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Obey the robots

The nationalists like to conjure up this image of an evil New World Order where one power controls every region on the globe. It is a scheme, they claim, organized by the ultra-rich in an attempt to like, assert dominance or something.

These are often the same people who believe 5G internet caused corona virus.

They are very special people.

Anyhow, I put my life in Google’s hands long ago. They know every intimate detail about me. Everything. And they are quite omnipotent. I would quite prefer them being our One World Government over nations. Nations and nationalism are precursors to racism and hate.

As you may deduce, my mental wiring is great for trading the stock market. I pull millions of bits of raw stock market data into software, run some statistics and generate trading signals. From there on, my job is simply to do what the robots tell me to. I do this for a few hours a few days a week. Then I can spend the rest of my brief mortal existence living life, making art and doing stuff to make other people’s lives better.

I am spending less and less time on the internet lately. And lately I haven’t had the mental drive to trade. I suppose I will need to reengage soon, but for now I am just sort of drifting around outside.

Models remain bullish. It is roll forward week and there is an FOMC meeting announcement due out. Best to remain sharp.

Back to work.

Raul Santos, June 7th 2020

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