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Quick Thoughts on $DDMG Conference Call

I listened in on the 1pm conference call from DDMG this afternoon. Below are the notes I consider significant:

John Textor and Ed Ulbrich on the call.

Regarding Coachella:

90k people getting their minds blown all at once

Two months to create digital recreation of 2pac

2pac album sales increased 500% after show

1500% gain in Hail Mary CD sales

2pac website traffic increased 500%

Take stage as new form of entertainment.

Want gross ticket and vendor ownership, consider this revenue scalable

Regarding future business prospects:

See opportunity in Vegas

Unique and efficient model, don’t need to build lavish sets, projected environments can be 3D

Bring live and virtual performers together.  Concerts and Broadway theaters as huge opportunities

On the past:

80 films, 8 academy awards only 100M in revenues

Holy Grail of artistry is digital human animation, pioneered breakthrough with Curious Case of Benjamin Button – protagonist is computer from the neck up during first half of film

Then perfected on TRON with young Jeff Bridges standing next to The Dude (old Jeff Beezee)

Lots of irons in the fire:

Soliciting military contracting to build simulations

Medical simulation development

Building a school in Abu Dhabi to train low cost Indian labor (to then work for them?)

“backlog” of co-production, entertainment ideas

Opened a Pixar like studio in Florida

Company talent:

Hired Ray DuBois as Sr. VP to handle the Pentagonal bureaucracy of landing military contract work

My Summary:

Overall I think the company is exciting, and it’s nice to get some additional transparency via today’s non-earnings conference call. Whether or not it was an attempt to pump stock price I don’t know, the stock is selling off this afternoon and I took half my profits home above $9.00 mid call. However, if they stick to their long-term goal, the company will find its way into many of the future’s newest technologies. As Ed stated, “…just focus on making human beings.” and the business will grow. Apparently rending human hair is one of the most time consuming efforts, but they alluded to a possible Jimi Hendrix performance.  2pac was easy, bald.  Hendrix had plenty of hair, but they could have an easy time rendering the ‘fro:


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