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NASDAQ Prints Powerful Trend Day To End First Week of 2017

Welcome to Trend Day.  The first and second rule of Trend Day are you do not talk about Trend Day:

Third rule of Trend Day: engage every pullback.  Fourth rule: always keep a runner.  Fifth rule: one trade at a time, fellas.  Sixth rule: trades are intra-day only.  No overnight shit.  Seventh rule: trends will go on as long as they have to.  And the eight and final rule: if this is your first Trend Day, you have to trade.

Ladies and gentlemen, just two days after Exodus algorithms ended the Krampus Alert, and on the final day of trade in this first magnificent week of 2017, the NASDAQ goes out and prints a delicious and powerful trend day.

I am so fortunate to understand auction theory—the cornerstone of my trading approach—and how to supercharge it with “The Fly’s” fucking time machine.  What for most was just another data point in a sea of information was for yours truly a nudge to flip my bias:

notes-jan2017 historical-jan4-2017

Trend days are the most powerful day type in auction theory.  They tell us something going forward.  They also offer tons of reward to their riders.  In short, I did my job, and now I want to go back on vacation.


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