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Research is live, time to live

Of course I made time to update the IndexModel and publish my latest findings to the Exodus Strategy Session. The difference between me and your run of the mill W2 employee is that I work every day, seven days, no matter what pagan holiday arises. Then sometimes I vanish into the wild for weeks on end, cut free from the chains of modern W2 slavery.

I may find some WIFI at a trade post and send a few emails and receive updates from my vital foot soldiers and correspondents.

This is the mark of a quality life. Time and again I remind the readers of this old Raul blog that time is our most finite resource. I choose to use it as carefully as I can TODAY, so I can look back and see that I’ve done my best to live life to the fullest—cultivating the experiences and routines that are the mark of a life well lived.

So of course I had to update the IndexModel. It signaled extreme rose colored sunglasses, a bullish bias indicator, for a fourth consecutive week. An observation I have made, over the last 200 weeks or so, is that after four consecutive weeks of this indicator firing there is a tendency for a rug pull, a down move, a hard sell.  This is still an observation lacking statistic significance.  We will need at least 50 samples before we can make a confident forecast.

And since it requires the signal to fire four consecutive weeks in row, to make ONE of these samples, it make take a few years before we can take action based off of it.

I am so fucking patient. I train my physical body three-to-four times a week to keep it limber and running well. I excercise my mind to stay present and able to make sound reasoned choices. For me, trading is the ultimate vocation, one that requires every bit of human ability to succeed.

I am just getting started.

My idea has always been that by journalling my path through becoming a competent and perhaps one day master trader here on the internet, that it will inspire others to trade well.  Because I feel like the more apt traders the world has, the safer it becomes. Free markets are the collective voice of reason in a world ever more consumed by bullshit.

I love seeing another American president be impeached. Every impeachment should serve as a reminder to rely on your own critical thinking and abilities.

My stated goal is simple—to extract as many fiat american dollars as possible from the global financial complex.  As it becomes availble, said fiat will be converted into land as far north and at as high an alititude as my constituton allows.  There I will invest into cement and greenhouses and solar panels and batteries and other methods of becoming fully self-sufficient before the United States throws The Great Temper Tantrum after realizing they’ve lost reserve status to the Chinese.

For now, I will focus my time back on family and friends and the surrounding community, the true mark of a life well lived, how we nurture these relationships.

If you’ve been dropping by the old blog here for the last year, reading my Sunday diatribes, thank you. Your readership means so much to me. I hope that something I’ve rambled on about, over this year has inspired you to be a brave and patient and kind speculator, set on winning.


Raul Santos, December 22nd, 2019

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  1. skee

    Raul: May I call you Raul? I’ve been aware of your blog and have stopped by from time to time but I check it multiple times a day now simply because you are a gem. You make me laugh out loud. I for one need and desire that. Dare I say I get you. Your political incorrectness tickles me. Your irreverence entices me. I will continue to come back for more as you feed my bipolar/OCD/too logical of a mind. I’ve never traded before, absent for the last 2 months. Always been a mutual fund nerd; tough to trade those, although I have certainly tried. Took the plunge 2 months ago with a modest sum. Opened a Fidelity account, lost a couple of hundred from the jump treading into it lightly. I learned my first couple of lessons and now up a few hundred. 40% in cash. Learned I can’t depend on somebody (except you dare I say: BIDU, many thanks) saying to buy this/buy that. Realized I need to become a chartist. A technician in the most humble sense of the word. I have been watching Ira Epstein’s free end of day videos for over a year and have become quite familiar through the repetition of all that he offers. Bought Weinstein’s book Secrets for Profiting…Markets for the obvious lessons in reading charts. Anyway, thank you for being you. Keep on blogging….keep on spreading your unique joy.

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  2. John DiProspero

    Merry Christmas Vincenzo

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