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Still bullish, sure there are warning signs, maybe we raise a bit of cash Thursday

Not much in the way of new developments. I put my head down last week and worked. I worked so hard Thursday that by the time I was done working I was so sore and whisky drunk that I poisoned myself with a large serving of tofu pad Thai—extra spicy with extra peanuts. Reading the next day that Black Panther actor and all around solid human Chadwick Boseman died of colon cancer at age 43 downright shook me. Especially since I was writhing in gastrointestinal pain from all the flaming hot peanuts I had consumed.

Your humble pen pal Raul is 35 years old and has done anything but be kind to his gut. Well, that is not entirely true. What initially had me exploring vegetarianism four years ago was the promethease database telling me I was most likely to die of colon cancer. I figured, well shoot I’d better stop filling my body with rotting flesh. So I started by doing a vegetarian breakfast for about a year. Then I spent a few days fasting high up in the Canadian mountains,meditating and snowboarding and hiking, and experienced a deep interconnectedness with all things living and swore off flesh consumption for good. So I have done that for my gut.

I regularly keep my pipes clean with high proof alcohol and a hot sauce addiction. But who knows—tomorrow isn’t promised and the DNA I was dealt is predisposed to perish from colon cancer.

For now, while I remain in the land of the living, a very strong and beautiful man who can command his cock to harden even in arctic winds, my job is simple—to extract as many fiat american dollars as possible from the global financial ecosystem. Said fiat will then be converted into real assets like cement and greenhouses and sweat lodges, built as far north and at as high an altitude as my constitution allows. I took my eye off the prize last week, instead toiling in the woods with Elder Raul, but I can assure you I remain steadfast in my mission to be the greatest investor and trader of all time.

Models are bullish into month-end. I shall press all longs, especially the airlines, at least until Thursday.

As always, we shall take it one day at a time. Be sure to drop in around 9am New York to check out the day’s key NASDAQ levels and what the plan is for the morning trade. We can drive all the way across the country at night only seeing the road our headlights illuminate. We use that same approach to investing.

Anyone claiming to have a firm grasp of the future direction of the stock market more than about six minutes into the futures is a charlatan, a damned liar and a cheat who is likely seeking to scam you. Be sure to avoid these people and cast doubt upon them in public forum.

That’s it. Cheers to your Sunday.

Raul Santos, August 30th, 2020

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  1. barbee

    Get than exam. I know you don’t WANT to. No one does. Just do it.
    If it’s clean, you can sleep well at night.
    If it’s not, you can be glad you caught it early.

    Take care of yourself-you are the most important person in the world (to you) and that is as it should be.

    Chadwick was a real-life Superhero. We need more of him, not less.

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