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What it means when silver and gold lead the rally

You can read the title of this blog two ways—silver and gold lead (like leader) or lead like the heavy metal that is nearly worthless and sinks easily. Like Led Zeppelin. I was a huge Led Zeppelin fan when I first started college. I thought their music was edgy and heavy and much better than the prevailing rap of the mid-2000s, which was more-and-more fake gangster and often corny.

Now I am back mostly listening to hip hop, in thanks to a major resurgence of drug dealer rap and of course the wisdom and philosophy NAS. You can learn more about trading and investing from Benny the Butcher than you will from any blogger on fintwitter (save yours truly).

Anyways now when I listen to Led Zeppelin their music all sounds a bit desperate and corny. Funny how perceptions change yes yes?

So when it comes to silver and gold we know one thing and one thing only. They derive their value from little more than human perception and for some reason, these metals in particular have historically driven humans to commit wonderful and horrific acts.

I suppose it’s because gold and silver are so shiny, like fishing lures.

My only memento from my Italian grandmother, whom I only met a handful of times since she lived in Italy and I lived in AMERICA, is a gold chain with a gold lowercase letter-t charm on it. If you ask most people they will say that letter-t charm is a cross, and most would say it is a Christian cross.

Again. Perceptions.

To me it is nothing more than a charm on a chain that reminds me of a grandma I hardly knew. If I forget to take it off and go swimming in the ocean, it attracts large fish near my neck.

Not the best idea.

In general, silver and gold have a high risk of corrupting the mind and creating dangerous tendencies in humans.

So when silver and gold outperform all other industry groups, like they did last week while most Americans celebrated pagan x-mas, it makes me want to pack up a few vital survival items (along with my snowboard of course) and head west—as far north and to as high an altitude as my constitution allows. To a remote outpost where I can eat canned fish, drink hooch, and observe the foolishness of the collective human conscience from a distance.

One of the main intentions I have been meditating on these last few months is patience. Another is kindness because I have struggled with both in the past. Lately I am feeling patient and kind but also a bit too tame. There are certain matters that require bravery and action.  And after spending much of December meditating on mortality here on the old Raul blog, the matters requiring bravery have become clear.

Maybe that is why now, at 7:36am on Sunday I have already updated all my trading models for the week and am rounding the bend on another abstract entry to my public blog.

Maybe it requires bravery to not trade the upcoming week and instead focus on some more pressing matters. Or perhaps I need to hunker down and work my signals. Or perhaps the bravest move of all is to run for the hills.

I shall watch the sunrise and consider all these options.


Raul Santos, December 29th, 2019

Exodus members, the 267th edition of Strategy Session is live. In Section III where I usually phone in a blurb about how to use Exodus better, I wrote about a topic none of my mentors could every clearly convey to me. I did my best to convey it to you. If you have any questions about the codification I reference, let me know.

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