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Love when a good plan comes together

Minimal noise. Raw data gets partitioned and analyzed. Factor in some calendar events.  And a ruthless commitment to brevity. That is what goes into the Executive Summary every Sunday. Last week’s was on point, see below:

Why do I do it? I do it for myself. Owning the research that backs every single decision I make in the speculative markets allows me to avoid unbridled pikerisms like foisting blame onto some billionaire if I blow up my account positioning into shit coin degeneracy.

I need to stay focused. It’s a real sick society. In the age of anxiety I intend to be a beacon on the path to simplicity and pleasure.

Long time readers of the humble Raul blog [hRb] know I’ve been calling for the ’20s to be a period of economic prosperity the likes of which no living human has ever seen. An expansion fueled by the persuit of automation and artificial intelligence. An expansion built on semiconductors and bravery. Grotesque displays of wealth. Traps. Other beacons to different kinds of life…and pleasure? Maybe.

I come from a life of privilege. I’ve had the privilege of being inside the grips of a parochial protestant education as a child, to a collegiate life surrounded by friends with private jets, hell their own airports, yachts — all the trimmings of perceived happiness/pleasure. And daddy-o these have been (for the most part) some of the most miserable folks.

They have the same problems.

Then there are festival freaks. Bless them. Escaping reality en masse and listening to good music. An okay path to nirvana. The duration is short. Not as short as nitros oxide…

…disassociatives, an escape from the human condition. Why do that? Come back with some non-human perspective maybe. We don’t know. Everyone has their kink.

And that’s okay. My kink is extracting as many fiat american dollars from the global financial complex as possible. We’ll do what it takes. Gain citizenship to other countries. Hustle the big waves of New York’s opening bell. Invest in strong leaders.

Said fiat will then be converted into real assets. This is becoming a challenge now too. Those dang Chinese have taken to speculating on physical goods at a ravenous clip. Fuck. This is fine. Said fiat will then be converted into steel and cement and fucking lumber to build massive food operations. Said food will be abundant and provide minerals and vitamins otherwise depleted in the food chain. Said food will be distributed to my people and others for exchange with the intention of converting the food into digital currencies.

And so goes the circle of life. No one’s master. No one’s slave. Except maybe the plants.

It all starts with solid Sunday research. That said. Stick around a bit. A fresh report will be out shortly.

Raul Santos, June 6th 2021

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