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Ether/NFT notes

No NASDAQ trading report today lads. Trade’em well if you do.

Been up since 5am trading ether. Since I became hot on NFTs a few weeks back I’ve been building charts to help wash away the noise and give me a better look at the underlying ether auction. Ethereum is the main blockchain that supports NFTs. There are other blockchains that recently rolled out NFT protocols including Solana which is the preferred cryptocurrency of our favorite crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. RaginCajun has had some recent success with Solana NFTs but me I’m sticking to ether.

February 8th ether futures went live at the Chicago Merc and this means I have access to decent raw data to power some charts.

Long-time readers will likely see a resemblance between these charts and the ones I post daily on the NASDAQ. The main difference is I am building market profiles in Multicharts instead of Ninja, and despite a few minor bugs multichart profiles are pretty great:

That 3080 level hit around 5am and a loud announcement came over the PA system here inside Mothership “BRING IT IN A LITTLE CLOSER” (I poached a few hundred audio files from flight simulator and use them as audio alerts). Whether or not high-decibel audio alerts are good for my mental health we don’t know but here we are. I went long and began my morning scans of the metaverse.

I start with Twitter, of course. I want to see what the hot-shot crypto accounts are discussing. Sad happenings last night lads. Two fellas were scammed out of about $600k worth of NFTs. They both did tweet threads. Definitely worth a read:

Then I moved into Discord. Discord is super active with NFT chatter. This is fertile ground for finding out about new projects before they’re super expensive. These projects are not mainstream and are high risk if you’re only looking for profitable trades. But if you’re looking for stuff you want to own long term, communities you find interesting, then I think its a good place to invest. I found sad girls bar. I minted a few right away. I like to buy NFTs when ether dips because the denomination of ETH often does not adjust alongside ether. So if something costs 0.7eth but eth is down -3% in the last 24 hours then the product is in my mind on sale.

I do not mean to shill you on this project or any other. Only to blog about my current technique. When I write here in the sacred halls of iBC it is only to discuss means of extracting fiat american from the global financial complex. Do your own homework and maybe find some inspiration from mine.

So that brings us to the present. I have a runner left in ether and a few sad girls added to my NFT collection.

I just had my first coffee and normally I would trade the NASDAQ opening bell but there just isn’t much for me to do up here.

Another note on the NASDAQ. I came into the week bearish because IndexModel said so. I am infinitely grateful the vax-news hit early Monday before I had a chance to make any bearish bets because I would have been rekt. I have no clear set-ups as of yet to go short. Perhaps this afternoon will reveal one. If it does, I shall let the fine folks of ibankcoin know.

Okay for now.

Raul Santos,

August 25th, 2021

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