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Just trading the signals

Good morning gang. Your local metaverse junkie here. I done speculated the NFP report well so I am taking the rest of the day off from trading.

We lost some good lads these last few weeks. Trading has its streaks. I swear to you. There are other trades where this happens. If you speak to most small business owners they’ll tell you the same thing.

Trading is a business. So is selling strawberries. Or software or jpegs or cars. Sales is good honest work btw and the bots are going to have a hard time replacing sales people.

Let’s be clear on one things — I receive zero fiat compensation from iBankCoin/Stocklabs. Dear Fly has offered me funds in the past I always say, “Keep it. Invest it into making Exodus/Stocklabs better.”

Because I make my money in the markets.

And a big part of my edge is being an above average executor of systematic signals and Dear Fly has built one heck of a time machine.

We lost some good lads these last few weeks.

I saw an interesting tweet a few weeks ago that said technical analysis is astrology for men. That’s interesting to me because a trading system based on celestial cycles can be just as profitable as one based off of price charts and I don’t think the author of that tweet knows this.

The challenge is consistently executing a strategy. We lost some good lads these last few weeks.

Listen, I am not going to stand here on my humble soap box and say I enjoyed September. I didn’t. I could have done better and I didn’t and I will have to go back through my notes and think about what obstructed my performance.

My job is not to trade from the gut. My trades are based on statistics that are indifferent to me. The market does not try to kill me. Markets only exist to facilitate the maximum amount of trade. That’s it.

The numbers on the screen are a human attempt to organize the interaction of millions of humans. In essence, markets are the collective conscience of humanity.

Which is why this 2021 drift deeper into the metaverse has been so fluid for me.

You see lads, I’ve been alone for nearly 10 years now, eating what I kill. Starving when I fail. These days I grow much more food. Because for real there were periods during this trading journey where I for real wasn’t sure if I was “gonna make it.”

It is feast and famine at the house of Raul. I’ve hit some grand slams these last few years and that has taken my back off the wall a bit. But that time. When I wasn’t sure and had to scrape by broke. That changed me.

Maybe for the worse.

There is an alternate Raul who kept his 75k/annum salary back in 2011 and just kept spening 32 hours a week in a cube, denying meeting requests, building giant corporate spreadsheets and eating Five Guys hammed burgers. He’s probably very fat and wealthy.

Instead I am a wiry fucker. Shitposting on the internet whilst dancing in a minefield of thieves, institutional militias and profiteers. Foraging nuts and berries off the floor, building a utilitarian compound in Detroit.

All I hope to demonstrate here through, in the hallowed halls of iBankCoin, is the ability to execute simple signals consistently.

I keep most of the other wild speculations on Twitter. A stock, mind you, that is overdue for a one hundred dollar roll.

And that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll be back Sunday with updated research.

Raul Santos, October 8th 2021

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