shall be remembered as a day that let basic resource stocks out of their respective cages, and into the showers of bearshitters, in order to bite their heads off. However, all other sectors, thus far, are sort of mailing in the trading day.

Until I see the frantic action spread, like a cancerous tumor, I shall not change my opinions of banks/commercial re, which incidentally is rather grim.

NOTE: Preferred bank shares caught a bid this morning, evidenced by strength in PGF and PGX. They are both worth a look.

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Possible Short Set Ups

The markets are on the verge of breaking out. As always, I am skeptical of any breakout, especially when they are espoused by coked out of their brains CNBC talking heads. And I do not mean the employees of CNBC, like Maria and Matt ” fat fuck” Nesto. I am talking about the assholes who are interviewed on the exchange floor, every fucking day, telling the audience how “cheap” equities are.

Nonetheless, even broken clocks are right twice per day. So, with the 50%+ cash that I have set aside, I am prepared to get long a select group of stocks, which I outlined here and here.

However, since everyone is all amp’d up, waiting for some sort of ’09 run, “The Fly” is prepared, if needed, to sell to you, twice mind you.

Again, as of now the trend is up. But, should the laws of reason creep back into the markets, effectively knee-capping the likes of Matt Nesto and cannon fodder like “Jim Goldman,” here is a list of potential short sales:

Basic Materials


Consumer Goods













none worth considering. Maybe NI.

UPDATE: Video request, as per Holly Woodshedder

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lYDARoffpY 450 300]

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Be Safe

No drinking and driving. And,no diving into empty swimming pools.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duhGjGuzpSA 450 300]

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Happy New Year

I know what you’re doing. I see you over there, in your little, little chair. It looks like a fucking tripod for an old bullshit camera. You are all smug with confidence, thinking you are on the verge of creating electricity.

You have your little charts and your nice little marble paper weights, placed orderly on your mahogany desk; everything is so honkey dorey. Oh yes, you are very proud of your desk. It is made from a rare wood and it was passed down from a dead relative, which makes it even cooler/more expensive. Every night you polish it up real nice, then lay your fucking asshole charts on top of them, in preparation for the trading day ahead.

You are of the persuasion that the Federal Government is in the business of sucking the foreskin off investors, through low rates and free money. You believe everything is priced in and that the banks will not take King Kong cock sized writedowns next quarter. You think it is safe to swim in the waters, for your little fucking ruler points to a geometric pattern that indicates a “breakout.”

Your world is blissfully wonderful, and also jubilant, until (of course) Dr. Death steps into your office and urinates gasoline all over your dead relatives desk, then tosses a lit cigar onto your pile of neatly stacked queer charts.

Dr. Death brings bad news of unemployment and “fuck you, you’re dead” bankruptcies, to a variety of industries. He has the banks by the short hairs, forcing them to cut deals with delinquent borrowers, who are only 8 months late on their mortgage. These deadbeat fellows demand their banks drop the loan value by one third. Dr. Death makes it so.

He does not believe low rates do anything, since they are artificial. After all, without the communist bastards inside the U.S. government setting prices, LIBOR would be 10% by now.

Finally, he will set you free—if you would only let him into your house, so that he may “take a look” or piss at/on your finely polished mahogany desk.

Knock, knock

UPDATE: EE Times offers 20 predictions, for the semi industry, for 2009 (bulls, do not click).

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Squeezed Lemons

In an amazing display of bravery, coupled with idiocy, bulls are squeezing the lemons out of bears, into the final few days of ’08. Much to my chagrin, I find myself just watching this shit, in amazement, saddled with egregious inverse etf’s and loads of cash.

Typically the market sells off in the final days of any year. However, being that 2008 is the stupidest year ever recorded, naturally, the market is ripping higher. The fucking news is Armageddon like and every company in America will be a bank, inside of 6 months, in order to scalp some TARP cash.

Despite oil living in the $30 price range, big oil stocks are bucking the trend, going up in my face. Howsoever, short oil is a bet that I am more than willing to average into, for many of those levered up oil losers will be going out!

Select bank stocks, like GS and WFC, led the market higher, by the nose, sending my FAZ swan diving. Let me tell you, it’s easy to be short when the world appears to be ending. However, during times of jubilation, being short is equal to having your stomach roasted on the devil’s grill—always a bad experience.

I wanted to buy stocks this morning; but I didn’t. Instead of blindly chasing stocks here, I will opt to wait this rally out, then make my move in early ’09.

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Hard to Buy Here

I am scanning through PPT screens, which represents my brain activity through software, and I cannot motivate myself to buy anything.

I mean, lots of stocks look good. If I just landed on this garbage filled shithole of a planet and took a gander at the stock market, I’d probably say “hmmm, that fucker looks like it will break the fuck out, eeek, eeek, arr, arrr, arrrrr (alien real talk).

Right now, IR, TGT, HAR, LZ, XLNX, INTC, INTU, ALTR, VMW, FO, NYX, IEX, CTV, amongst a variety of other momentum stocks, look bullish. However, past mistakes are haunting me to remember the sentence that I have written on the white board in my office.


Through years of flame broiling myself, in and out of bad trades, I’ve learned that the market is always wrong. When things looks great, typically, it’s time to sell— and vice versa.

Frankly, there are too many stocks up 100% in recent weeks that “look good.” The very notion of buying something, after it has doubled in price, in such a short period of time is— without a doubt— unequivocally fucktarded.

Remember, there are people out there who bought XYZ Corp. 95% ago. Be careful for the sharp edged pendulum swinging into your face.

With regards to the important matter of blogging:

“The Fly” is King of the Internets, as you well know. There are many losers out there trying to steal my thunder. However, I will let these maggots know, on a continuous basis, mind you, that you may take thunder— even steal it— but you must also take the lightning bolt that comes with it (whatever the fuck that means. It just sounds very ill-boding).

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