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Feeling Hot

I came into this week with a full docket. Many of the names I’ve been accumulating had earnings this week. My thesis was and continues to be, if it has Facebook/Twitter integration and works decent on the iPhone or if the company in general promotes a social online experience YOU BUY THAT SHIT. Period. Thus I came into the week long a whole slew of names including reporters TRIP, Z, YELP, LNKD. DDMG had some circus sideshow also. Seeing as I dictate most of my purchases and sales on general supply and demand as seen in price action, I picked my spots to get light the names pre earnings. However, I like the thesis and wanted to see the names through earnings in a way I could manage risk.

For those keeping score at home, I went 3 and 1. LNKD. just. crushed. You want to know a nasty little secret? I don’t use nor like LNKD. It reeks of boring corporate monkey talk (no racism). But I made an account, like four years ago. And I get an email about once a week which I immediately discard.

Regardless, these equities are the key to making fortunes. I’m simply sure of it. Facebook IPO will mark nothing. This week marks everything. These companies are turning your clicks, your interactions, your fucking thoughts and muses into money. Lots of it.

The conference calls are filled with laughter and panache, and tech is going on a buying spree. Zuck’s going to make a BILLI in one day. The monies out there gents, are you man enough to take it?

How apropos, my 50th post comes on the advent of the new layout. Cheers Senior Tropicana, and thank you for the best stock pickers site on the interwebs.

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