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Calm Before The Storm

The overnight session has been very quiet and balanced with little to report in the way of new development.  Price action on the S&P is coiling up tight as we approach the Friday trading session.  Given the overall trend higher, even at this potential inflection point, my expectation is still to see some early strength.

To my eye when looking at this price consolidation on the bar chart and through the market profile lenses, 1684.25 looks to be the pivot point today.  That means I’ll be forming my intraday bias based upon how we trade relative to this level.

I’ve noted this level, a few possible scenarios, and other price levels of opportunity on the following market profile charts:


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  1. Sooz

    watching that AEROPOSTALE scoop..
    accumulating share down to 8
    can it make it back to 11..
    maybe(?) baby..

    lasts ins Acquired 09/03/2013
    $9.079 +13.39% $8.01
    *in the green on 1st and 2nd entries posted somewhere here..indeedy!


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  2. Sooz


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    • Sooz

      OOooh Hey..
      Did you know that I have secret Love for Eddie L..and D. Matthews..ahahha!

      remainder of scoop sits at +61.24% , craftsman like and in quick fashion,
      as I jam out this message ..

      have a great day, all you Beautiful People

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