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September is here, steady now

Lots of moving parts going into September, but mostly it means send the kids back to school.  The farmers are preparing to harvest corn and soybeans.  Wall Streeters hunker back down on their desks and focus back on attaining year-end goals.

I’ve always been fond of August for being the easiest month of the year to out-work and out-hustle just about everyone.  My competitors loaf around on boats and beaches then ship out to Burning Man for a week.  Meanwhile I toil away, building, planning, executing.  Sure, I went up to the north shore of Lake Superior for a few days, but I had my chief scientist Mr. Laser along with me and we were meditating on our next move.  There is no such thing as vacation for your old pal Raul.  I’m so far down the rabbit hole I’ve become unemployable, and if I don’t stay a few steps ahead of the competition I’m likely to end up a Total Vagrant, cavorting around the americas in a van, eating canned fish and pickles.

But I am committed. In fact just today I completed my 250th edition of Exodus Strategy Session.  I always find a way to complete this report no matter the circumstances.  I’ve used strangers computers to gain access to MotherShip despite being high in the mountains, to ensure I’ve wrapped our minds around the latest happenings of the equity markets.  Without the report, I was a lesser trader.  When a certain chess loving wine-o up and formed a mutiny 250 weeks ago, I reluctantly filled his shoes.  It was painful at first, after all I had quit my comfy corporate job because I couldn’t take being confined to someone else’s schedule.

I rebuilt the report to suit my style of trading—scalping market profile levels, working overnight gap fills, and scalping daily midpoints.  At some point, the added conviction gained by doing a big chunk of Sunday research started to pay off big time, completely changing the trajectory of my equity curve for the better.  And I have been hooked on producing the report ever since.

There have been many other endeavors that have started off the same way, as a reluctant habit/task at first before becoming an addiction.  The key is choosing them wisely.  There is no sense forging ahead with a task you don’t want to do if the actions aren’t justified by your goals.  It isn’t like someone is coming along to relive you of your duty.  Either the work will be done or it won’t.

Anyways, September is here and I intend to extract many fiat american dollars from the global equity complex.  Said dollars will be converted into durable goods like greenhouses and concrete as I continue to build a secret compound as far north as my constitution will allow, far from the malaise of suburbia.  Said dollars will also be converted into cold storage bitcoin which will be accumulated ahead of the (likely) move away from nation states to a dystopian corporate global model.

As always, we’ll be taking it one week and then one day at a time.  Thanks for stopping by.  Oh and Happy Labor Day to all the lazy americans, back to work!

Raul Santos, September 1st, 2019

Exodus members, the 250th edition of Strategy Session is live, you HAVE to see what the recent data prints inside Exodus are suggesting, and also the major development over on the NASDAQ Transportation Index.  Go check it out and let me know what you think!


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