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Fuck the Banks, yet Again

The banks are up too much, too quickly. I am selling out of all my banking plays, with the exception of [[LAZ]]. In addition, I will redouble my efforts betting against the morons at [[LEH]]. And, just to fuck with Ducati, I will triple my [[SKF]] position.

Aside from that, I am looking to milk a few pesos from [[NILE]]. The company is due to report earnings tomorrow. Honestly, being long the stock into earnings scares the devil out of me. I want to pare down my position prior.

Long [[FXP]] and [[FMCN]] makes sense to me. And, long [[REW]] and [[NVDA]] seems like a winner. By the way, NVDA is due to report numbers this week. Scary.

At the moment, money is coming out of tech/financials and going back into “ag plays,” much to my chagrin. Oh Lord I despise the shares of [[POT]]. My short position is very small, so do not think I am worried—because I’m not.

Fuck you.

Nonetheless, I will be patient.

Top picks: SKF, FMCN

UPDATE: ISM data showed growth. Full steam ahead.

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Bears Eating YHOO’s Brains, in Early Trading

When visiting this blog, keep in mind, I do not want you here. You are unwanted guests. If it were up to “The Fly” there would be no traffic stats to speak of, just asshattery.

With that being said, my year to date gains are still more than yours, upwards of 12%. I have vast amounts of cash and little in the way of future profits, considering I am traveling in a “pimped out” time machine.

For those of you who doubt the Godly nature of “The Fly,” you shall and will be tracked down and have jelly donuts punched into your chest, especially coming out of elevators.

Finally, it’s worth noting, shares of [[YHOO]] are receiving two “homo hammers of death” to the cranium, as its CEO “Yangs” shareholders with his gay ways.


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Campaign Commercial: Elect CuervosLaugh

[youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=q3abMzNazfM 450 300]

NOTE: This has been a paid advertisement by the “Elect Cuervoslaugh” campaign.

UPDATE: We are doing some early polling on the coming elections. Go vote.

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I’m sure “The Fly” is making most of you scratch your heads, thinking “what the fuck is this asshole doing”?

One day I hate stocks, the next they’re grrrreat!

Frankly, I am running, without reason. Currently, I am theme-less. I’m just walking around the forest of fucktards, with rifle in hand, picking off game.

Right now, I am long [[NILE]], [[WB]], [[LAZ]], [[FMCN]], [[CTRP]], [[NVDA]], [[HD]], [[JOE]], [[RIG]], while having short exposure in [[SMN]], [[SRS]], [[SKF]], [[FXP]], [[POT]] and [[LEH]].

By the way, “The Fly” is Master and Commander of the putrid shares of LEH, just like [[HANS]].

Basically, I don’t have the slightest clue, regarding the near term direction of the market. I’m just trying to be in as many plays as possible, taking gains where I can.

I’ll be utilizing my “time machine” this weekend, in order to get a better feel for the near term direction of this God forsaken market.

NOTE: Stay tuned for Hattery’s campaign commercial, immediately following the closing bell.

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Position Update: NVDA

I do not like the banks here. You go buy them, after a a 50% run.

However, I do like select tech, particularly [[NVDA]].

It’s a nasdaq 100 name, with huge institutional sponsorship. Should the market continue to rally, NVDA should do well. However, keep in mind, they are slated to book earnings next week.

Bottom line: “The Fly” has been buying NVDA in a rather aggressive manner.

NOTE: Ragin’ has been buying it too. We rarely buy the same stocks at the same time. Perhaps a sign of doom.

Just saying.

UPDATE: [[MSFT]] jsut agreed to pay up to $33 for [[YHOO]]. What a group of assholes. YHOO is worth $18, at most.

Sell MSFT twice over. They are breaking the bank.

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