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Here’s My ‘Theme’

Every morning, short [[LEH]]. Then, I look around the casino, pick up a few loose chips and go home.

So sorry fuckers, but if you want “The Fly” to stick with a specific theme, after such a monster run, you’ve come to the wrong blog.

After all, this site is not about you; it’s all about “The Fly” and his glorious rants. Fuck around, I may never discuss stocks again. I may turn this blog into some sort of activist website, to promote the use of plutonium in our weapons—which is a whole new topic.

“The Fly” is all about complete war, from the comfort of his couch.

I nabbed some [[FMCN]] cheap. Now, I will sell the entire position. The net result: I bagged 7 points in a week— 1 per day if you will.

Right here, right now, I am buying back the [[SKF]], which was sold this morning. And, I am throwing a “big dicked” short position on the retards from LEH.

It’s still early, but the the market has an underlying weakness to it. [[SHLD]] is having its cock chopped off, while [[YHOO]] melts up.

A fascinating paradigm.

Top pick: short LEH

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Bulls Stomp Bears

Without a doubt, BEAS is hacking the vote and will be dealt with accordingly. It is too coincidental that his vote count stays at 31%. As far as I’m concerned, Alpha is in the lead.

After [[FNM]] posted a bowser of a number, the market looked set for a pullback. However, after a few lines of Columbian cocaine, the market reversed and the bulls were back to mud-stomping the bears.

Early this morning, I pared down my [[SKF]] trading position and bought some more [[FMCN]] and [[NVDA]].

We live in bazaaro land. Enjoy.

Oil is out of control to the upside. With my money, I like [[RIG]].

Also, I added a new name today, [[BAP]].

BAP is a financial institution in Peru. Basically, it is a play on the burgeoning cocaine trade.

Finally, I must say, the refiners are dead. Fuck them and the stupid horses they rode in on.

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5 New Rules

I just unbanned everyone, so let’s start again.

Here are iBC’s new communist rules:

1. Do not annoy “The Fly.” You may critique him or even bad mouth him, but do not annoy. I realize there is a thin line between hating and outright spam. It’s your job to walk that line, not mine.

2. Quit with the soft porn. This isn’t a fucking degenerate website. Show some fucking class, losers.

3. I want more ideas, less rabble. I want an end to the 10,000 word essays, at once. Let’s get back to making money.

4. Stop giving Woodshedder negative karma. It hurts his feelings and makes him cry.

5. Never question the legitimacy of “The Fly.” Should any of you morons say: “Hey (burp), that ain’t Fly. Where’s Fly? I want me some Fly.” For that, I will fucking ban you.

Do you hear me, you fucking faggots?
NOTE: As soon as “lazy man Jeremy” get to his laptop, “the elections” will commence.

UPDATE: I do not know where this came from, but it has my website on it. You know what to do. I better see iBC on top by morning.

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Campaign Commercial: VOTE BEAS

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBq_dKLemwE 450 300]

NOTE: This has been a paid commercial by the Freemasons of London Organisation.

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Quit worrying about valuations or charts. Stocks like [[X]] will go up forever, thanks to the “global growth story.”

All day, “The Fly” was busy throwing small hand axes at a bag of egregious fertilizer, with a sign that read: “KILL POT NOW” on it. That fucking stock is going to be the death of me, one way or another.

Oil is going to $400. Write it down.

Today was a mixed day for me, with gains in [[FMCN]], [[FXP]], [[SKF]], [[SRS]] and short [[LEH]], while enjoying “elephant kicks” to the chest in [[NILE]], [[NVDA]] and short [[POT]].

A bunch of ridiculous Chinese stocks took off, feeding the retard crowd. And banks shit the shower.

Select foreign stocks, like [[MELI]] and [[BIDU]] did well. However, I view those moves as outliers, due to overall bearish activity.

In short, I am market neutral, with a bearish bias on the banks and brokerages.

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Beware of False Optimism

Sometimes I see things, that cannot be seen by mortal men. Right now, almost everyone I know is bullish. I see the most negative people in the world, Ducati included, are now big time bulls. I see Chinese Solar Burrito stocks running, while the market, and many sectors, are in their 7th week of extreme rally.

On my old blog, I noted a theory that entailed avoiding stocks during its 7th week of a rally. It is a non-scientific market timing strategy. I had used this strategy to time my sells, during past “bubble runs.” Had I listened to my own advice, it would have saved me a fucking “clown van” full of money, via not buying [[XFML]] last year.

Right now, the market has a feel good tone to it, as everything melts the fuck up, thanks to “money from the sidelines” piling in. Just remember the pain you felt a few short weeks ago, when the world was ending and your house was nearly foreclosed on.

Don’t look now, something is fucking fishy over at [[CFC]]. Aside from that, the banks looks damn toppy, for a trade—at a minimum.

Once again, I like [[SKF]] and [[FMCN]] here, for a pair trade.

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A Dickly Update

Check me out at my new boiler room, Ladenburg Thalmann, ticker [[LTS]].

Dick Bove, Bucket Shop Analyst, LadenBurg  

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God Bless Oil Companies

With oil approaching $120 per barrel again, thanks to some fucking cavemen in Nigeria, we all should be kissing the shoes the oil companies walk on. See you guys are too stupid to understand what’s going on. “The Fly” understands and is on top of this oil boom, like a cat on a milk bowl.

I am thrilled to pay more at the pump, positively thrilled. We, as Americans, have a duty to support the oil interests of the Middle East, in order to create jobs over there.

Why worry about Ohio, when there is plenty of shit going on in Dubai?

See, we live in a “global world,” where everything is one, aside from heart disease—which still belongs to us. However, [[MCD]] is trying to remedy that. Anyway, do not get upset at the oil companies for raping you at the pump. Your hard earned money is “building a bridge” to our “friends” overseas.

On today’s oil spike, a myriad of stocks are screaming higher. My favorites are [[BEXP]], [[GLBL]], [[EOG]] and [[OXY]].

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