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Get Those Fucking Boats!

“The Fly” was somewhat concerned that the “deflationary pressures,” brought on by the Fed’s tight monetary policy, might suck the oil producers dry—sending a barrel of oil under a mind numbing $115—until today.

Indeed, those pesky little Iranian fuckers, with their boats, must be taught a lesson.

I propose a full scale invasion, led by a battalion of internet bloggers and retired attorneys.

As you can see by now, all of “The Fly’s” recent moves have been masterful. All of my new banking stocks are up, while the nefarious bastards from China see their stocks trade down—allowing [[FXP]] to reinflate.

However, at the same time, [[CTRP]] is up!

A glorious day awaits “The Fly,” sometime soon.

For now, I am a big bull on all banks. [[AXP]] had kickass numbers, so will everyone else.

Remember, the more money the banks lose—the better.

Top pick: CTRP

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Who Will Replace Gunners?


You must be willing to blog with passion and have a modicum of intelligence. Your pay will be 50/50 split on adsense and percentage of total iBC revenue, based upon traffic stats.

Personally, I know a few people in the Peanut Gallery worth choosing. For those who have an interest, no fucking joke, find my fucking email address and contact me, else I’ll just tell Mr. Bilderberg to have one of his char-wallah’s blog instead.

In other news, here is a video clip of “Hollywood ‘shedder” performing with that new music group of his:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teeZ6DiBiGA 450 300]

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Prosperity Springs!

I have important matters to look after, so this quick note will have to suffice as today’s closing comments.

As you know, “The Fly” has snapped, causing him to allocate large amounts of appreciating dollars into financial stocks. I just like them. No rhyme. No reason.

Just today, I received multiple unsolicited buy orders for ridiculous banks. Normally, I’d fight the counter-party, in order to stop such transactions—but not today.

No, today everything changed. From here on, bank executives will be eating their mashed potatoes with gravy, as opposed to plain with salt.

I had to reshuffle many things.

For example: I trimmed back some [[SRS]] and covered all of my shorts, except [[POT]].

In addition, right now I have zero [[SKF]], zero gold and no bets against the consumer.

Despite what the coffee fags from [[SBUX]] say, the American consumer is on fire or “en fuego”— if you prefer a little latin flavor.

In closing, “The Fly” is well on his way to great success and unparalleled command of the U.S. and global stock markets.

Top pick: MER

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Fly Buy: UYG, WB

I bought 5,000 [[UYG]] @ $33.05, 5,000 [[WB]] @ $27.38 and 5,000 [[CORS]] @ $9.35.

Disclaimer: If you buy UYG, WB or CORS because of this post, another big bank will be bailed out. And, you may lose money.

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People of America: REJOICE

Our stock market is about to break the fuck out, which will lead to a new wave of self made millionaires and fat cat investment bankers.

There never was food shortages. As we now know, they were just inventory glitches.

Rejoice in the fact that the dollar is up today, clearly marking the bottom in the mired currency, at the same time deflating commodities.

People of the internet, it’s time to get dumb. If you were the type of guy who ignored news, over the past 2 months, you banked coin.

Get dumb, drunk and become rich.

Major breakout in financials. I love [[MER]], [[MS]], [[GS]], [[JEF]], [[PJC]], [[MF]], [[LEH]], [[CS]] and [[CLMS]].

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Press the Envelope

Check this out: buy financials.

My [[MER]] purchase was indeed real and not an experiment. Everything is topsy-turvy. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to figure this shit out.

In short, before we trade lower, we will cut through 13,000, like retarded construction guys through Home Depot.

All of the brokers are decent trades, even [[LEH]].

There is funny shit going on and I am in no mood to get in the way.

The dollar is bottoming, which may cause a short term moderation in commodity prices. On that news, I like financials and Chinese stocks, down at these levels.

For now, my top picks are MER and [[CTRP]].

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